Nerve Regen Reviews: A Vegan Supplement To Cure The Root Cause Of Nerve Pain?


Nerve Regen is a research-backed nerve care solution made using natural ingredients and can be consumed as vegetarian capsules. The experts behind the formula claim that it is created based on recent research from John Hopkins University.

The formula works by targeting the root cause of nerve pain and strengthens your entire nervous system. This Nerve Regen review will cross-examine these claims and navigate you through the journey to discover the legitimacy of this dietary supplement.

Nerve Regen Reviews: Does It Really Provide Relief From Numbness And Tingling In Your Hands And Feet?

Given the first impressions, the supplement does have a neat and decent label and a well-articulated official website. There are no mentions of any harmful ingredients and detailed information on every aspect is given. But on matters of health, depending on mere first impressions won’t be sufficient. 

Countess Nerve Regen reviews can be found online that reveals the popularity of the supplement. However, a thorough examination of factors such as the ingredients used in it, the safety procedures followed, clinical evidence, etc is needed to evaluate the authenticity of a dietary supplement. 

Before finalizing the effectiveness of the formula, an extensive analysis of various Nerve Regen customer reviews, pricing, and availability will also be done. So continue reading to understand every aspect of the Nerve Regen supplement before making the final decision.

Nerve Regen Review
Supplement NameNerve Regen
Supplement FormVegan Capsules
CategoryNerve Pain Relief
CreatorDr. Holly Lucille, ND
BrandPure Health Research
Active IngredientsRiboflavin
Passionflower Extract
Alpha Lipoid Acid
Oat Straw Extract
Vitamin D3
Vitamin B12
Health BenefitsRepair your damaged nerves
Deliver relief from tingling, itching, and stinging
Improve cognition function

Maintain an active, independent lifestyle
Price Details$49
Age RangeAdult
Net Quantity60 Capsules
Pros🔺Made from 100% natural ingredients
🔺Manufactured in the USA.
🔺Made by following a 5-stage research and testing process
🔺Based on recent research from John Hopkins University.
Cons🔻Not ideal for children under 18
🔻Only available from the official website
Suggested Dosage2 tablets daily
BonusesBonus#1: Detox Your Body In 30 Days
Bonus#2: 12 Natural Ways to Balance Your Blood Sugar
Money Back Guarantee365 days
Star Rating⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4/5
AvailabilityOfficial Site
Official SiteClick Here

What Is Nerve Regen Formula? 

From the details mentioned on the official website, the Nerve Regen nerve health formula can be understood as an optimal nerve function support supplement. This proprietary formula is manufactured by PureHealth Research, a leading supplement company based in the United States.

Dr. Holly Lucille, ND

Nerve Regen is the brainchild of Dr. Holly Lucille, ND, one of the eminent personalities on the advisory board of the company. According to its creators, the supplement is based on recent research findings made by John Hopkins University and targets the root cause of nerve pain and numbness. Nerve Regen nerve pain solution is made from natural ingredients that are non-GMO and free from gluten, soy, and dairy. It is made using a 5-stage research and testing process that ensures quality and safety guidelines.

Nerve Regen natural nerve health support formula is available in capsule form and each bottle contains 60 vegetarian capsules sufficient for a month’s usage. The formula has been manufactured in facilities that comply with GMP standards. Apart from all this, the makers offer a 365-day money-back guarantee with each purchase. They also warn against replicas and urge you to buy the supplement only from the official website.

Nerve Regen Ingredients And Their Benefits

Each Nerve Regen capsule is made using a proprietary blend of plant-based ingredients, vitamins, and minerals. These ingredients and how they provide overall nerve wellness are listed here:

  • Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)– Riboflavin is crucial for mitochondrial activity that supports nerve functions. It can reduce oxidative stress that affects your nerves. 
  • Passionflower Extract ( Aerial Parts)– Traditionally, passionflower has been used to treat certain neuropathic conditions. This flower can relieve symptoms of anxiety and insomnia.
  • Alpha Lipoid Acid (ALA)– ALA can rewire your mitochondria to reduce nerve issues such as pain and tingling sensation in your hands and feet. This antioxidant can also help to treat nerve damage caused by diabetic neuropathy.
  •  Oat Straw Extract-Scientifically called, Avena sativa, oat straw extract can improve blood flow and reduce inflammation on your nerves. It can promote a healthy nervous system and relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety.
  • Vitamin D3– Vitamin D3 plays a crucial role in cellular calcium homeostasis, which promotes brain functions. It can act as a neurosteroid and supports nerve growth.
  • Vitamin B12– Research shows that vitamin B12 induces myelin production, a protective coating of nerves. This prevents nerve damage and reduces the onset of numbness and tingling.

Along with this, other Nerve Regen ingredients include; Vitamin B6, benfotiamine, skull cap, acetyl l-carnitine HCI, feverfew extract, etc.

Nerve Regen Ingredients

How Does Nerve Regen Work?

Nerve Regen is a clinically-proven nerve health formula that works based on recent research findings. According to a study made by John Hopkins University, the root cause of nerve pain was found to be associated with a damaged mitochondrial function.

The energy generators of your cells become damaged as you age and this can negatively affect your nerves. Nerve Regen nerve pain reliever targets restoring these mitochondrial cells and reducing nerve damage. It uses specific ingredients like alpha lipoic acid and vitamin D3 that can prevent nerve damage by regenerating mitochondrial functions.

Other ingredients in the formula such as skullcap can promote certain neurotransmitters such as GABA that provide a relaxing effect for your nervous system. Ingredients like oat straw can promote healthy blood flow that can support the nerves in your hands and feet. A synergistic working of all these ingredients ensures reduced nerve damage and pain on your feet and hands.

Advertised Benefits Of Nerve Regen Nerve Support Capsule

There are many benefits offered by the Nerve Regen pain reliever supplement. Some of these include:

  • Prevents nerve pain and numbness– Nerve pain can cause tingling and numbness in your hands and feet. Nerve Regen is made with selected ingredients that can protect nerves from damage and reduce neuropathic pain and numbness in your body.
  • Maintains a healthy nervous system– Nerve Regen ingredients can rewire your mitochondrial functions and this will promote regeneration of new nerve cells. It maintains a healthy nervous system in your body.
  • Promotes quality sleep and rest– When your nerves are damaged, you often feel restless and awake. Ingredients in the Nerve Regen supplement can relieve stress and insomnia and support quality sleep for you.
  • Improves your immunity and energy– Once you start the consumption of Nerve Regen capsules, you can experience better energy and mood throughout the day. The supplement is made using natural ingredients that can reduce inflammation and leverage your mood and energy.

Pros And Cons Of Using Nerve Regen Nerve Care Solution

Nerve Regen is a nervous system balance formula made using natural ingredients and industry standards. Because of these reasons itself, there will be more positives than negatives for this supplement. Having a clear-cut idea on both these sides is necessary before purchasing a dietary formula. Here is a list of the pros and cons of Nerve Regen nerve health support:


  • Made from 100% natural ingredients.
  • Based on recent research from John Hopkins University.
  • Free from soy, gluten, and dairy.
  • Manufactured in the USA.
  • Made by following a 5-stage research and testing process.
  • Designed in GMP-certified facilities.


  • Not ideal for children under 18.
  • Only available from the official website.

How To Use Nerve Regen?

Nerve Regen Dosage

📌 According to the product label, each bottle of Nerve Regen contains 60 vegetarian capsules suggested for a month’s consumption. As per this, you are advised to take two capsules daily for gaining optimal results. Nerve Regen capsules are easy-to-swallow so you can take them with 8 oz of water.

Consume the supplement 20-30 minutes before your meals. The manufacturers have recommended that you should be regularly taking the Nerve Regen pill to get the maximum benefit out of it. Do not take more than two capsules in a day as it might cause health issues. 

Nerve Regen Side Effects: Is It Safe To Consume Daily?

The Nerve Regen dietary supplement doesn’t cause any side effects. Thousands of customers have already testified to this. The supplement is made based on research and using quality natural ingredients. Each Nerve Regen ingredient is further evaluated for its safety and efficacy. Nerve Regen nerve support supplement is made by following a 5-step research and testing process.

According to the manufacturer, each bottle is created inside GMP-certified facilities. Also, the formula has no allergens such as soy, gluten, or dairy. And it is free from stimulants and habit-causing substances. Based on these factors, it can be assured that the Nerve Regen pain relief capsule is devoid of any side effects.

Nerve Regen Supplement Facts
Product PurityNo allergens such as soy, gluten, or dairy
Manufactured CountryUSA
Manufacturing And Safety StandardsManufactured in FDA-approved lab and GMP-certified facilities
Made By5-step research and testing process
Side EffectsNo side effects reported
Customer Support[email protected].

Nerve Regen Result Span

Nerve Regen provides healthy nerve support for your body. According to the manufacturers, you need to take the capsules for a long time to ensure effective absorption and maximum benefits out of it.

The time taken to obtain positive changes might vary depending on individual differences. So consume the formula for at least 2-3 months regularly and notice the difference. If you feel like you need to take them for more time, do so. 

Comparing Nerve Regen With Other Supplements

Supplement Form
Alpha Lipoid Acid
Nerve Regen
Supplement Form
Alpha Lipoid Acid
Supplement Form
Alpha Lipoid Acid

Nerve Regen Customer Reviews: What Do They Say?

Many customers have already consumed the Nerve Regen supplement and have witnessed its nerve-supporting benefits. Thousands of these customers are coming forward claiming the positive effects of the formula. Around 535 Nerve Regen reviews have been published on the official website already. In these reviews, customers have given 4.9 stars out of 5 for overall satisfaction with the supplement.

They claim to have better nerve support and relief from tingling, numbness, and sharp pain in the hands and feet. Only a few customers have complained about Nerve Regen side effects. But later the truth of these negative comments was revealed and it was found that they had consumed some replica of Nerve Regen. 

Nerve Regen Customer Reviews

Nerve Regen Availability And Pricing

Nerve Regen is a proprietary nerve care solution manufactured by PureHealth Research. According to them, this supplement can’t be purchased from any retail stores or e-commerce delivery platforms such as Amazon. That means you have to completely rely on the official website regarding the supplement purchase.

Nerve Regen clinically-proven nerve health formula has gathered much popularity in the shortest amount of time and this has created certain replica formulas of it. Consuming these imitation supplements might cause unwanted side effects. That is also one of the reasons why the manufacturers insist you purchase Nerve Regen only from the official website. 

The official website entails three different packages of the Nerve Regen formula. You can try out one trial pack or go for the combination packs of three and six. With every package, you get complete free shipping inside the USA. Here are the Nerve Regen price details of the various packages:

  • Trial Offer- 1 Bottle- $49 per bottle- Total: $49+ free shipping
  • Great Value- 3 Bottles- $45 per bottle- Total: $135+ free shipping
  • Best Value- 6 Bottles- $42 per bottle- Total: $252+ free shipping

Every package from PureHealth Research is endowed with a 365-day money-back guarantee. If you feel that the supplement hasn’t provided you with optimal nerve support, you can claim a 100% refund.

The makers even allow you to send back even empty or used bottles to claim a refund. You can contact customer service which is available 24/7. Upon request, your full money will be refunded without a single question back.

Bonus Gifts Included With Nerve Regen 

With each purchase of the Nerve Regen nerve signal efficiency support formula, you get two free bonuses. The details of these Nerve Regen bonuses are listed below:

  • Bonus#1: Detox Your Body In 30 Days– This free ebook is accompanied by every purchase of the Nerve Regen nerve regeneration supplement. It details some natural detox recipes that can help you to eliminate toxic materials from your body.
  • Bonus#2: 12 Natural Ways to Balance Your Blood Sugar– This is another free ebook that you get while purchasing the Nerve Regen nerve health supplement. This ebook will provide you with 12 natural methods to maintain a healthy blood sugar balance.
Nerve Regen Bonuses

Nerve Regen Reviews: Final Thoughts

A thorough evaluation of the Nerve Regen reviews shows the efficacy of the formula to provide overall nerve wellness. It is a proprietary blend of natural ingredients and targets the root cause of neuropathic pain.

Nerve Regen nervous system balance formula provides nerve signal efficiency support. The supplement is available in capsular form and is manufactured by a prominent company in the USA. Nerve Regen nerve pain solution is made inside GMP-certified facilities and has undergone a 5-step research and testing process.

All ingredients in the formula are non-GMO and are free from soy, gluten, and dairy. The purchasing options are limited to the official website. And each purchase is endowed with a 365-day money-back guarantee. Considering these aspects, the formula can be classified as a legit nerve health supplement.

Nerve Regen – An Optimal Nerve Function Support Supplement Score

Nerve Regen formula is a nutritional supplement that promises to relieve nerve-related symptoms. It is made to help your body naturally regenerate damaged nerve cells.

Dr. Jun Ren

Nerve Regen
Nerve Health
Result expected

Overall Score

The Nerve Regen formula can be considered one of the effective nerve health supplements based on customer reviews and quality criteria, and the overall score is as follows.


Nerve Regen FAQs

1. Does the Nerve Regen supplement promote better memory and cognitive functions?

Nerve Regen is a natural nerve health supplement that can promote nerve regeneration and a healthy nervous system. It is primarily designed to reduce nerve pain but the formula can also positively affect your cognitive function.

2. Can I take Nerve Regen with other supplements?

There are no issues with taking Nerve Regen nerve health formula with other supplements. But if you have any medical condition, consult with a doctor before taking any supplements.

3. Does Nerve Regen dietary cause any stimulant effects?

Not at all. The formula is free from stimulants or habit-causing substances.

4. Should I follow any particular diet while taking these capsules?

There is no need. But if you want, you can follow a healthy diet as it will be beneficial for your overall health.

5. How can I know that the supplement I purchased is legit?

Nerve Regen is a proprietary nerve supplement that is only available through the official website. Do not purchase the formula from retail stores or e-commerce platforms as it might be a replica.

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