Green Glucose Reviews: A Healthy And Tasty Way Of Balancing Blood Sugar Levels!


Green Glucose is a recently launched dietary supplement that helps in blood sugar management using a proprietary blend of green superfoods. The formula reduces cravings and improves gut health. It supports a healthy immune response and activates the natural healing process.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, around 37.3 million people in the US have diabetes. This is 11.3% of the total population. The same study shows that among this list, 1 in 5 of the people are unaware of the fact that they have diabetes.

Diabetes is one of the leading causes of death and can raise the risk factor for other lethal conditions such as kidney failure, heart disease, nerve damage, vision impairment, etc. Supplements like the Green Glucose formula claim an innovative and overall solution to keep your blood sugar levels at a balanced pace. 

A first look at the Green Glucose will give you the hint that it is a legit formula. But first looks are not an ideal way to determine the effectiveness of a dietary supplement. This Green Glucose review provides a solution for this issue.

Green Glucose Reviews: Does The Formula Help To Satisfy Your Cravings?

In this Green Glucose review, you can find every detail of the formula such as an overview of the supplement, ingredients used, working mechanism, benefits offered, pros and cons, etc. 

On going further, you can also find detailed information on the pricing, availability, and dosage of the formula. To give a deeper understanding of deciding whether to purchase the product or not, you are given an analysis of the Green Glucose customer reviews.

As you reach the end, you can find a final verdict from a neutral viewpoint and a frequently asked questions section to clarify your additional doubts. 

Green Glucose Review
Product NameGreen Glucose
PurposeBalance blood sugar levels
Item FormPowder
Net Weight 244 g/0.54 lbs
No of Scoops28
Daily IntakeOne scoop
Green Glucose Ingredients▪️ Spirulina
▪️ Barley
▪️ Wheat Grass
▪️ Alfafa
▪️ Broccoli & Collards

▪️ Spinach
Benefits▪️ Balances blood sugar
▪️ Healthy immune response
Improves digestion
▪️ Healthy inflammatory responses
▪️ Enhances energy levels
Manufacturing standards▪️ 100% organic green superfoods
▪️ GMO-Free

▪️ No added sugar
▪️ Manufactured in the USA in state-of-art facilities
Expected ResultAt least 2-3 months
Price$69 for one bottle
Money-Back Guarantee60 days
AvailabilityOnly on the official website
Official WebsiteClick Here

What Is Green Glucose? 

According to the official website, Green Glucose is a proprietary dietary supplement that can balance your blood sugar levels. It can satisfy your cravings and amplify your health by various means. The supplement comes in powder form and each bottle contains 244 grams/0.54 lbs of the formula.

You can take 28 scoops from each bottle which is enough for a month’s usage. Green Glucose blood sugar support formula comes in green apple and goji berry flavor that is delicious and healthy for your body. The supplement contains some organic green superfoods that can support a healthy inflammatory response and smooth digestion in your body. All the Green Glucose ingredients are 100% natural and non-GMO.

There are no artificial sweeteners added to the supplement. Green Glucose can be purchased only from the official website and a 60-day money-back guarantee is offered with each purchase. 

A Brief Look At Green Glucose Ingredients

Green Glucose supplement is made from 100% organic green foods that can provide multiple health benefits for your body. Some of these Green Glucose ingredients include:

Green Glucose Ingredients
  • Spirulina– One of the superfoods in the Green Glucose is spirulina, the blue-green algae. Abundant with many nutrients, it can improve your immunity. Studies have shown that spirulina can lower blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes.
  • Barley– Barley contains plenty of soluble fiber known as beta-glucan. It can help you to lower insulin and blood sugar levels. It has a low glycemic index so that even diabetic people can consume barley. 
  • Wheat Grass– Another Green Glucose ingredient is wheat grass. It is enriched with nutrients like glutathione, vitamin E, and vitamin C.  As wheatgrass contains magnesium it can accelerate insulin response and thereby reduce elevated blood sugar.
  • Alfafa– Research shows that alfalfa can enhance glucose absorption into the intestines and lower blood sugar levels in your body. It can support cardiometabolic health by reducing blood fat and sugar in the body. 
  • Broccoli & Collards– Having an abundance of glucosinolates, broccoli sprouts can increase insulin sensitivity and lower blood sugar levels. It can slow down carbohydrate digestion and fight against free radicals that harm your body.
  • Spinach– Spinach is one of the green superfoods that can protect your immune system against bacteria and viruses. It is an appropriate addition to a diabetic diet and spinach is packed with blood sugar-lowering compound, magnesium. Being low on the glycemic index scale, you can consume spinach without the fear of increasing blood sugar levels. 
Other Green Glucose Ingredients

Apart from this, other Green Glucose ingredients include Cordyceps, King trumpet, Reishi, Shiitake, Turkey tail, Lion’s mane, Baobab fiber, Sure, Chromium, etc.

What Is The Working Process Of Green Glucose Supplement?

According to the manufacturers, Green Glucose works by a synergistic action of the selected green superfoods in the supplement. These ingredients are clinically tested to have blood sugar-lowering properties and other health benefits. One of the crucial ingredients in the Green Glucose powder is certain adaptogenic mushrooms such as cordyceps, reishi, shiitake, lion’s mane, etc.

Cordyceps has proven beneficial in improving glucose sensitivity while shiitake enhances your immune response. Another crucial ingredient in the Green Glucose powdered supplement is baobab fiber, which can ease your digestion and balance glucose levels in your body. Sukre, another natural solution included in the Green Glucose formula, can activate GLP-1 response to manage blood sugar levels in the body.

It can slow down the sugar absorption process in your gut. Like this, all ingredients in the proprietary blend of Green Glucose work together to bring down blood sugar levels and enhance your overall health. 

Benefits Of Using Green Glucose Blood Sugar Support Formula

There are many health benefits offered by the Green Glucose supplement. Some of these are listed below:

Balances blood sugar levels– One of the major Green Glucose benefits is that it can support glucose sensitivity and balance the blood sugar levels in your body. Ingredients in the formula like cordyceps, turkey tail, spirulina, sure, etc can enhance the GLP-1 response to maintain blood sugar levels in your body. 

Supports a healthy immune response– Green Glucose contains some natural superfoods that can create a healthy immune response in your body. Shiitake and lion’s mane mushrooms in the supplement can activate the natural healing process of your body and provide a healthy immune response.

Improves your digestion– Once you start regularly consuming Green Glucose powdered formula, you will experience improved gut health. The prebiotics, probiotics, and several enzymes in the formula can smoothen your digestive system and keep your gut healthy. Ingredients such as baobab fiber can contribute to better functioning of your digestive system and help you attain optimal gut health.

Provide healthy inflammatory responses– Green Glucose supplement has anti-inflammatory ingredients that can provide your body with a healthy inflammatory response. Ingredients such as cordyceps mushrooms are known to have anti-inflammatory properties and can prevent certain diseases and conditions. 

Enhances energy levels– The proprietary blend of selected mushrooms, prebiotics, probiotics, enzymes, and plant extracts can provide your body with nutrients that elevate your energy levels. Once you start Green Glucose intake, you will experience better sleep and improved mood. This will directly affect your energy levels and you can keep a high energy throughout the day.

Pros And Cons Of Green Glucose

Green Glucose dietary supplements can provide multiple benefits for your body. It has certain advantages and a few disadvantages. Knowing these aspects is crucial before purchasing a dietary supplement.

In the case of Green Glucose, the pros outnumber the cons. Here is a list of the pros and cons of Green Glucose blood sugar-regulating supplements:


  • Made from 100% organic green superfoods.
  • All ingredients are non-GMO.
  • No added sugar, stevia-sweetened.
  • Easy to consume powder form.
  • Delicious and healthy with green apple and goji berry flavor.
  • Manufactured inside the USA in state-of-art facilities. 


  • Not suggested for children under 18 years of age.
  • Only available through the official website.

How To Consume Green Glucose Powder?

According to the product label, Green Glucose comes in powder form. Each bottle contains around 244 g/0.54 lbs of the supplement. The manufacturers suggest that one bottle can be used for one month. And each bottle contains 28 scoops of Green Glucose Powder.

You can take one scoop of the powder each day for optimum results. Make sure to regularly consume the supplement for harnessing better results over time. Also, do not exceed the dosage. 

Side Effects Of Green Glucose Supplement

From the details given on the Green Glucose official website, the formula is made from organic green superfoods. All the ingredients used in the formula are clinically proven to have multiple health benefits. These Green Glucose ingredients are non-GMO and free from any additives. No added sugar is used in it and it is stevia sweetened.

Apart from this, the supplement is made with the highest safety and quality standards in the USA. Based on these factors, it can be confirmed that there are no side effects reported from the usage of Green Glucose. 

How Long Does It Take Green Glucose To Show The Result?

The time taken for results from the Green Glucose blood sugar support supplement will vary from person to person. In some people, there will be faster results and in others, it might take a bit longer. Whatever the case, regular consumption of Green Glucose over a recommended period is necessary to harness optimal results.

The manufacturers of the supplement urge you to consume the formula for at least 2-3 months for better results. Using Green Glucose powdered formula for this much time can lead to sustainable effects that prolong for at least 1-2 years. 

Green Glucose Customer Reviews And Complaints

On going through the various Green Glucose customer reviews, it can be said that the supplement has a high customer satisfaction rate. Around 96% of verified customers have rated their experience of using the supplement as 5 out of 5.

Among 100+ Green Glucose reviews, these customers have rated the product as 4.8 out of 5.

Green Glucose Customer Reviews

While for some customers, the supplement helped to keep their blood sugar levels in check, for others it improved their digestion and immune system. Only a few customers have complained about some mild side effects from using the Green Glucose supplement.

But as these customers had used some replica of the supplement, their reviews became invalid. Apart from this, the rest of the Green Glucose customer reviews are positive and claim the supplement to be beneficial for amplifying overall health. 

Green Glucose Pricing And Availability 

If you want to purchase it, contact the Green Glucose official website. Being a proprietary supplement, this is not available through any retail markets or e-commerce sites such as Amazon. As Green Glucose has immense popularity in the market, there can be replicas available.

Consuming these replica supplements can cause serious side effects and a huge loss of money for you. That is why the makers suggest you stick to the official website while purchasing the Green Glucose supplement.

On purchasing Green Glucose from the official website, you can avail of different packages, discounts, and free delivery options. It is available in single bottles, 3 bottles, and 5 bottles package from the official website. The price details of each of these packages are given below:

  • Try One- $69- 1 Month Supply+ shipping charges
  • Buy 2 Get 1 Free- $138-3 Month Supply+ free shipping+ secret gift included
  • Buy 3 Get 2 Free-$199-5 Month Supply+ free shipping+ secret gift included

The Green Glucose manufacturers offer a 60-day money-back guarantee with each purchase made from the official website. If you feel the supplement hasn’t benefited you, you can claim a full refund within 2 months of purchasing the product. No questions will be asked and your full money will be refunded in no time. The whole process will be customer friendly and hassle-free. 

Green Glucose Reviews: Final Verdict

An elaborate analysis of the Green Glucose reviews led to the revelation that the supplement is of proprietary quality. Green Glucose blood sugar-regulating formula is made from 100% green superfoods that can provide multiple health benefits. It comes with a taste of apple and goji berry and is available in powder form.

Green Glucose powder can support glucose sensitivity and provide a healthy immune response in the body. It is a blend of various types of mushrooms, prebiotics, probiotics, enzymes, and plant extracts. Along with these, the formula also contains organic fair-trade baobab fiber, sucre, and chromium.

The supplement can only be purchased from the Green Glucose official website and offers a 60-day money-back guarantee with each purchase.

Green Glucose – Overall Blood Sugar Balance Supplement Score

Green Glucose is a proprietary dietary supplement that can balance your blood sugar levels. It can satisfy your cravings and amplify your health by various means.

Dr. Jun Ren

Green Glucose Supplement Score
Customer Reviews

Overall Score

As per Dr. Jun Ren’s evaluation, Green Glucose is a trustworthy supplement, and the overall score given below reflects this:



1. Can I use a Green Glucose supplement to lose weight?

Green Glucose is a natural supplement that can satisfy your cravings and balance your blood sugar levels. It mainly targets lower blood glucose levels. But as it is enriched with certain green superfoods, it can also support healthy weight loss.

2. What does Green Glucose powder taste like?

Green Glucose has a delicious taste that is a combination of the sweetness of apples and the sourness of goji berries. It has a refreshingly light and surprisingly robust flavor. 

3. Can people with gut issues take Green Glucose?

Green Glucose formula can provide a natural solution for all gut problems. But, if you have a medical condition consult your doctor before using it.

4.  Are there any additives in the Green Glucose supplement?

No. Green Glucose is made from 100% natural ingredients and no additives are added to it. It is sweetened with natural sweeteners like stevia. 

5. How many bottles of Green Glucose should I purchase?

Green Glucose blood sugar support formula used in the long term can provide multiple health benefits. It is suggested that you should purchase the 3 or 5 bottles package to use it for a longer time and also to prevent any cases of limited supply. 


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