MyVitalC Immunity Blend Reviews: Does This Natural Formula Provide Better Immune Support?


This MyVitalC Immunity Blend review is all that you are looking for. MyVitalC Immunity Blend is a health supplement that is made using organic materials to improve the user’s immunity power. The supplement is developed purely using essential oil organic ingredients that are most beneficial to human beings. All age groups can safely consume it without worrying about any side effects.

MyVitalC Immunity Blend supplement has undergone many tests and trials before going into the production cycle in a sterile facility here in the United States. It comes in the form of a liquid solution that can be taken every day with or without food for gaining fast benefits.

MyVitalC Immunity Blend Reviews: How Safe Is This Formula To Build Immunity Levels?

In today’s world, building immunity levels are quite challenging for many people. Doctors in general say that an individual should exercise more, eat healthy vegetables, steep for eight hours, and should remain tension free to build strong immunity. However, it may not be very conducive for many of us to strictly abide by these instructions due to our hectic lifestyle. This makes it necessary to take supplements and now the question arises what supplements should we take to build our immunity? The market is flooded with immunity-offering supplements that promise illogical results and may even bring side effects to their users. 

MyVitalC Immunity Blend, an immunity booster supplement, maybe a safe option due to its natural composition of organic materials that aid in systematically building immunity. If we go by the rave reviews and the positive feedback we may prompt to say that it is the best supplement there is however that is not what we pursue to do today.

Instead, we aim at going through all of the supplement’s aspects so that a better understanding could be formed that can guide you in knowing its true potential. So without further ado, let us get into the details in an attempt to know the supplement in the upcoming sections of this MyVitalC Immunity Blend review.

MyVitalC Immunity Blend Review
Product NameMyVitalC Immunity Blend
Main PurposeImmune support
Item FormLiquid solution
Dosage5ml daily
Main Ingredients▪️ ESS60
▪️ High-Grade Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
▪️ MCT Oil
▪️ Liposomal Protection
Key Benefits▪️ Boost your immune system
▪️ Supports Adequate Sleep

▪️ Enhance The Energy Levels
▪️ Helps the Brain to focus more
Price▪️ 1 bottle at $97 (24-day supply)
▪️ 3 bottles at $262 (72-day supply)
▪️ 6 bottles at $444 (144-day supply)
Money-Back Guarantee30 Days
Bonuses▪️ Free audio book#1: Neutralize The Seven Emotions Holding You Hostage
▪️ Free audio book#2: Guided Meditation Audio: Overcome Fear and Anxiety and Enjoy Peace of Mind 
AvailabilityOnly on the official website
Official WebsiteClick Here

What Is MyVitalC Immunity Blend? 

It is quite challenging to get aspired levels of antioxidants from our normal intake of food alone and it depends on various other factors. Higher levels of stress and the buildup of free radicals cause a dip in antioxidant levels that results in low immunity. This could be a gateway to many serious health ailments going forward and demands prompt action for early prevention of health problems. A specific immunity booster supplement that carries adequate levels of antioxidants and other vitamins may help you to improve your immunity levels without causing damage.

MyVitalC Immunity Blend is a blend of organic materials comprising essential oils that boosts the antioxidant levels in the body in an attempt to raise immunity. It does so by removing the free radicals found in the body that is usually the common villain in reducing immunity levels. However, it has to be noted that not all antioxidants render the same levels of help in building immunity. It depends on the orac number that says how many free radicals a molecule can absorb. The higher the absorption capacity or orac numbers, the greater the effectiveness. 

MyVitalC Immunity Blend immunity booster is highly effective in this regard due to the presence of a compound in medical terms known as ESS60 that helps to can contain more free radicals than normal antioxidants do. As a result, it helps in building more immunity and raising energy levels in the body beating lethargy, our common enemy.

It makes the supplement a favorable choice among many others in its class. It also drives home the point of why it enjoys wider acceptability among experienced users. We will get a hang more of it in the preceding sections of this MyVitalC Immunity Blend review. So continue reading on. 

MyVitalC Immunity Blend Ingredients And Their Benefits

MyVitalC Immunity Blend is an immunity booster supplement that is made using natural ingredients that will help you to regain immunity in a much more effective manner in the shortest period limits.

In this section, we will deal with each one of the MyVitalC Immunity Blend ingredients to provide you with the most beneficial information about it. Please refer below. 

MyVitalC Immunity Blend Ingredients

➡️ ESS60To know about ESS60, you should be knowing C60 which is a stable compound in the shape of a buckyball. It has powerful antioxidant properties however was not safe for human consumption initially. Later on, the makers developed it into a non-toxic antioxidant that renders many benefits to its users. According to them, it is 172x more powerful than vitamin C and helps to build better immunity levels. Besides, it renders adequate levels of sleep and raises your energy levels to new heights.   

➡️ High-Grade Extra-Virgin Olive OilOlive oil is one of the most antioxidant-rich oils that is found on planet Earth. It is well known for its capability to boost the cardiovascular system and maintain healthy sugar levels. Besides, Olive Oil is rich in healthy monounsaturated fats and has strong anti-inflammatory properties. It lowers inflammation and has a very positive impact on the body’s cholesterol levels and protects the harmful LDL cholesterol from oxidation.

➡️ MCT OilMCT Oil helps in streamlining the immune system response and supports weight loss. It is a superfood as far as the brain is concerned and contributes immensely towards a healthy heart as well.   

➡️ Liposomal ProtectionLiposomal is a key component of the composition as it is the primary force that helps in the transportation of the immune-boosting solution throughout the human body. 

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How Does MyVitalC Immunity Blend Supplement Work?

MyVitalC Immunity Blend works by the combined effects of its antioxidant boosters that help in reducing free radicals and building up immunity in the human body. Normally, an antioxidant body contains an unpaired electron that helps capture free radicals that are set to destroy the immune cells. However, a regular antioxidant can only contain a single free radical at a time.

As mentioned earlier, the ORAC number stipulates the number of free radicals that an antioxidant can capture at a time. The buckyball molecular structure of ESS60, an important compound in the MyVitaC Immunity Blend drops, can capture to the tune of six electrons at once making it extremely effective in eliminating the free radicals that otherwise enjoy a free run in the body. 

In addition, MyVitalC Immunity Blend solution is also found to have C60 derivatives, which is the pioneer version of ESS60, which can enter the mitochondria which is the powerhouse of a cell, and support its function. This makes ESS60 quite distinct from other antioxidants as it can function from inside the immune cell.

A group of scientists through their research have also found out that C60 has antiviral properties that can ward off some very dangerous viruses like H1N1 by inhibiting RNA polymerase. This is very significant and clearly states the potential of the ESS60. These factors suggest that the MyVitalC Immunity Blend supplement via its potent compound of ESS60 is highly effective than average antioxidants in rendering immunity to the human body.

Benefits Offered By MyVitalC Immunity Blend

MyVitalC Immunity Blend antioxidant booster has an array of benefits and it is worth mentioning them here for a better understanding of the potential of the supplement.

The MyVitalC Immunity Blend benefits are listed here in bullet points along with a brief explanation to make it easy for comprehension. Please go through the below points. 

MyVitalC Immunity Blend Benefits

Renders Powerful Antioxidants- MyVitalC Immunity Blend formula consists of powerful antioxidants like ESS60 that have even more power than Vitamin C in aiding immunity in the human body. The supplement is capable of rendering impeccable strength and stamina to the body with its clinically proven formula than the average supplement in its class.  

Supports Adequate Sleep- The supplement also renders good enough sleep to its users as the organic constituents in the supplement play a major role in the relaxation of the body. Many research studies have proven that good sleep is essential for having a healthy immune system in the body.

Helps the Brain to focus more- This is another bonus of taking the MyVitalC Immunity Blend health supplement regularly. The rich antioxidants eliminate free radicals and reduce inflammation in the body. This helps in providing better congenital functioning of the brain and boosting memory and mental focus. 

Enhance The Energy Levels- It is normal to have sustainable energy levels when start using the supplement as it is made using a blend of essential oils and organic compounds that has a very positive impact at large on the body.

Pros And Cons Of MyVitalC Immunity Blend

MyVitalC Immunity Blend formula has a good many pros and a few cons and in this section, we will highlight those hoping to give the readers a bird’s eye view of the potential benefits of the supplement. For ease of reference, it is provided in a simplified manner.


  • Strengthens the Immune System
  • Offers High-Quality Sleep
  • Improves Exercise Endurance
  • Enhances Energy Levels and Stamina
  • Made using Natural Ingredients
  • Supports the Overall Health
  • Chemical-free and void of GMO
  • Easy-to-Use Solution
  • Comes at Affordable Pricing
  • The supplement is Fast Acting
  • 100% money-back guarantee for 30 days
  • Available only on the official website


  • Beware of Counterfeits
  • Possible Stock Shortage
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MyVitalC Immunity Blend Dosage: How To Use It?

MyVitalC Immunity Blend bottles come in the form of a solution and it is advisable to take one teaspoon of it every day in the morning to enjoy the benefits. The important thing to note here is to be consistent in its use to have reliable results fast. 

MyVitalC Immunity Blend Dosage

MyVitalC Immunity Blend Side Effects

MyVitalC Immunity Blend immunity booster is made using natural elements that are famed to have benefits for the overall health of its users. There is no report of any side effects of the supplement from anywhere to date.

Note: Kindly ensure to stick with the usage instructions given on the label to avoid substance abuse. 

Is MyVitalC Immunity Blend Legit Or Not?

MyVitalC Immunity Blend has been developed using the most beneficial organic compounds and essential oils that stand to benefit general health. The supplement is made in a hygienic facility following good manufacturing standards to ensure its quality.

It has received many positive feedbacks in the shortest possible time limits from satisfied users around the world. It comes along with a full money-back guarantee offer that raises its reliability among its competitors in the market. 

How Long Does It Take MyVitalc Immunity Blend To Show The Result?

In normal conditions, MyVitalC Immunity Blend liquid will provide results in a limited time frame however there are reports of its fast-acting instances from experienced users. It is to be noted that the MyVitalC Immunity Blend drops should be used without a break for the prescribed period to have a positive impact. It may not act effectively or yield good results if not taken consistently.

MyVitalC Immunity Blend Customer Reviews

MyVitalC Immunity Blend customer reviews are mostly positive and have received many great feedbacks from satisfied customers in the shortest possible period. A brute majority of them say that the supplement has worked in providing early results. Many others comment on its fast-paced action.

It has to be specially noted that negative reviews are the bare minimum for the supplement. This largely points towards its reliability. 

MyVitalC Immunity Blend Comparison With Other Immune Health Formulas

Let’s take a quick comparison of MyVitalC Immunity Blend with another immune health supplement.

Supplement Form
Liposomal Protection
Editors Choice
MyVitalC Immunity Blend
Supplement Form
Liposomal Protection
Editors Choice
BioShield MD
Supplement Form
Liposomal Protection
Editors Choice

How To Order MyVitalC Immunity Blend?

MyVitalC Immunity Blend purchase is available only on the official website and is not available in any retail store or e-commerce store for that matter. Customers can go to the official website and have it ordered by completing the online payment procedure.

The payment process is streamlined using industry-standard security features. MyVitalC Immunity Blend package would reach your doorstep at the earliest. 

MyVitalC Immunity Blend Pricing Details

MyVitalC Immunity Blend immunity booster comes at an affordable pricing tag and offers attractive bonuses for each order that is made. For the bulk purchase of three bottles, a huge discount is made available. If it is for six bottles then the pricing goes further down. It is to be noted that for all bulk purchases, the shipping charges are made free.

MyVitalC Immunity Blend single bottle purchase is also a viable option however it comes with limited discounts plus extra shipping charges. For a better understanding of the pricing, it is given in bullet points. Subsequently, you can also visit the official website for additional information. 

  • Get one bottle at $97 (24-day supply)
  • Get three bottles at $262 (72-day supply)
  • Get six bottles at $444 (144-day supply)
Check The Price Drop Of MyVitalC Immunity Blend From Official Website

MyVitalC Immunity Blend Refund Policy

MyVitalC Immunity Blend solution comes along with a 100% money-back guarantee that is valid for the full 30 days from the date of its original purchase. If you are not satisfied with the results provided by the supplement, you are free to go for a refund by contacting the support team.

They would assist you to complete the return process. A full refund would be issued within 48 hours, once your return package reaches the manufacturer. 

MyVitalC Immunity Blend Bonuses

MyVitalC Immunity Blend formula offers free bonuses for every bulk purchase made on six bottles. The bonuses come in the form of audiobooks by the renowned behavioral scientist Patrick Wanis, Ph.D. The titles of the audiobooks are given below for easy reference.

MyVitalC Immunity Blend Bonuses

The audio files are the stress buster courses that Dr.Wanis offers to his private clients to manage occasional stress. Another thing to note here is that audiobooks are not available in any physical or e-commerce stores for purchase.

  • Free audio book#1: Neutralize The Seven Emotions Holding You Hostage
  • Free audio book#2: Guided Meditation Audio: Overcome Fear and Anxiety and Enjoy Peace of Mind 

Final Verdict: MyVitalC Immunity Blend Reviews

So this MyVitalC Immunity Blend review is focused on everything you need to know about this health supplement that is made using all-natural essential oils and organic materials. It is produced in a sterile facility in the US following the strictest manufacturing principles to ensure the quality of the supplement.

It is developed by a group of health scientists aiming to enhance immunity to the human body following some relevant scientific breakthroughs in the field. It is brought to you after numerous tests and trials keeping in mind to maintain the purity of its contents.  

MyVitalC Immunity Blend solution has received a lot of attention in recent months from the media and the general public. The supplement directly boosts the immune system with its potent natural mix of organic substances that floods in a host of beneficial antioxidants into the body. It helps to enhance the energy levels and renders stamina to its users making it a sustainable choice for many who look out to improve their immunity naturally.

Besides, the MyVitalC Immunity Blend formula comes with a money-back guarantee for the full 30 days that offers peace of mind in the event the supplement fails to deliver. In the end, we feel positive about MyVitalC for more than a single reason. It seems worth a try. 

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MyVitalC Immunity Blend – Overall Immunity Score Supplement Score

MyVitalC Immunity Blend is a blend of organic materials comprising essential oils that boosts the antioxidant levels in the body in an attempt to raise immunity.

Dr. Jun Ren

MyVitalC Immunity Blend Overall Score
Result expected
Nutrition Quality

Overall Score

Based on all the quality factors and manufacturing standards, we have reached a conclusion in this MyVitalC Immunity Blend review that it is an authentic immunity booster, and the overall score is given below.



1. Why should I choose MyVitalC Immunity Blend over other immunity boosters?

MyVitalC Immunity Blend has received many positive reviews from experienced users who certify that it has worked well for them. It also has a 100% money-back guarantee that is active for the full 60 days. It would help in the event you are not completely satisfied with the supplement and wants to get your money back. These factors look perfect for choosing MyVitalC Immunity Blend over others. 

2. Is MyVitalC Immunity Blend completely free of chemical stimulants?

MyVitalC Immunity Blend is purely developed using essential oils and organic compounds and does not contain traces of any chemical stimulants. This makes it safe for consumption without worrying about side effects. 

3. What if MyVitalC Immunity Blend does not work for me?

If you feel it has not worked, you can go for a full refund by contacting the customer service department. The reps will help you with the return process and you will get the full refund once your return package reaches them. 

4. Does MyVitalC Immunity Blend have any side effects?

MyVitalC Immunity Blend has been developed using essential oils and organic ingredients and there are no reports of any side effects from anywhere to date. Please make sure to stick to the instructions made available on the label to avoid overuse of the supplement. 

5. How long will it take for MyVitalC Immunity Blend to reach me?

Normally, the MyVitalC Immunity Blend customer support team would complete the shipping procedures within 24 hours once the order has been placed. If you reside in the US you can expect the package to arrive within 3-5 business days. If you are an international customer then it may take longer up to 10-12 days depending on the customs clearance. 


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