How Do I Know If I Have Hearing Loss? Signs And Symptoms!


Hearing loss is a common problem that develops with age or is caused by loud noise, disease, or genetic variations. This condition occurs due to several reasons mainly when the inner ear nerve becomes damaged and fails to transmit the signal properly. Those who suffer from hearing loss may experience trouble having conversations with others. 

People with untreated hearing loss may lead to other health conditions such as depression, memory loss, and have a feel of isolation. If hearing problems of a person are ignored or untreated, they can get worse. There are several precautions and remedies that can be taken to protect the auditory system from damage. The earlier you get treatment, the more you can connect with the world around you. 

If you are suffering from hearing loss, you may have the following signs. Many people may identify these signs at the early stage and some when the situation gets worse. 

Signs Of Hearing Loss

  • Ringing, hissing, rushing, or buzzing sound inside your ears.
  • You cannot hear soft sounds or speech sounds when someone is talking at a normal level.
  • Cannot identify the location from where the sounds are coming from. 
  • People have to repeat the sentences when they are having a conversation with you.
  • You will experience a feeling of exhaustion after attending social events or concerts. 
  • Needs to turn up the volume of the TV or speaker.
  • Hearing loss may impact cognitive functions like memory loss, inability to concentrate, and other mental irritations.
  • Trouble in understanding the speech over the phone. 
  • Low-frequency sounds. 
  • Irritation in the ears.
  • Difficulty understanding what people are saying.
  • Severe ear pain or drainage from the ears. 

What Are The Causes Of Hearing Loss?

Hearing loss happens due to several reasons. Here are some of the reasons that lead to temporary or permanent hearing loss

Causes Of Hearing Loss

Loud Noises

Entering loud noises into the auditory system is one of the most common causes of hearing loss. When loud noises enter the inner ear, it gets damaged and results in permanent hearing loss. As a result, the person may experience the symptoms of tinnitus

Ear Wax Deposits

The ear wax deposited in the ears blocks the sound signals entering the ears. Your eardrum will be unable to receive sound waves from outside, so it cannot do its functions.

Ruptured Eardrum

The eardrum can get damaged by infection, pressure, or by putting objects in the ears. Doing this can negatively affect the functioning of the eardrum, and you may experience hearing loss.

Due To Health Conditions

People who are suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, or other health conditions may lose their hearing capacity. These conditions damage the blood vessels and tissue present in the ears. Ear infection, stroke, brain injury, or cancer may also affect the functioning of the ears.

Genetic Variations

Some people may face hearing loss from their birth. The genetic variable can be one reason for people with hearing loss. Their ear tissues and blood vessels will be damaged due to inborn defects. 


Hearing loss can be considered a common problem faced by many people. If the defect is not identified in the early stage and not treated properly, the situation can get worse. Hearing loss can make you feel disconnected from the world, so you can solve the problem by taking certain precautions. A good lifestyle can help you to regain hearing and maintain a healthy auditory system. But nothing can prevent hearing loss that occurs from birth.  

Limit your exposure to loud events, wear sound-reducing earplugs, and lower the volume on electronic devices, power tools, or earbuds. Include food items that help to restore hearing loss and maintain overall health. It can be frustrating and depressing to lead a life without hearing.

Other symptoms of hearing loss should be checked by the doctor to avoid permanent hearing loss. So, consult a doctor if you have severe hearing loss problems and give appropriate care to your ears. Apart from this maintain the health of your ears by cleaning them regularly and providing additional care. 

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