Updated May 30, 2023

At SSJournals, we are committed to providing accurate and comprehensive reviews of health supplements. Our methodology ensures that our evaluations are based on rigorous research and objective criteria. In this article, we will outline our research process and explain how we rate and review the supplements featured on our site.

About Our Review Process

When selecting supplements to review, we follow a meticulous research process to ensure that we provide our readers with reliable and unbiased information. Our team of experts conducts extensive research using multiple reputable sources, including scientific studies, clinical trials, and expert opinions. We also consider user feedback and experiences to gain a comprehensive understanding of each supplement’s effectiveness and safety.

Our research focuses on several key factors:

Ingredients: We thoroughly examine the ingredients in each supplement to understand their efficacy and safety. We consider the scientific evidence supporting their use and evaluate any potential side effects or interactions.

Label Accuracy: We thoroughly analyze the supplement’s label to ensure accuracy and transparency. We verify the listed ingredients, dosages, and any claims made by the manufacturer. Our focus is to assess whether the product aligns with its label and meets regulatory standards.

Dosage and Formulation: We assess the dosage and formulation of the supplement to determine if it aligns with recommended guidelines and industry standards. We also consider the bioavailability and absorption rates of the supplement to ensure its effectiveness.

Manufacturer Reputation: We investigate the reputation and credibility of the supplement manufacturer. We look for companies that prioritise quality control, adhere to good manufacturing practices (GMP), and have a transparent and trustworthy track record.

Customer Reviews: We analyze user reviews and feedback to gain insights into the supplement’s real-world effectiveness and user experiences. This helps us understand how well the supplement delivers on its claims and whether it meets customers’ expectations.

Adverse Event Monitoring

How We Rate Supplements:

Once our research is complete, we rate each supplement based on the following criteria:

Effectiveness: We evaluate the scientific evidence supporting the supplement’s claimed benefits and consider the consensus among experts in the field. Supplements with substantial scientific support and positive user feedback receive higher effectiveness ratings.

Safety: We assess the safety profile of the supplement by considering potential side effects, contraindications, and interactions with medications or existing health conditions. Supplements with a strong safety profile receive higher ratings.

Scientific Evidences: We delve into scientific research and clinical studies related to the supplement’s ingredients and their claimed benefits. Our team reviews credible sources, such as peer-reviewed journals and reputable health institutions, to understand the scientific support behind the supplement’s effectiveness.

Quality: We consider the manufacturing standards, quality control processes, and certifications of the supplement manufacturer. Supplements from reputable companies that prioritize quality and transparency receive higher quality ratings.

Value for Money: We evaluate the supplement’s overall value by considering its effectiveness, quality, and price. We aim to recommend supplements that offer a balance between affordability and high-quality ingredients.

Please note that our ratings are subjective assessments based on the information available at the time of the review. We continually update our reviews to reflect new scientific research, user feedback, and any changes in manufacturing practices or formulations.

We hope this overview of our product research methodology provides transparency and helps you make informed decisions when choosing health supplements. If you have any further questions or require additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.