Total Curve Reviews: Is It An Effective Alternative For Breast Enhancement Surgery?

Total Curve is a new formula that helps with enhancing your breasts. It comprises various potent ingredients that bring out the mastogenic effect and improves the condition of breasts. Total Curve breast rejuvenation system promises various benefits in women in addition to improving the volume of breasts like reducing postmenopausal symptoms, increasing libido, etc.

This product has come up with a unique blend of ingredients that are potent and safe to use. With their double action pack of Total Curve Daily Supplements and Total Curve Lifting and Firming Gel this product seems like it delivers what it claims. However, we cannot fall for the hype. To really examine the genuineness of this product we need to dig a lot deeper than a mere first look and that’s what we are aiming for with this Total Curve review.

Total Curve Reviews: A Natural Way Of Getting Gorgeous And Attractive Curves!

This Total Curve Review will be analyzing various aspects of this capsule and gel formula. We will be looking into more details about the ingredients used, the pros and cons of the product, the benefits they promise, honest customer reviews, and many more.

So without wasting any time let us dive right into it.

Total Curve Review
Product NameTotal Curve
PurposeBreast Enhancement
Age groupAdults
FormulationCapsule and Gel
Number of Pills60
Capsule UsageOne with breakfast and one with dinner
Total Curve Daily Supplement IngredientsBuckwheat
Fennel Seeds
Blessed Thistle
Black Cohosh Root
Wild Yam Root
Total Curve Lifting and Firming Gel
Aloe Vera Extract
Bearberry Extract
Algae Extract
Vitamin C
BenefitsIncrease the overall volume of breasts
Increase the firmness of breasts
Increases sex drive
Fewer symptoms of PMS and menopause
Side effectsNo major side effects reported yet
Price69.95 per bottle
Money-back guarantee60 days
AvailabilityOnly through the official website
Official WebsiteClick Here

What Is Total Curve?

Total Curve is a breast enhancement capsule and gel combo that help with increasing the volume, in addition to improving the firmness and overall wellness of the breasts. These Total Curve supplements work both internally and externally to help tone and reshape breasts for a more youthful and healthier appearance. The Total Curve comes as a dual action pack. The Total Curve Daily Supplement is a capsule that you should consume every day, in addition to the Total Curve Lifting and Firming Gel, which you should be using in daily massage sessions.

This product is backed by scientific research and strong results that support their claims. Total Curve system is made with natural ingredients, primarily plant extracts that are safe and potent. These capsules and gel formulas are developed in highly advanced and state-of-the-art facilities, in sterile conditions. Hence the Total Curve products are safe and pure.

Read the next section of the Total Curve review to get a brief idea about the major components

What Are The Major Total Curve Ingredients? 

Total Curve Ingredients
Total Curve Daily Supplement:
  • Buckwheat leaves/Flowers: It has the properties to inhibit bad estrogen and improve your estrogen-to-progesterone ratio.
  • Fennel Seeds: Fennel has properties that can make it act very similar to the hormone estrogen.
  • Blessed Thistle: This herbal extract is also known for its estrogenic properties and has been recognized for decades.
  • Hops
  • Black Cohosh Root: It is very useful to soothe menopausal symptoms. The extracts from this plant are often used for estrogen-related conditions.
  • Wild Yam Root: The diosgenin in the bulb and roots of wild yam will influence the production of estrogen. They might also help with menopausal symptoms.
Total Curve Lifting and Firming Gel:
  • Volufiline: Known to have the capacity to increase the volume of adipose tissue in the breast. It was found in research that cells exposed to 1 percent of volufiline take up to 640 percent of fat molecules.
  • Aloe Vera Extract: These plants contain phytoestrogens and might increase the level of estrogen. It is also known to have collagen-production properties.
  • Bearberry Extract: Bearberry is known to be a powerful agent against wrinkles and is also high in antioxidants.
  • Algae Extract: Algae have powerful antioxidant properties and will also act against the factors that break down skin collagen.
  • Mango Butter: It is a potent moisturizer and may help with softening your skin. It is also rich in Vitamin E and Vitamin C, both extremely beneficial for good skin.
  • Vitamin C: Helps with slowing the skin aging process and protects against sun-induced damage.
  • Caffeine: Has both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties
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Total Curve Working Process: How Does It Perform The Action?

The Total Curve Daily Supplement contains a set of phytoestrogens that can act like the estrogen hormone to create a mastogenic effect. Mastogenic refers to the growth or swelling of the breast tissue. This phenomenon is very similar to what women experience whilst pregnancy or the week leading up to their menstrual cycle. This daily supplement will aid in increasing the volume of breasts in addition to increasing their firmness.

The Total Curve Lifting and Firming Gel work by augmenting the fatty tissues in the breast area for a significant boost in breast volume. The volufiline in this formula contains sarsasapogenin, which stimulates lipogenesis, a process where fatty acids and glycerols are converted into fat.

These fats will be stored in the breast fatty tissues causing growth and a spike in its volume. Your breasts are almost entirely made up of fatty tissues and mammary glands so aiding the growth of fatty tissues will automatically affect the volume of the breasts. In addition to the cell-plumping action, this gel is formulated with ingredients that are gentle on the skin and help even skin tone, moisturize, and strengthen collagen.

Benefits Of Using Total Curve Breast Rejuvenation System

Some of the major Total Curve benefits are listed below:

Total Curve Benefits
Increase the overall volume of breasts:

With potent ingredients that can mimic the activity of estrogen and induce a mastogenic effect you will gain noticeable volume by using this product.

Increase the firmness of breasts:

By increasing the collagen in the area you will be experiencing firmer and tighter breasts.

Fewer symptoms of PMS and menopause:

Total Curve capsule and gel combo contain numerous herbal ingredients that will help with various menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, chills, sweat problems, Mood changes, etc. It also helps with troubles during periods and related issues.

Increased sex drive:

The potent Total Curve ingredients might help women with their libido and increase their sex drive.

Reduced Vaginal Dryness:

A major symptom of menopause, this condition is caused due to low estrogen. There are several Total Curve Ingredients that might boost estrogen. In addition to that ingredients like wild yam cream and black cohosh can help with vaginal dryness.

Pros And Cons Of Total Curve System


  • Natural ingredients
  • Made in safe and sterile conditions
  • Backed with scientific evidence and research
  • No major side effects
  • Double action pack- Total Curve comes with easy to use capsule and easy-to-apply gel


  • Not suggested for children under the age of 18 
  • Only available on the Total Curve official website
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How To Use Total Curve Supplement And Gel?

You should take the Total Curve daily supplements two times a day. You can consume these capsules one with breakfast and one with dinner. Then use the Total Curve Lifting and Firming Gel. Apply a thin layer to each breast and gently rub it in, paying attention to the underside.

Total Curve Usage

Use this as a part of your morning and bedtime routine. Remember to use the supplement and firming gel daily, without fail to see optimal results.

Are There Any Side Effects Associated With Total Curve?

So far no users have reported any side effects from using Total Curve Daily supplements and its Lifting and Firming Gel. Total Curve breast enhancement system is formulated with natural ingredients under strict and sterile conditions.

However, if you are diagnosed with any medical conditions or are using any other prescription medication then please consult a doctor to put your mind at ease. The same is advised for pregnant and nursing mothers. Some ingredients used in this product might not be suitable for pregnant and nursing mothers. Hence consume this supplement only at the doctor’s discretion. If you have suffered from any serious allergy cases before then it is best recommended to visit a doctor and confirm that the ingredients are safe for your consumption.

If you have any doubts about potential risks feel free to consult a doctor, however, there is not much to worry about the product’s safety as it is formulated with the finest quality ingredients in state-of-the-art facilities.

How Long Does It Take Total Curve To Show The Result?

Every bodies are different and the time they show results also varies. Various factors like age, genetics, and body composition might affect the results. Hence it is extremely difficult to predict the exact date when you will start seeing results. However, in general terms, experts say that you will start observing changes within 2 to 3 months of using this formula.

But keep in mind that this is just a general point of view. Some people might experience results within a few weeks of using whereas some might take a bit longer. If you feel like you are getting optimal results then continue using the Total Curve breast enhancement formula for long-lasting outcomes. If you feel like you are not receiving enough results within a few weeks try using it a bit longer. If you are still not happy with your results after using it for a period then do not worry, you can return the product and receive a refund.

Total Curve Customer Reviews: What They Have To Say?

So far customers have reported only along positive lines. Most of them were happy with the results they observed. The majority of the users reported changes within 2 months of daily using the product.

The few negative reviews reported were from customers who fall for the unauthentic products that mimicked the Total Curve supplements and firming gel. Be careful not to fall for such products and buy the original product only from the Total Curve official website.

How And Where To Order Total Curve?

You can only purchase this supplement from Total Curve official website. It is not sold on any other e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, etc, or on any other third-party websites or retail stores. So if you would like to purchase this product all you have to do is head fast to the official website and scroll down. You will see ‘Order Now’.

Click on that option and you will be directed to the order page. You can choose your desired package from the options provided. Click on the ‘Buy Now’ option. You will be directed to the safe and secure checkout page. Enter your payment details and complete your payment procedure. You can expect the Total Curve breast enhancement formula at your doorstep within 5 to 7 business days.

Is The Total Curve Package Affordable?

The Silver Package contains a single bottle of the Total Curve Daily Supplement and Total Curve lifting and firming gel. This package is worth a formula that lasts a month. You can purchase it for 69.95 dollars. The Platinum package contains 3 bottles each of the Total Curve Daily Supplement and Total Curve lifting and firming gel.

This package is worth formulas that will last 3 months. The retail rate is 209.85 dollars. However, you can purchase this product at a discounted rate of 179.95 dollars and save 29.90 dollars. The Diamond Package comprises 6 bottles each of the Total Curve Daily Supplement and Total Curve lifting and firming supplement.

You can purchase this package now for 299.95 dollars instead of the retail rate of 419.70 dollars, saving over 119 dollars. The company will give free shipping on continental USA orders for any package you choose.

Silver Package – 1 month supply – 69.95 USD

Platinum Package – 3-month supply – 179.95 USD

Diamond Package – 6-month supply – 299.95 USD

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Does It Offer A Money Back Guarantee?

Total Curve breast rejuvenation system comes with an ironclad refund policy. You can try the product and if you are not happy with the results go ahead and return the package to receive the refund. The money-back-guarantee is for 67 days from the date of purchase, which means you have 60 days to try the product and 1 week to return the product if you are not satisfied with it.

The company will be refunding you the entire purchase price excluding the charges for shipping and handling services. Keep in mind that refunds will be initiated for orders that are returned within 67 days from the date of purchase.

Total Curve Reviews: Final Verdict

This Total Curve review examined in detail everything you need to know about the product. This supplement is formulated with the highest quality ingredients that are safe and natural yet effective and backed with strong scientific evidence. The potent Total Curve ingredients were developed into formulas in safe and sterile conditions in state-of-the-art facilities by making use of advanced technologies.

Total Curve breast enhancement system has a strong and efficient working mechanism that seems legit and has clear evidence to scientifically back the principles. Hence this product seems like a worthy and legit one and might be a good addition to your routine.

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Total Curve – Overall Breast Enhancement Formula Score

Total Curve is a breast enhancement capsule and gel combo that help with increasing the volume, in addition to improving the firmness and overall wellness of the breasts

Dr. Jun Ren

Total Curve Supplement Score
Breast enhancement
Expected results

Overall Score

Based on its quality standards and lab tests, Total Curve is regarded as a legit breast enhancement system. The total rating, as determined by Dr. Jun Ren, is as follows:



1. When will I receive the Total Curve combo after placing the order?

You will receive the package within 5 to 7 days of placing the order.

2. Will the use of Total Curve cause the user to gain weight in any other parts of the body?

No. Total Curve will not make you gain weight in any other parts of your body. You need not worry about that.

3. Will the use of this product cause me any allergic reactions?

Total Curve breast enhancement formula is made with natural ingredients with strong scientific support. However, if you feel any concerns feel free to contact your doctor just to put your mind at peace.

4. How can I return this product?

All you have to do is contact their customer support team and return the product within 67 days of placing the order to be eligible for a refund.

5. Where can I read about the research and lab tests regarding the Total curve?

You can head towards the Scientific Proof page of the Total Curve official website and there you will find lab results and various other scientific papers that prove its legitimacy.


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