Fungus Elixir Reviews – Is It The Best Solution To Get Rid Of Toe Nail Fungus?


Are you looking for genuine Fungus Elixir reviews? Then you are in the right place. Fungus Elixir is a clinically-proven toenail fungus support supplement based on traditional Japanese medicine. The Fungus Elixir formula aims to provide you with clear and fungus-free nails. It improves your immune response and helps you to fight harmful fungal infections. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, fungal nail infections affect 14% of the general population in America. These are also called onychomycosis and are more prevalent than fingernail infections. Having a toenail fungus infection for too long can lead to other health complications.

Fungus Elixir Reviews – Side Effects, Ingredients, And Dosage Explained..!

It can eventually penetrate the skin and spread to the toe. The infection can also move toward other parts of your body.  A study from the American Academy of Ophthalmology states that the fungi attack from toenail fungus can even spread to your eyes and affect the innermost layer of the cornea resulting in blindness.

There are only a few supplements that have realized the graveness of this issue. Fungus Elixir nail care supplement claims to be one of them. Fungus Elixir formula uses only natural ingredients and fights the infection from within.

A first look at the Fungus Elixir supplement might give you the idea that it is a legit anti-fungal formula. But to know more about this, a detailed analysis of all the aspects of the supplement is needed.

This Fungus Elixir review contains such information where you will get to know what is its composition, working, benefits, pros and cons, pricing, availability, etc. And as you reach the final part, you will get a coherent idea about the formula and will be able to make a reasonable decision regarding its effectiveness. 

Fungus Elixir Review
Product nameFungus Elixir Health ConcernNail HealthFormulaCapsulesNet Quantity60 dietary supplementIngredientsVitamin C Vitamin ESeleniumGraviola Leaf PowderTurmeric rhizome powderGreen Tea LeafFungus Elixir DosageTake one capsule one to two times dailyBenefitsPrevent fungal infections on fingernails and toesMoisturizes your nailsReduces bad odor of nailsImproves overall immune functionFungus Elixir side effectsMinimal side effects were report because of the overdoseMoney Back Guarantee60-day Fungus Elixir bonusesBonus#1: Easy Fixes for Smelly FeetBonus#2: Lazy Man’s One-Day DetoxBonus#3: Vitamin and Mineral MiraclesPrice$69 for one bottleAvailabilityMinimal side effects were reported because of the overdoseOfficial WebsiteClick Here

What is Fungus Elixir? 

Fungus Elixir is a toenail fungus supplement made from around 25 natural ingredients. It contains a special blend of herbal and mushroom complex. Fungus Elixir nail fungus treatment formula targets the root cause of fungal infections and provides you with healthy nails. It is available in capsular form and each bottle contains 60 capsules suggested for a month’s usage.

The Fungus Elixir supplement is manufactured inside the USA in facilities that conform to FDA and GMP standards. Each bottle is quality checked based on repeated safety and purity analyses.

The regular consumption of Fungus Elixir pills can provide you with clear and fungus-free nails. According to its creator, around 40,000 people have consumed the formula and have got relief from toenail fungus.

Apart from this, the manufacturers offer a 60-day money-back guarantee with each purchase of it. And they also recommend using the official website for buying the supplement. 

Fungus Elixir ingredients and its benefits 

According to the supplement label, the clinically-proven toenail fungus support supplement contains 100% natural ingredients. These ingredients and how it fights toenail fungus are listed below:

Fungus Elixir Ingredients
  • Vitamin C ( ascorbic acid)- Being a powerful antioxidant, vitamin C can treat many inflammatory skin conditions. Studies have shown that this vitamin can help your nails and toes stay hydrated and prevent any kind of fungal attack. 
  • Vitamin E ( D-Alpha toco succinate)- Research has shown that vitamin E can help to treat onychomycosis, a common nail condition that affects your toenails. It works by moisturizing your nail plate and helps to reduce yellow nail syndrome which results in cracked and yellow nails. 
  • Selenium ( Amino acid chelate)- Commonly known as an antifungal agent, selenium sulfide can help to prevent the growth and spread of fungi. It helps in relieving the itching and peeling of the nail skin and provides enough nutrients for healthy toenail support.
  • Graviola Leaf Powder ( Annona Muricata)- Known as soursop, Graviola has an abundance of phytonutrients that can prevent the growth of certain disease-causing cells in your body. It can be used to treat a variety of inflammations and infections caused by parasites and bacteria in your body. 
  • Turmeric rhizome powder – Turmeric is commonly used as a home remedy to treat toenail fungus infections. This is because it contains curcumin which has definite antifungal properties. It can help in fighting toenail fungus and athlete’s foot
  • Green Tea Leaf (40% extract)- Green tea polyphenols have demonstrated potent antifungal activities against toenail fungus, athlete’s foot, ringworm, etc. Having antifungal and antiseptic properties, it can effectively reduce fungal infections. Studies have shown that catechins in green tea like EGCG have antifungal activity against fungi such as C.albicans.

Apart from the above, other Fungus Elixir ingredients in the formula include raspberry fruit powder, beta-glucan powder, cat’s claw bark powder, garlic bulb powder, panax ginseng root powder, herbal complex, mushroom complex, arabinogalactan, olive leaf, etc.

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How does Fungus Elixir work?

Fungus Elixir works by a perfect amalgamation of the selected ingredients in the supplement. The Fungus Elixir fungus eliminator pills draw their inspiration from some ancient Japanese herbal remedies and combine them with modern-day practices.

The revelation that toenail fungus kills around 1.7 million people each year is shocking and it is what inspired the manufacturers to create the toenail formula. The ingredients in the formula such as a specific mushroom complex comprising shiitake, reishi, and maitake can stimulate your immune response.

They can cleanse your blood from harmful mycotoxins, a poison released by fungus. These ingredients instigate an inflammatory response in your body that helps to fight fungal infections.

They can also moisturize and prevent the peeling of skin due to toenail fungus attacks. A synergistic working of all these ingredients makes Fungus Elixir capsule an ideal fungal nail care solution. 

Potential benefits of taking Fungus Elixir nail fungus treatment formula

The purported benefits of consuming Fungus Elixir capsules are many. Some of these benefits include:

  • Prevent fungal infections on fingernails and toes- One of the primary functions of Fungus Elixir nail moisturizer is that it can help you to fight fungal infections. The selected ingredients have antimicrobial and antifungal properties that can reduce the attack of these fungal pathogens. 
  • Moisturizes your nails- Once you start the intake of Fungus Elixir capsules, you will get improved moisture on your nails and skin. Ingredients in the formula like vitamins C, E, and selenium play a crucial role in preventing dryness and increasing hydration around the cuticles of your nails.
  • Reduces bad odor of nails – Fungus Elixir nail health support formula can reduce the yellowishness caused by toenail fungus on your nails and toes. It also contains natural ingredients that can prevent bad odors from coming from your nails and help your nails to stay fresh always.
  • Improves overall immune function – All the ingredients in the Fungus Elixir supplement are enriched with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial agents. The regular consumption of these capsules will stimulate your immune system and prevent any harmful attack made by pathogens. This will improve your overall immunity and deliver you with newfound energy and confidence. 

Pros and cons of Fungus Elixir capsules 

Fungus Elixir is a fungal nail care solution that guarantees overall nail health support for you. Before deciding on purchasing it, you should understand the different pros and cons of this formula.

In the case of Fungus Elixir, the pros outnumber the cons, because it is a meticulously crafted natural formula. This Fungus Elixir review provided a list of the pros and cons of the supplement including:


  • Fungus Elixir supplement is made from around 25 natural, non-GMO ingredients.
  • Easy-to-swallow capsules form.
  • Manufactured inside the USA.
  • Made in facilities that are accredited by the FDA and GMP standards.
  • Contains a proprietary herbal and mushroom complex.
  • Fungus Elixir fungus eliminator pills are free from side effects.


  • The Fungus Elixir capsule is not ideal for children under 18 years of age.
  • Only available from the official website for purchase.
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How to use Fungus Elixir nail care supplement? Our dosage recommendations

The supplement label shows that the Fungus Elixir formula comes in the form of easy-to-swallow capsules.

Each bottle contains 60 capsules suggested for a month’s usage. The manufacturers recommend that you can take one capsule one to two times daily for optimal results.

You can either take them with meals or without them. The only condition is to regularly consume the supplement for getting better Fungus Elixir results. Regular usage of the formula fights toenail fungus and provides you with clear and clean nails

Are there any of the Fungus Elixir side effects reported?

On evaluating all the aspects of Fungus Elixir, it can be understood that the supplement doesn’t have any side effects. This is because it is made from 100% natural ingredients. These Fungus Elixir ingredients have been carefully sourced from organic farms and pose no allergic reaction to your body. All these ingredients are non-GMO as well.

Being a toenail fungus remedy, Fungus Elixir is a supplement that has undergone safety and efficacy tests. It is made in the USA in facilities approved by the FDA and GMP guidelines.

Thousands of customers have already testified to the effectiveness of the Fungus Elixir toenail fungus supplement in providing healthy toenails for your body. Considering these factors, it can be confirmed that there are no side effects reported for Fungus Elixir. 

How long does it take to show the Fungus Elixir result?

While going through the Fungus Elixir customer reviews, it becomes clear that the supplement takes different periods to show results for each person. But most people claim to have cleared the fungal infection within one month.

The manufacturers suggest that you need to consume the Fungus Elixir capsules for at least 3 months to eliminate all those internal infections.

Fungus Elixir Before And After

Regular usage of the capsules for 3 months will provide you with healthy toenail support. Such results will stay for 1-2 years effective. 

Fungus Elixir customer reviews – What are they saying?

There are many Fungus Elixir reviews available on the internet. Going through these reviews, it becomes evident that the supplement has a solid follower base.

Around 40,000 customers have already tried this Fungus Elixir toenail fungus treatment supplement and have claimed effective results from it. Most of these customers are satisfied with the ease of consuming the formula and the speed at which it delivers benefits.

They also claimed beneficial changes in their mood and energy as well. Only a few customers have complained about the side effects of the formula. But it was found that these customers had used some replicas from platforms such as Amazon.

Apart from this, the rest of the Fungus Elixir customer reviews are positive and support the legitimacy of this nail growth support supplement.

Where to buy Fungus Elixir capsules at the best price?

Fungus Elixir is an overall nail health supplement that can only be purchased from the official website. Currently, there are no retail stores or other e-commerce websites such as Amazon available for supplement delivery.

As the Fungus Elixir supplement has much popularity in the market, there can be replicas available. Consuming these imitation supplements might cause unwanted side effects for your body.

To avoid these pitfalls, the manufacturers suggest you purchase the Fungus Elixir supplement only from the official website. 

On purchasing Fungus Elixir oral formula from the official website, you can avail of three different packages and free bonuses. The price details of each of these packages are listed below:

  • Basic- 1 Bottle at $69/bottle- Total: $69+ $9.95 shipping and handling+ 3 free ebook
  • Standard- Most Popular- 3 Bottle at $59/ bottle- Total:$177+ free shipping and handling+ 3 free ebook
  • Premium-Best Value- 6 Bottle at $49/ bottle-Total:$294+ free shipping and handling+ 3 free ebook

Every package of the Fungus Elixir formula is accompanied by a 60-day money-back guarantee. So if you find any complaints with the supplement, you can return even the used bottles to the address mentioned on the site. If the request is made within 2 months from the date of purchase, your full money will be refunded to you. The whole process will be completely hassle-free. 

Purchase Fungus Elixir From Official Website

Fungus Elixir bonuses

You get three free bonuses while purchasing the Fungus Elixir capsules from the official website. The details of these bonuses are provided below:

Fungus Elixir Bonuses
  • Bonus#1: Easy Fixes for Smelly Feet

This $37 worth of ebook provides you with some natural ways to rejuvenate your foot skin and fix the bad odor from your smelly feet. There are 2 simple ways that you can practice to reduce odor coming from your feet.

  • Bonus#2: Lazy Man’s One-Day Detox

The second bonus is another ebook that can be downloaded for free when you purchase the Fungus Elixir from the official website. This is worth $37 and you get some tips to practice a one-day detox that will purify your body.

  • Bonus#3: Vitamin and Mineral Miracles

The vitamin and mineral handbook is another free bonus that you can avail with the Fungus Elixir supplement. It is worth $37 and can be easily downloaded. The ebook details the importance of vitamins and minerals that can provide you with immune health and prevent fungal infections.

Fungus Elixir Reviews – Final Verdict

Going through the Fungus Elixir reviews, the legitimacy of the dietary formula will be revealed. According to the manufacturers, it is a toenail fungus treatment supplement made from 100% natural ingredients. All these ingredients are non-GMO and clinically supported to have antifungal properties.

The Fungus Elixir nail care supplement comes in capsular form and each bottle contains 60 capsules suggested for a month’s usage. Fungus Elixir is made inside the USA in facilities that conform to FDA and GMP standards. No side effects have been reported from its usage.

The makers offer a 60-day money-back guarantee with each purchase.  Based on these factors, it can be concluded that Fungus Elixir is a legit toenail fungus formula.

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Fungus Elixir – Overall Nail and Hair Health Supplement Score

Fungus Elixir is a completely natural formula that targets the root cause of fungal infections and provides you with healthy nails.Dr. Jun Ren

Fungus Elixir Reviews
Nail Health
Hair Health
Nutrition Quality
Result Expected

Overall Score

In summary, Fungus Elixir Pro is a highly regarded fungus-eliminating formula backed by Dr. Jun Ren. Manufactured in an FDA-approved, GMP-certified facility, it offers a healthy blend of natural ingredients. To ensure authenticity, purchase from the official website and avoid counterfeit sellers.


Fungus Elixir Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes Fungus Elixir pill different from other toenail fungus formulas?

Fungal Elixir identifies the root cause of fungal infection and provides a natural solution to treat it. It is inspired by Japanese traditional medicine and employs a set of natural ingredients that can effectively uproot the fungal attack from the inside out.

2. Are there any allergens in the Fungus Elixir formula?

The Fungal Elixir formula is made completely from natural ingredients and doesn’t contain any allergens. Still, the supplement label says that the product is manufactured in a facility that also processes milk, soy, wheat, etc. 

3. Can pregnant women consume the Fungal Elixir supplement?

Even though the formula is natural, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult your doctor before taking it.

4. Can Fungus Elixir treat Athlete’s Foot?

Fungus Elixir is a toenail fungus remedy that can provide overall toenail support. It can treat fungal conditions like Athlete’s Foot. But if you are already seeing a doctor, show a bottle of the formula to your doctor before continuing the intake. 

5. Should I follow any nail-care practices while taking the supplement?

Fungus Elixir can provide you with healthy toenail fungus without the need for any additional nail-care practices. But if you combine the supplement intake with these methods, the result will be double. 


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