Disorders In Female Sexual Health – Causes And Treatment


Sex is an important part of everyone’s life, especially women. Good sexual health is important for a woman’s total well-being. It has many benefits for their body and in their entire life including taking important decisions. Any kind of disorder may prevent them from fully enjoying sexual activities, as it is not only physical but also psychological and social too. 

Major Symptoms of Sexual Health Disorders In Women

There are some difficulties we face regarding some factors and they are:

  • Orgasm – Even though we experience sex and arousal at the fullest we may don’t get to the orgasm stage, this is known as orgasmic disorder.
  • Sexual pain – In this condition, you may feel unbearable pain in the genital area while doing sexual activities and also at other times too. 
  • Low sexual desire – A common disorder found in females. There is a low desire for sexual activities seen in women. That is a lack of interest in the whole process. 
  • Sexual arousal disorder – It is when a person does have an interest in sex but they may not be able to enjoy it. The arousal will be absent in such cases. During sex, the lubricant that must be released in the vaginal area will not be present when proper arousal is not there.
Major Symptoms of Sexual Health Disorders In Women


There are many reasons for disorders in female sexual health. It might be because of hormonal changes or other major illnesses that can cause female sexual disorders. We can divide the major reasons for this into three. Physical, hormonal, and social.

  • Hormonal  

Any change in the level of the female hormone estrogen may lead to female sexual health disorders. After menopause, the estrogen level decreases in many women. This may lead to less functioning of genital tissues and the responsive tendency will be decreased. When estrogen level decreases in the body it will lead to decreased blood flow to the reproductive areas ultimately resulting in lesser sexual sensation. Overall sexual desire also decreases when changes occur in the hormonal level.

  • Physical 

Lack of Major physical activities may be a reason for causing disorders in female sexual health. The importance of Sexercise comes here. Sexercise is the exercise that improves our sexual performance. Doing exercise on a regular basis will help to avoid many disorders. 

  • Social

These are the norms of society about female sexual health. There are many misconceptions about sexual health present in our society. The time to remove all these norms is long past and the surprising fact is that there are many people who are still believing many wrong facts about human sexual life.


The proper treatment for disorders related to female sexual health must be done only after identifying the root cause of the disorder. That is why it is happening to them, by identifying the exact reason a doctor can give the appropriate treatment for their patient. The treatment may include:

📌 Relationship Counselling

 If the desire is prevented because of an unhealthy relationship between the couple, it can be treated through counseling. The counselor may act as a mediator between the two and make them talk about their exact reasons and try to resolve them.

📌 Sex Education

It is common in our society both girls and boys are unaware of their physical body functioning. It is important to give every one of them knowledge about sex. There are many myths present in society about sexual functioning for example, people think that sex is only for getting orgasm, which is absolutely wrong. Sex is not for merely getting an orgasm it is the base of any relationship. Making people aware of these fake norms is very important.

📌 Hormone Therapy

People who have issues regarding low estrogen levels in the body may take hormone therapy as a solution to their problem. This will help them to regain the normal estrogen level in the body and most of the sexual problems in women regarding desire and pain can be reduced.

📌 Kegels

 These are pelvic floor exercises that help to strengthen the reproductive organs in the female body. If the parts are weakened or damaged practicing Kegels will make it clear to an extent.

📌 Surgery

This is suggested for rare cases. In some women there may be a structural difference in their reproductive area, this might be by birth. Anyways this may cause difficulty in performing sexual activities as well as childbirth-giving situations. Such conditions are only cleared by doing surgery.

Prevention Methods

It is difficult to prevent Sexual health disorders as they may come because of some dysfunction of our body. But practicing some exercise on a regular basis will definitely help you to prevent many of the reasons for the disorders.

As mentioned above getting a better education about sexual life will be most helpful in the sexual journey of every individual. Maintaining a healthy relationship and having fruitful conversations regarding sex with your partner helps to avoid sexual discomfort. In case you notice any disorder or if you are uncomfortable in your sexual life talk to your partner and better get help from professionals.

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