Is Horniness An Early Indicator Of Pregnancy? Discover The Significance Of The Relation!


To keep the answer short and simple, Horniness is a valid indication of pregnancy that can be found in the early stages.

Although there are a lot of causes and situations that lead to an increase in the levels of sex cravings in a female, pregnancy can be regarded as one of the prominent reasons among them.

Horniness And Pregnancy: Are They Directly Connected?

Hormonal imbalances that are commonly found during the early stages of pregnancy stand as the major cause for this sudden spike in libido in females.

Horniness And Pregnancy

It is also important to note that an increase in sexual appetite is just another sign of pregnancy and not a validation of the same.

You cannot easily come to a conclusion about being pregnant by analyzing your increased libido levels.

A detailed check-up under the supervision of a certified medical practitioner is always recommended as the healthy way to confirm your pregnancy status

Emotional Causes For Increased Libido During Pregnancy

Now, it is also important to note the emotional causes behind an increased libido during the initial stages of pregnancy. It is quite obvious that women and their partners undergo an overwhelmed emotional state when they get to know about the pregnancy status if it is a planned one.

Emotional Causes For Increased Libido During Pregnancy

This joy and excitement cause the interpersonal bond between the partners to strengthen which eventually leads both of them to crave for each other more during this period.

Apart from that, soft sexual positions and low-impact sexual activities that partners practice during this period concerning the health of the fetus can also pamper the female sexual drive in a positive way.

The comfort, care, and love, the pregnant women experience during this period from their dear and near ones also do make them enjoy the new state of being, helping them enjoy sex and sexual activities with much more intimacy and a relaxed mindset. 

These emotional and physical circumstances some women experience around her would be the same reason why horniness does not appear during the early stages of pregnancy.

In some cases, women undergo a lot of physical illness such as vomiting, nausea, and a lot more during the early stages. This may exhaust the mental and physical health of pregnant women during the initial stages.

With an exhausted body and mind, it is obvious for women to feel not so good about indulging in intercourse. Hence horniness can never be undoubtedly expected during the primary stages of pregnancy.

The relative nature of this particular indication with pregnancy is an important thing to be kept in mind before arriving at a solid conclusion.

Another probability in this connection is that some women may experience an increased sexual appetite for an extremely minor period during the first stages of pregnancy before they start to experience morning sickness and other illnesses that may exhaust them in every way possible. 

Can Pregnancy Be Confirmed Only Because Of Horniness?

Another important thing to be noted regarding pregnancy and sexual desire is that there would always be a lot of supporting symptoms along with it.

If you are just experiencing an increased libido and nothing else such as sore breasts, missed periods, and so on, the chances for you to be pregnant are comparatively null.

Since growth has started to develop in your uterus, an increased blood flow can also be experienced there.

Increased libido can also be caused due to the same reason and there is nothing to be anxious about, in case you are taking unnecessary stress for this quite common phenomenon.

The lasting of this feeling also varies from person to person so it is always better to relax and satisfy your cravings by sharing beautiful intimate moments with your partner.  

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