Performance CBD Gummies Reviews: (Scam) Shocking Truth Revealed!


Performance CBD Gummies have been claimed as a supplement that helps to relieve nerve pain and offers great health benefits to its users. The manufacturers also assert that their product can be of aid in fighting depression and reducing stress.

Unfortunately, there is a total absence of scientific evidence and clinical studies to support these claims.

It is where the directives from prominent health bodies like the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and others gain relevance. Read this Performance CBD Gummies review to know more.

Performance CBD Gummies Reviews: Is This Supplement Legitimate?

We cannot blindly oblige to the false claims made by the makers of Performance CBD Gummies as anybody can see through their intentions. It seems to be nothing else than making a profit. How did we come to this conclusion? Well, seemingly there is more than one factor to substantiate it.

Performance CBD Gummies do not have a valid official website, no clarity on the set of ingredients that have been used, and above all the worst customer ratings.

We cannot ignore the inherent fears expressed by the customers who have undergone side effects after using the product. Well, it is a blot for other genuine CBD supplements like Pure CBD Gummies that have a huge fan following due to the supplement’s high efficacy rates. 

In this Performance CBD Gummies, we do not aim to hide anything from the readers and will make every effort to paint the true image of the supplement. We believe that it is quite necessary to help customers choose the right supplements for relief and stay away from fraudulent ones.

You will know more about its hidden facets in the upcoming sections. So keep on reading this Performance CBD Gummies review to know more.

Performance CBD Gummies Review

What Are Performance CBD Gummies?

Performance CBD Gummies are said to improve the cognitive performance of the human body and relieve tormenting pain.

Besides, the makers have also assured that it can very well alleviate anxiety and stress, and offer relaxation from certain psychological problems. Well, there have been no pieces of evidence provided to substantiate any of this claim.

Hence questions have been raised from all quarters about its credibility. The product does not have a valid official website and the ingredients used in the formulation are unknown.

The only advantage it seems is the easy-to-use gummy form in which it is available. However, in the light of too many negative customer reviews it doesn’t seem to be an advantage anymore.

Ingredients Used To Formulate Performance CBD Gummies Supplement

As we have already mentioned, there seems to be no clarification made on the ingredients that are used to prepare Performance CBD Gummies. However, we will mention the ingredients list that has been advertised on some third-party websites. The contents are given without accurate details about the dosage. 

Performance CBD Gummies Ingredients

  • Hemp extracts
  • Pure Cannabinoid 
  • Natural flavored substances
  • Organic sweeteners
  • Vegan-friendly ingredients

The above list does not instill much confidence as we can see there is no accurate information about the ingredients.

The manufacturers try to woo the customers by making general references as it consists of pure cannabinoid and vegan-friendly ingredients. It makes no sense on the part of the makers to give such dubious references without providing clear details.

Another problem is that there is mention of naturally flavored substances and does not provide indications on how it has been formulated. Hence, we need to suspect that genetically modified substances have been used in the composition. The makers also mention that organic sweeteners have been used in the formulation.

Again, no accurate information has been provided and by all indications, it should be artificially derived substances that increase the risk of blood sugar levels getting negatively impacted. All in all, we feel the ingredient list is a very well-crafted facade to just give a wrong sense of assurance to the consumers.

How Effectively Do Performance CBD Gummies Supplements Work?

We are deliberately denied access to Performance CBD Gummy’s functioning. Yet the manufacturers make tall claims without providing any evidence to substantiate their theory. Experienced users have narrated the horrific experiences they had using the product on social media platforms.

Well, we cannot blame them as the makers of this unevaluated formula have been successful in promoting a false image of their product in people’s minds.

They have hired services from marketing firms and have resorted to a paid campaign to boost the prospects of the product. It has been propagated that this gummy supplement is made using natural ingredients that help to overcome depression and stress.

Apart from this, it has been projected as a stress buster and natural painkiller. Without accurate information on the compilation, we are left guessing about the ingredients used to formulate this product.

The maker’s attempts to be anonymous do seem to escape from the accountability. If you are looking for genuine relief, Pure CBD Gummies can become a way better alternative based on evidence and customer responses.

Performance CBD Gummies Benefits Claimed

It seems it has been a very easy affair for the makers of Performance CBD Gummies to claim health benefits. They have not substantiated their claims with a single piece of evidence.

The primary claim that has been put forth by the makers seems to be that the formula is capable of reducing excruciating nerve pain. However, they have not provided any shred of evidence to support their assertion.

Hence, we are unable to agree with this claim in any manner. Additional claims such as reducing stress, lowering depression, relieving migraines, etc have been made without proper scientific backing.

The interesting thing to note here is that there has been no clarity on the ingredients used to compile the supplement.

The most ironic claim that the makers seem to make is that their product could even cure Alzheimer’s disease and retain full memory in patients. As we can see, these assurances are highly illogical and amount to sheer absurdity.

Performance CBD Gummies Side Effects

The customers who have used Performance CBD Gummies have suffered mild to serious side effects. For some of them, the side effects came in the form of terrible headaches while others had horrible experiences of seizure.

Fortunately, for the majority of the users, it did not invoke severe side effects and hence could save them from getting hospitalized. However, it raises some serious questions about the supplement’s credibility.

Well, we firmly believe that the customers should act smartly here and should always verify the authenticity of the product before they use it and should not fall for it by just going through the claims. That is why we will suggest users have a better alternative in the form of Pure CBD Gummies.

This supplement does everything that has been promised by Performance CBD Gummies and does not cause any sort of side effects. You can get more information on Pure CBD Gummies by visiting its official website. 

Pros And Cons Of Performance CBD Gummies

Performance CBD Gummies do not have many pros and have enough and more cons to attribute. In this section, we will not be able to deal with all those due to space limitations. However, we will highlight the major ones to have a better idea of their true merits. In this section of the Performance CBD Gummies review, we will highlight only the major ones and you can refer to them below.


  • Made by nutrient-rich plant extracts and probiotics.
  • Completely vegan and organic.
  • Easy to consume tablets.
  • Made in the United States.
  • Created using industry standards.
  • No side effects.
  • Money-back guarantee of 60 days.


  • Bonus and discounts might be limited.
  • Only available through the official website.

How Soon Can You Expect Results From Performance CBD Gummies?

In the case of Performance CBD Gummies, we cannot quite predict what kind of results it may offer though all prior experiences point out that it would be far from satisfactory. Surprisingly, some users have reported minor benefits however they are not very confident about the sustainability of the results.

There have been reports that some consumers had to face severe side effects using the supplement and had been not as lucky as the other users.

Is Performance CBD Gummies A Legitimate Supplement?

Performance CBD Gummies seems to be far from legit as it falls short in every parameter that is set to qualify an authentic supplement.

It does not have an official website and the makers seem to hide from public view in an attempt to get away from accountability.

Secondly, the ingredients used in the supplement are to a large extent anonymous and do not amount to be legitimate as the dosage is not mentioned accurately.

There is enough evidence to conclude that chemical stimulants and GMOs have been used in the composition of the supplement.

No surprise that Performance CBD Gummies currently has perhaps the worst-ever customer ratings and approvals. It is also worth noting that scores of users have complained of severe side effects from the supplement.

How And Where To Order Performance CBD Gummies?

Unfortunately, the makers of Performance CBD Gummies have not set up an official website and for that matter, we do not have a purchase link. Some users have reported that it is available on some third-party websites however the authenticity of the product could not be verified.

We had an attempt to verify the online purchasing options however it led us to websites seemingly with no data protection. It violates the rights of consumers and should not be preferred for the simple reason that you will expose your credentials at major risk. 

Performance CBD Gummies Customer Reviews And Complaints

Performance CBD Gummies is reported to have many negative reviews in a very short time. Many customers became prey for it believing that it would help them relieve from the tormenting pain they suffer.

It is unfortunate that on the contrary the supplement evoked other problems and they have to take medical aid to relieve those.

A retired school teacher from New Hampshire has been taking Performance CBD gummies for the past few weeks.

He reported he suffered seizures due to its use and had it known after consulting a medical professional. An artist living in Florida used it for one week and found herself in hospital due to nerve-wracking headaches. 

Well, we cannot blindly blame the customers for using the supplement without a second thought. A majority of fraudulent supplements like these get well publicized in the media and unsuspecting consumers get easily attracted to them.

That is why we feel duty-bound to mention Pure CBD Gummies which have been around us for a couple of years and have never drawn any negative criticism.

This supplement has been approved by the agencies and has received very good customer ratings. We firmly believe that it could be a much better alternative to Performance CBD Gummies, given its all-around acceptance due to its effectiveness in alleviating chronic pain and reducing anxiety, and depression.

Performance CBD Gummies Compared With Other Supplements

This section is meant for a comparative analysis between Performance CBD Gummies and a better alternative supplement. We will take five major parameters for comparison purposes. Please refer to the table below for more information.

Performance CBD Gummies

Pure CBD GummiesPerformance CBD Gummies
Dietary FormatGummyGummy
Pricing$69.95 / per bottleNot Available
Discounts YesNo
Money-Back Guarantee60 DaysNo
Customer Ratings4.52.2
Made in FDA Approved and GMP Certified FacilitiesYesNo
Pure CBD Gummies Supplement

Performance CBD Gummies Reviews – Final Verdict

Performance CBD Gummies have been released into the markets promising relief from chronic nerve pain and anxiety.

Unfortunately, the makers have not submitted any scientific evidence or clinical studies supporting their claims. Moreover, the supplement does not have an official website and the ingredient list seems to be cooked up.

The supplement label does not have any valid details of any ingredients and has no dosage information. We have to rightly suspect the use of chemical ingredients and GMOs in its composition.

The supplement has the worst customer ratings and users have reported that it has induced severe side effects.

During our investigation, we have found a better alternative for Performance CBD Gummies. This supplement provides fast relief from excruciating pain and offers fast relief from stress and depression.

It goes by the name, Pure CBD Gummies. It is compiled using pure natural ingredients and is made in FDA-approved and GMP-certified facilities in the US.

As per this Performance CBD Gummies review, the formula is not only offered at budget-friendly prices but also includes a 100% money-back guarantee that spans a full 60 days.

More importantly, there have been no reports of any side effects for Pure CBD Gummies from anywhere to date.

Based on our expertise and overwhelming evidence, we caution against the use of Performance CBD Gummies and believe Pure CBD Gummies to be a far better choice.  

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use Performance CBD Gummies if I have heart ailments?

Performance CBD Gummies do not seem to be based on a natural formula and might contain chemical stimulants. Hence, it can bring serious ramifications to your health especially if you are a heart patient.

2. Where are the ingredients used in Performance CBD Gummies procured from?

Performance CBD Gummies do not have a valid ingredient list and the makers have been very careful not to disclose the actual contents used inside the composition. Unfortunately, we do not have the details of the exact location from where the ingredients are sourced.

3. How long will it take for Performance CBD Gummies to reach overseas customers?

Performance CBD Gummies neither have an official website nor a purchasing link to buy the product. Some users have encountered very bad experiences trying to buy the supplement from third-party websites. Hence, overseas customers will never be able to acquire it. 

4. What if Performance CBD Gummies failed to provide satisfactory results?

Unfortunately, Performance CBD Gummies do not have any money-back guarantee offer. Hence, even if the supplement does not provide satisfactory results customers will not be able to get a refund.

5. Is there any better alternative for Performance CBD Gummies?

By all means, Pure CBD Gummies seems to be a better alternative for Performance CBD Gummies.

Dr. Jun Ren is a dedicated and experienced registered dietitian and nutritionist who is committed to helping people achieve their health goals through personalized nutrition plans. With a passion for promoting healthy eating habits and preventing chronic diseases, Dr. Ren has been able to assist numerous clients in improving their overall quality of life.

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