VitaCup Reviews: Scam Exposed! Truth About This Formula!


VitaCup is a newly released vitamin-infused supplement receiving much hype online. These are health drinks in the form of beverages that come in different flavors and sizes. The manufacturer states that these drinks boost metabolism and provide overall wellness. In this VitaCup review, we will examine these supplements to understand their relevance.

VitaCup Reviews: Must-Read Before You Taste!

The popularity of health drink in the form of tea bags and coffee pods have surged in recent years. VitaCup is a manufacturer that has risen to prominence in this market since its founding in 2017.

Even though this brand has a reputed name, there have been reports of the supplements showing inadequate results in the stipulated time.

While other supplements with better results are hanging behind, VitaCup is continuously being pushed despite its drawbacks. For instance, Omyum is a new supplement that is gaining momentum with positive reviews from customers and experts alike.

Omyum is based on breakthrough research on burning fat more efficiently. We have to look into the VitaCup supplements carefully by comparing them to novel supplements. 

In this VitaCup review, we will check the claimed benefits of VitaCup and conclude by enabling a comparative study. Some FAQs have been included to clarify important queries.

VitaCup Review

What Is VitaCup? 

VitaCup is a nutritional support brand that provides an extensive range of supplements to curb vitamin deficiency. These come in numerous forms including coffee pods, coffee bags, tea bags, creamer, and so on.

The purpose intended by the manufacturer through the supplement is to energize the body by fulfilling the vitamin requirement.

The ingredients are collected from plants and herbs making the supplement vegan. The coffee comes in three major types: Genius Vanilla Coffee pods, Focus Coffee pods, and Slim Coffee Pods.

The choices given are glittering at a glance. But, the nutrient content of this supplement needs to be studied as the label is preliminary.

A Deep Dive Into VitaCup Ingredients

The ingredients that formulate the VitaCup supplements are collected from premium plants. Even if the manufacturer repeats it several times, neither the website nor the bottle seems to give the details.

The manufacturer has added several flavors to their coffee and tea mixtures since its onset in 2017. But, the primary ingredients remain the same. These are listed below.

VitaCup Ingredients

Vitamin B9

Scientifically called flic cid, this vitamin is essential for the production of DNA and RNA. Its absence will affect cell and tissue growth and regeneration.

It aids in the production of red blood cells and assists iron in its function in the body. Note that more than 1mg might be unsafe. Thus, keep a check on the intake.

Vitamin B12

This vitamin plays a crucial role in weight loss procedures. It participates in carbohydrate, amino acid, and fat metabolism.

But, the evidence that suggests B12 shots could induce weight loss is not authorized. As a vitamin that improves blood circulation and maintenance of nerve cells, it is remedial for the body.

Vitamin B5

As an essential component in the production of red blood cells, Vitamin B5 is crucial for optimized blood circulation. It also helps in reducing carbohydrates and fats into smaller forms. Thus, it enhances the metabolic rate.

The body’s requirement for Vitamin B5 is usually easily met through foods. The relevance of such a vitamin in the supplement is questionable.

Vitamin B1

This vitamin, nicknamed the “morale vitamin”, helps to boost memory and cognition. Along with B12, B1 is used majorly as a painkiller in medicines. It also can enhance the functioning of the nervous system and the heart. It could also help the sleep process.

Vitamin B6

Also called pyridoxine, this vitamin prevents anemia and elevates your mood. It contributes to the proper functioning of the brain and the heart. It produces antibodies that keep the body protected against pathogens.

It also fights cancerous cells. The vitamin also aids in protein production and normalizes the blood sugar levels. This ingredient does not directly impact weight loss.

Vitamin D

The presence of Vitamin D is present in most supplements. It assures the maintenance of the bone-muscle ratio and distributes calcium evenly throughout the body. It also contributes to the brain function by enhancing cognition and memory

How Effectively Do VitaCup Supplements Work?

The mechanism of action is undertaken by the vitamins supplied. These vitamins will help boost the metabolic rate and add a wellness kick to the coffee. The explanation is limited to these few sentences.

This description leaves the user oblivious to the science behind it. Additionally, there are added vitamins according to the benefit expected from the supplement. For example, the slim coffee pods have Garcinia Cambogia, Panax Ginseng, and the Vitamin B blend.

Given that these ingredients are renowned traditional fat burners. But, their function needs to be explained clearly for the users’ understanding.

The supplement is curated with a focus on the taste rather than its nutritional content. The website specifies the quality of coffee beans procured to fashion the supplement. Yet, the taste would not suffice the vitamin requirement.

The user has to find out the effectiveness of this mechanism by investigating the ingredients. The manufacturer seems to have set themselves on the taste of the supplements rather than the nutrition promised. 

VitaCup Benefits Claimed

The benefits of VitaCup depend upon each of their specific varieties. But, some benefits are common to many of these supplements. These contribute to the overall wellness of the body and intend to boost immunity. As the Vitamin B blend powers these formulas, the benefits are the impacts of its action.

Boost in Metabolism

The Vitamin B blend can induce a boost in metabolism. The additional ingredients in different supplements add to this initial impetus. An increased metabolic rate is necessary for weight management.

But, this could lead to side effects as the shift might be sudden. When mixed with coffee, the blend could cause digestive distress. In some users, the metabolic rate increase was not observed as well.

Improved Cognitive Abilities

Having a clear mind will help the user to focus on assigned tasks and chores. To bring out this change, the vitamin B blend and other ingredients have to manipulate the functioning of the hormones. This could lead to some side effects as the taunting with the hormone level is not organic.  

Cell Growth and Maintenance

Introducing more cells into the body, especially during infancy, childhood, and puberty, is required. But, in an adult, it should be a calculated move. By stimulating the production of RBCs, nerve cells, and other cells, there will be an imbalance. As users, we are unsure of the consequences of such benefits. The manufacturer exits without explaining the mechanism in the supplement profile.

Proper Blood Circulation

The VitaCup supplements bring in proper blood circulation. It helps to distribute minerals such as iron and calcium correctly to their destined areas. This helps to make the body stronger. Antioxidants contained within other ingredients also help in this process. But, lack of clarity persists as a problem.

VitaCup Side Effects

VitaCup has shown some side effects to selected customers. This could be due to their body composition or medical history. However, the users faced stomach ailments, skin irritation, and fatigue after the initial surge in energy.

It could be due to the unchecked test doses or lack of uniform quality in all supplements. The website does mention the supplement was third-party tested. If that is the case, how come some customers experienced the aforementioned side effects? 

Customer reviews like these suggest that the ingredients used are not clinically proven to be used in a mixture such as the VitaCup coffee pods and tea bags. The coffee supplements were reported to show jitteriness and anxiety even when they had less than 4 cups.

Skinny tea has been known to cause bloating and cramps in the first few days of intake. Thus, even if a few customers recommend it, they make sure to ask their friend to take a sample drink first.

VitaCup SideEffects

Pros And Cons Of VitaCup 

VitaCup reviews point out several positive and negative aspects of these supplements. These are mostly related to the lack of authorization and proper testing of the formulas.

The manufacturer has listed out pros on their website common to all the supplements. But, they are devoid of any evidence to support their claims.


  • Gluten-free and Soy-free
  • Vitamin-infused supplements


  • The ingredients listed on the website and the bottle are not clinically proven.
  • There are no warnings for side effects on the supplement considering it could cause them.
  • No results were published of the third-party testing stated on the website.
  • The mechanism of action of the supplement is left unexplained.
  • Subscriptions are automatically applied.

How Long Until VitaCup Delivers Results?

The manufacturer has not provided any clear information regarding when the results can be expected. The customers have not opened up about the same as well. This suggests that the supplements take a long time to show any results.

Also, these results could take different time indifferent people. It could also leave you with no apparent results as reported by some reviews. Altogether, the supplement seems to be unreliable for a steady boost in health. But, it might show some improvement with time and habit.

Is VitaCup Scam Legit? 

VitaCup supplements have been receiving both positive and negative responses online. There is a difference in opinion about its proficiency to better the user’s health. But, altogether, the supplement cannot be considered safe for regular use.

The side effects reported point to a possible dishonesty in the supplement’s profile. The promises made do not seem legitimate. It could cause opposite impacts to the user. The fast results promised could also indicate the presence of added chemicals. Thus, VitaCup might not be as safe as marketed.

How And Where To Order VitaCup? 

The official website of VitaCup is disorganized and hard to locate online. After hours of searching, we got redirected to a poorly managed website with a platform last updated weeks ago. It is best to not buy it from such a website. You could try other supplements that have been well-received by users.

Omyum is an alternative that is advised by both the customers and experts alike. It is based on a Costa Rican recipe that helps to manage your weight. It is recommended because of its efficiency in treating accumulated fat. The plus point is that you could just mix it in water or any other beverage of your wish and have it.

To buy Omyum, you have to visit its official website. When you scroll down till the end, you will find three packs that suffice monthly requirements. These Omyum packs are given below:

  • $59.99 for one pouch
  • $49.99 per pouch for a 3-month pack
  • $29.99 per pouch for a 6-month pack

Click the “Add to Cart” option. You will get redirected to the secure checkout page. Fill in your details and pay securely. The delivery of the package should be complete within ten days.

These offers come with a full refund policy. If you are unsatisfied with the supplement, you could return it within 180 days of purchase to avail of the money-back guarantee. The manufacturer assures this for all purchases made through the official website.

VitaCup Customer Reviews And Complaints

As we have noted earlier, the VitaCup customer reviews are dismissive of the supplements. The users have mentioned how the Slim coffee pods caused digestive distress in the first few days of the usage.

This process persists for many supplements as the base blend is the same in all the formulas. The base blend of Vitamin B might be effective in theory. But, in use, the customers had to wait months to see results. 

Even though the website mentions that the supplement will boost metabolism, many users did not see such a rise. They have expressed about the fatigue experienced at the end of the day after using the coffee pods. They developed a habit of having it. Without having the coffee, they started to have headaches and jitteriness.

This suggests that the supplements have chemicals. Comparatively, supplements like Omyum are efficient and do not have any side effects. The reason for such a clean execution of promised benefits is the scientifically backed mechanism.

How Does VitaCup Compare With Other Supplements? 

VitaCup is not a good choice for anyone looking to enhance their health. It might be flavourful and overhyped. But, you will be paying for beverages in better packaging.

Some other supplements serve the same purpose but deliver it cost-effectively. Omyum, for instance, is the latest supplement that has got top ratings in this short time.

It helps to boost the metabolic rate through research-backed mechanisms. It is recommended for new mothers and women in their 30s and above.

This supplement is an FDA-approved, plant-based formula made from high-quality ingredients. Most importantly, t have received no reports of side effects yet. It repairs the “broken fat” and helps you to stay healthy.

VitaCup Comparison

Supplement FormPowderPowder
PurposeWeight LossWeight Loss
Money back guarantee180 daysNot Mentioned
Price$59.99Not Mentioned
AvailabilityOnly on the official websiteNo Authentic Website
IngredientsQuality IngredientsNot Pure Ingredients

VitaCup Reviews – Final Verdict

VitaCup is a set of health drinks that promises a healthy metabolism and weight loss. It has a variety of options that focus on specific health aims. The ingredient lists are different for each but the basic list contains a signature Vitamin B bled.

The website and the bottle claim efficient weight management. But, the customers have not been happy with the results. There are multiple reports of side effects such as digestive distress and skin problems. Certain products also cause jittering and anxiety.

The supplement has also tended to become a habit forcing the customer to buy it regularly. It is better to buy supplements such as Omyum which has a clinically proven formula and comprehensible mechanism. To shorten the VitaCup review, VitaCup is not worth the money. Try Omyum for better results. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many pods or bags are there in one standard VitaCup Popular pack?

There will be no more than 32 pods or bags in a VitaCup Popular pack. These are enough for 3 months if used accordingly.

2. Can I buy VitaCup online?

Yes, VitaCup is available online on its official website. Although, this website is not organized and updated regularly. 

3. How many calories are there in one VitaCup coffee pod?

The official website hasn’t given clear information on the calorie content. Omyum, on the other hand, only has 10 calories per pouch.

4. How many VitaCup coffee pods can I have in one day?

The manufacturer recommends that you should not have more than 4 coffees per day. The count of 4 is the maximum amount. It would be best if you could reduce it.

5. How much caffeine does one Vitacup Slim Coffee serving contain?

One serving of VitaCup Slim Coffee contains 110mg. It is not an unhealthy amount. But, for daily consumption, it is not advised.

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