Arctic Burn Reviews: (Critical Alert!) Does It Work? What They Won’t Tell You!


Arctic Burn is a product that has been in the news recently and independent observers find it disturbing because of the unusual hype surrounding it. The scores of one-sided reviews that stem out of some media houses meant only one thing and that is to boost the financial aspects of the product.

The observers argue that it is indeed strange on the manufacturers’ part to resort to this level of promotional tactics and the whole thing gives us a sense of haste. So be it, this Arctic Burn review is complete so that no fact goes unnoticed and a logical understanding can be made.

Arctic Burn Reviews: [SCAM WARNING!] What Real Users Are Saying About Arctic Burn?

We are not against genuine hype and we understand that some reputed weight management supplements enjoy it very often. However, there is indeed a difference between genuine publicity and manufactured ones and it is evident that the makers of Arctic Burn are resorting to the latter.

Well, as mentioned it does not change anything as in this review we are going to investigate it deep down. At the outset, the product looks decent, with decent packaging and standard labeling. However, we have to say that the visual gimmicks did not fool us from noticing the glaring absence of the ingredients list. 

In the upcoming sections, you will find more details of its flaws as we get deeper into the merits of the claims that have been put forth. We will glide through the product’s other aspects such as working, benefits, pros and cons, pricing and availability, etc We have also included a set of questions that offers you a clear understanding of the product. At the end of this Arctic Burn review, we will provide you with our inputs based on the evidence and customer responses. So without further ado let us get to work.

Supplement NameArctic Burn
Dosage FormCapsules
Health FocusWeight loss
Side EffectsSide effects reported
Official WebsiteNo authentic website

What Is Arctic Burn?

Arctic Burn is a dietary product that has been promoted as a natural supplement that supports healthy metabolism. Interestingly, the makers have not catered to the needs of the public and demonstrated any shred of evidence to back their claims.

Though it has been stated that the product is made using natural ingredients, we are not very sure why the label does not provide valid information on the same. The bottle also does not have information on its manufacturing and the expiry date is missing.

It comes in an easy-to-use dietary format however that does not help this product to acquire legitimacy. In all, we feel it is not fit for use until the producers come clear on the set of ingredients used in its formulation. 

What Does The Arctic Burn Formula Contain?

Arctic Burn has been hailed as a champion in promoting early weight loss benefits by a section in the media. They accomplish this by planting carefully crafted reviews in the digital space that only give prominence to boosting the financial aspects of the product. Meanwhile, the users who blindly follow these paid reviews and try them out experience their bad effects.

The manufacturers have not revealed the actual ingredients used in the formulation of the product. Interestingly, the reviewers have published its ingredients list which seems to be lifted from here and there. However, we are forced to mention them as no other option is left in front of us. Below given are the wannabe ingredients used in the product. 

  • Moringa Oleifera
  • Olive leaf
  • African Mango
  • Citrus Bioflavonoid
  • Holy Basil
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Berberine Hydrochloride

At first glance, the above-mentioned ingredients list succeeds in blindfolding us to believe that the product is worthwhile. However, since we have done our research and evaluation beforehand we can easily find it to be flawed. While Moringa Oleifera does have other health benefits, many experts differ in their view of it rendering weight loss. It seems the reviewers managed to put its name on the list just to provide an authentic touch.

However, to be frank we have not been convinced with these ingredients, especially based on differing views aired by domain experts. Another ingredient Olive leaf does have positive sides but it seldom provides weight management benefits. It has been traditionally used in strengthening the cardiovascular system and does not seem to aid that much in rendering metabolic help. Well, it seems the cat is out of the bag and the list seems to speak for itself.

Other ingredients too, seem to be largely named to fool people into thinking the product is beneficial. Holy Basil seems to be supportive of the immune system and aids in the treatment of asthmatic conditions. However, to attribute it as something that offers seamless weight loss is stretching it a bit too long.

The list also speaks of Cayenne Pepper which is one of the most potent natural compounds that one can find. You should understand while it does offer health benefits, excess use of it can cause irregular heartbeat and elevated blood pressure. Including such an ingredient in the list must have been an accident. It calls them out and the paid reviewers should do their homework well before trying to whitewash fraudulent products with such faulty and manufactured ingredient lists.  

How Well Does Arctic Burn Work For Weight Loss?

Unfortunately, Arctic Burn does not seem to be an authentic supplement and the makers want to hide its formulation from the general public. The product does not have an authentic website that offers reliable information. The health claims put forth by the makers have not been substantiated using evidence.

As a result, the credibility of the arguments placed in favor of the supplement seems to be dwindling. The customers who have used this product cry foul on the part of the makers as it does not render any benefits and on top of that leads to bad consequences. Many users who have used this product have to bear mild to serious side effects with some of them knocking on the doors of medical care facilities to relieve themselves of the symptoms.

In this context, it has to be noticed that the makers have not provided any money-back guarantee offer and there is no provision to get a refund. All things considered, we can safely conclude that the product offers no help in providing benefits and brings on mild to serious side effects in the long run.

Claimed Benefits Of Arctic Burn Supplement

Though the makers of Arctic Burn have made huge claims in terms of promoting health,  they have not provided any credible evidence to substantiate those. The primary claim seems to be the lowering of stubborn belly fat within two days. Well, it sounds insane given the fact that it is not possible in any way and questions logical reasoning.

Another claim that has been put forth in this direction is that it improves memory and promotes mental acuity. Well, we do approve that supplements can render such health benefits. However, in the case of Arctic Burn, the ingredients list is missing and we cannot just approve of their empty words.

It stoops to a new level with a sheer ridiculous claim of offering an athletic body within a week. None of these claims seems to work in real life as the customers who had the chance to use it firsthand are upset with the product and feel that they have been betrayed. 

Potential Side Effects Of Arctic Burn

Arctic Burn seems to have many side effects as the experienced users took it to social media platforms to narrate their ill experiences. For many, it started with a minor headache and later transformed itself into excruciating pain. Unfortunately. certain users experienced seizures and had cognitive problems after a couple of days of its use.

A majority of them have to take one or the other medicine to relieve the discomfort it has caused. The sad thing is that the customers cannot claim a refund as this fraudulent product does not have options for it. It is indeed astonishing that despite a well-reputed supplement that has been around for more than a decade now, people still fall for these scam products.

Puravive is an authentic weight management supplement that offers seamless health benefits alongside reducing body weight. For those who are looking for a genuine supplement, it is advised to try this one.

Accessing The Pros And Cons Of Arctic Burn

In the preceding section of this Arctic Burn review, we have talked about the potential side effects of using Arctic Burn. Here, we will discuss more about certain pros and cons of using the product. Due to time and space constraints, we only aim to provide you with the major ones. Please refer to the content below for a better understanding.

  • An easy-to-use dietary format
  • Comes at a cheaper rate

  • Lacks scientific evidence to back claims
  • Ingredients used in the formulation are not known
  • Not made in FDA or GMP-approved sites
  • Poor customer ratings and approvals
  • No money-back guarantee is offered
  • Prone to have side effects

When Will You See The Arctic Burn Results? 

Arctic Burn has no history of helping customers in reducing body weight and overcoming other health issues. Many users have criticized this product for not providing the promised benefits and instead inducing severe side effects.

The makers have not offered any money-back guarantee for it and hence there is no option to get a full refund. For those aggrieved customers, there is a much better alternative in the market by the name of Puravive that offers natural weight loss without any negative effects. To learn more about it, you can visit the official website of the supplement.

Arctic Burn Supplement – Scam Or Real Deal?

Arctic Burn has no official website and the manufacturers have never publicized the ingredients used in compiling this product. The makers make some insane health claims that it can reduce belly fat in two days and reverse Alzheimer’s condition. They have not produced any substantial evidence to back these assurances.

Many experienced users of this product underwent dangerous side effects after using this product. It has the worst customer ratings and approvals than any other supplement in recent history. Besides, its availability is uncertain and there has been no money-back guarantee offered by the makers. Therefore it can be safely assumed that the product is nothing but a scam aimed at making short-term financial gains.

How And Where To Order Arctic Burn?

Arctic Burn is not available for purchase through any legitimate means and the manufacturers have not set up an official website for the product. Therefore it becomes hard to know where exactly to get the product. You can get the same formula in various other names in the local markets.

There have been reports made by certain customers that it has been sold by third-party vendors on some websites. It is advised not to pursue these products as it is not safe to visit these websites and this can lead to theft of personal information. All these problems could be very well avoided by opting for a legitimate weight loss supplement that comes by the name of Puravive which has been around for a while and has much better customer approvals.

Arctic Burn Customer Reviews And Complaints

Arctic Burn has received a lot of complaints in the recent past as it has not delivered what it has promised to the customers. Some of the users have had very bad experiences and they plan to move forward legally against the makers for causing them pain and agony. A businessman from Richmond has been hospitalized after using it for a month due to cognitive problems.

A homemaker in New Orleans suffered severe headaches due to its use and had to take medical aid to get relief. In most cases, the product inflicted minor health issues however it struck hard on vulnerable sections who had medical conditions.

It is sad indeed to see that most of these problems could have been averted if the customers had done homework before falling for it. These fraudulent products are a blot to other legitimate supplements like Puravive that come with the reputation of aiding people to reduce body weight safely and sustainably. 

How Does Arctic Burn Perform In Comparison With Other Supplements?

In this section, we will have a comparison between Arctic Burn and a popular supplement. For this purpose, we have listed the major aspects of both of them. Please refer to the below table for more information.

PuraviveArctic Burn
Dietary FormatCapsuleCapsule
Pricing$59 / per bottleNot available
Money-Back Guarantee180 daysNo
Customer Ratings4.72.1
Made in FDA and GMP-approved sitesYesNo

Final Take On Arctic Burn Reviews

According to this Arctic Burn review, it is a weight management supplement that comes with tall claims however evidence suggests that it offers no benefits in reality and induces severe side effects. The manufacturers of the product hail it as one made using pure natural ingredients.

However, no information has been given on the label confirming this aspect. Besides, no information has been provided about its manufacturing and expiry dates. The product comes in capsule form that can be easily ingested orally for health benefits.

In our probe, we came across a much better alternative by the name of Puravive that has better customer approvals and ratings. It comes at an affordable price and offers a full money-back guarantee valid for 180 days.

The supplement is made in FDA-approved facilities in the US which have been certified by the GMP agencies. Also, there have been no reports of any side effects for it from anywhere in all these years. We feel Puravive has much better credentials than the product in review and there is no harm in trying it.


1. How long will it take for Arctic Burn to reduce 10-20 pounds of body weight?

Unfortunately, Arctic Burn has not received many positive reviews and has been often criticized for not rendering any satisfactory results. 

2. Where are the ingredients used in Arctic Burn procured from?

The makers of Arctic Burn have not provided any information on where the ingredients used in the formulation have been procured.

3. How long will it take to deliver the package to overseas customers?

The delivery of Arctic Burn cannot be guaranteed as the product does not have an official buying link and is sold by some unauthorized third-party vendors.

4. Can young children below the age of 18 use Arctic Burn?

Arctic Burn is not made for children below the age of 18 and should not be used under any circumstances.

5. Is Arctic Burn available for purchase on Amazon?

Arctic Burn is not available for purchase on Amazon or any local retail store.


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