Miracle Lash Reviews – How It Nourishes And Enhances Eyelashes?


Miracle Lash is a 2023 serum made up of four 100% natural ingredients that blend uniformly to stimulate hair follicle growth resulting in fuller, thicker, and longer eyelashes.

Miracle Lash eyelash serum is claimed to be lab-tested for quality assurance and made in modern equipment with facilities certified by GMP. The Miracle Lash formula is found to be applied at night before bedtime as if is believed to function optimally overnight. Read this Miracle Lash review to know more about it.

Miracle Lash Reviews – Is 5th & Glow Eyelash Growth Serum Worth Buying?

Research has shown a hazardous hormone to be found in many popular eyelash products on the market today and it is claimed to damage the health of eyelashes. Unfortunately, this hazardous hormone, known as Hypotrichosis is a key ingredient in many common eyelash products.

Looking at this serum alone makes it look genuine. However, to ensure its authenticity, a comprehensive review of it will need to be taken. Read along for more details about the eyelash care reagent. 

Miracle Lash Review

Product NameMiracle Lash
Health ConcernEyelash growth serum
Miracle Lash Ingredients▪️Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17
▪️Grape Stem Cells
▪️Vitamin B5
DosageAt night, after carrying out your facial cleanups, apply the eyelash growth serum on the upper and lower lines of your lashlines in the same manner in which you apply Mascara
Benefits▪️Hair Follicle Growth
▪️Fuller and Thicker Eyelashes 
▪️Restored Attraction 
Side EffectsNot Reported
Money Back Guarantee365 Days
Bonuses▪️Bonus #1: How To Buy Mascara That Won’t Damage Your Lashes (Valued at $29)
▪️Bonus#2: DIY EYE MAKEUP Removers That Are Good For Your Eyelashes (valued at $29)
▪️Bonus#3: 7 Natural Ingredients For Thicker Eyebrows (valued at $49)
Price$79 for one bottle
AvailabilityOnly on the official website
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is Miracle Lash?

Miracle Lash seems to be the rage on the market today as the Miracle Lash formula seems to outclass its rivals regarding quality assurance and functions.

Miracle Lash serum is made with ingredients that are rich in nutrients, and anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties required to stimulate hair follicle growth necessary for ultimate eyelash growth.

Miracle Lash eyelash growth formula is designed using certified facilities and in conditions that are sterile and strict, making it safe for use without showing side effects. 

The Miracle Lash eyelash care solution is packaged in a test tube and is meant to be applied at night the same way eyeliners are used. Miracle Lash results tend to show the first week of application. It is backed with a money-back guarantee and supported by a multitude of customer reviews.

Miracle Lash ingredients and their uses

There are many Miracle Lash reviews available, but none of them give a detailed explanation of each ingredient. So go through this Miracle Lash ingredients section and make sure that you are not allergic to any of them.

Miracle Lash ingredients

  • Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17

A clinical study involving 30 women measured after 30, 60, and 90-day intervals showed that many of the women saw improvements in eyelash thickness and length within 30 days. At the end of 90 days, significant results were seen in eyelash strength, lustre, thickness, and curl. It goes to show that Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17 helps in the stimulation of protein keratin, the number 1 building block for naturally healthy lush hair. 

  • Grape Stem Cells

Recent study has shown grape stem cells to be rich in antioxidants which help to make them fit to fight oxidative stress. Other research suggests that the antioxidants found in grape stem cells could be 50 times more powerful than vitamin C and 20 times more powerful than vitamin E. The antioxidants offer protection to the skin against free radical damage. Binding with collagen and protein, they help in new eyelash growth. 

  • Vitamin B5

It is responsible for healthy skin and hair. Research from the National Center for Biotechnology Information has proven vitamin B5 to be a key protectant with essential anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps in skin and hair hydration.

  • Glycerin

Glycerin is a humectant. Humectant is a moisturizing agent that can attract and transfer moisture from the environment to the skin cells where it is most needed. 

How does Miracle Lash work?

Eyelash hair follicles can decay or get clogged if not taken care of. This Miracle Lash eyelash growth serum seems to trace the root cause of thinning in eyelashes.

Miracle Lash working

It has been found that sparse eyelashes are caused by damaged hair follicles. Upon application of the Miracle Lash formula, the four dominant natural ingredients that make it up harness the ingredients to repair the damaged hair follicle. The Miracle Lash result is the growth of long, thick, and full eyelashes.

After a few days of use, you may begin to see positive results in your lashes. To have optimal growth yield, you need to keep the product used for 6 months at least.

Potential benefits of taking Miracle Lash Mascara Serum

Here are some of the benefits you get after applying this Miracle Lash eyelash-enhancing serum.

  • Hair Follicle Growth:- The Miracle Lash ingredients are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants which seem to stimulate hair follicle repair and growth resulting in natural eyelash production. 
  • Fuller and Thicker Eyelashes:- A case study revealed that the first week of using this Miracle Lash density serum showed the growth of eyelashes in areas that were 9nce balded. 
  • High-Self Esteem:-As you see your eyelashes in the mirror restored to a full and dense state, your confidence boosts, and your self-esteem skyrockets. You may now be able to walk with your shoulder raised knowing that your face is beautiful.
  • Restored Attraction:- You might just be shocked at how attractive you would look again after a long time of suffering eyelash baldness. You could even appear to a lot of people as attractive and admirable. 
  • Rekindled Love:-What breaks marriages or relationships are usually not big issues but seemingly small issues like bald eyelashes. Such tends to turn men off. But with this eye beauty enhancement, your love life could again be restored. 
  • Beauty:-Every woman loves to be beautiful. That’s why Miracle Lash seems to have been tailor-made to your beauty, especially your facial looks.

Overall Satisfaction 

The nutrients and minerals present in this Miracle Lash eyelash care formula work in synergy to nurture your eye by causing the growth of hair follicles responsible for eyelash hair growth. With your hair in full-fledged growth, your satisfaction is achieved and you have nothing to worry about anymore. 

Pros and cons of Miracle Lash eyelash-enhancing serum

Getting to know the positive and negative effects of this Miracle Lash serum could help inform your decision about adding some packages to your cart. Here are what you may know:


  • The eyecare remedy is safe for use. 
  • It is not difficult to apply.
  • It has no side effects being made under sterile conditions.
  • ML is made with GMP-certified facilities. 
  • It is lab-tested for quality assurance and purity. 
  • It is inexpensive to add to a cart. 


  • It is only available for sale on the official website. 
  • Results could take as long as 90 days to show optimally. 

How to use the Miracle Lash formula? Applying Procedure

At night, after carrying out your facial cleanups, apply the Miracle Lash eyelash growth serum on the upper and lower lines of your lashlines in the same manner in which you apply mascara.

Miracle Lash dosage

The eyelash filler contained in a test tube is applied on the lash line through the test tube nib. If consistently used for about 90 days, you will enjoy all the health benefits that come with using the product including that of moist, thick, and full eyelashes.

Use Miracle Lash growth serum at night as the serum works overnight in enhancing hair follicle repair. 

Are there any Miracle Lash serum side effects reported? 

There are no reported Miracle Lash side effects from using the eyelash growth support. Being that the Miracle Lash ingredients used are purely natural, and lab-tested for purity and quality assurance.

It’s manufactured using modern equipment with GMP-certified facilities. One of the ingredients used in the manufacturing process is grape stem cells which tend to harbour a host of antioxidants responsible for immune system build up and overall health of your eyelashes.

The Miracle Lash serum tends to stand out among its rivals because of its ability to hydrate and nourish eyelashes without showing negative reactions. It’s safe for use.

How long does it take Miracle Lash eyelash serum to show the result?

The Miracle Lash result duration seems to depend on individual differences in terms of hair follicle growing speed.

To some people, results could start showing from the first week of application. While to others, it could take as long as 3-6 months for obvious results to manifest.

Miracle Lash before and after

Either way, be disciplined with the application of the Miracle Lash formula every night on your upper and lower brows to ensure positive results. Optimal results are likely to be seen after 90 days of use. Through these Miracle Lash reviews, we suggest you that do not use it rather than the recommended one.

Miracle Lash customer reviews – What are they saying?

While scrolling the internet, we can see a lot of Miracle Lash customer reviews. Thousands of customers expressed how the Miracle Lash eyelash nourisher helped nourish their hair follicle growth and can now boast of thicker eyelashes.

So many of them expressed their happiness in buying the Miracle Lash serum because it works well for them. Most of the Miracle Lash reviews seem positive.

Miracle Lash customer reviews

Where can I buy Miracle Lash serum at the best price?

Miracle Lash eye growth serum is only available on this official website and is not available for sale on e-commerce stores or retail stores like Amazon and Walmart.

Keep in mind that internet fraudsters lurk online for impressionable souls to prey on. They pretend to be selling Miracle Lash serum on what looks like the official website but are in actuality, far from the originality of this product.

This Miracle Lash eyelash growth serum is sold at discounted rates especially if you buy more than one. Besides, each sale attracts bonuses. Here are the discounted price tags available for your choice of ML. 

  • 1 Bottle Starter :-1 Bottle (30-day application) + Free Shipping + 3 Free Bonuses = ($79 for each bottle)
  • 6 Bottles Best Bundle:-6 Bottles (90-Day application) + Free Shipping + 3 Free Bonuses = ( $39 each)
  • 3 Bottles Value Bundle :-3 Bottles (60-Day application) + Free Shipping + 3 Free Bonuses = ($59 each)

Do they provide any refund policy?

After using this Miracle Lash natural lash growth serum for days and you feel the result is below your expectation, kindly call the customer care support team at 1-800-280-8411 for a full refund of your initial deposit. Other 5th & Glow Miracle Lash reviews also stated that the official website provides money money-back policy.

A 100% money-back guarantee seems to get you covered. The money-back guarantee is for 365 days.

You can place your order safely and knowing that absolutely nothing can go wrong. Give Miracle Lash a try and see the difference it would bring to your life.

Miracle Lash bonuses 

Here are the details of Miracle Lash bonuses you get after purchasing it.

Miracle Lash bonuses

  • Bonus #1: How To Buy Mascara That Won’t Damage Your Lashes (Valued at $29)

This guide contains the 13 dangerous mascara chemicals to avoid and the simple 4-step VARN for eyelash protection. Plus 12 clean mascaras you can buy today that won’t damage your skin.

  • Bonus#2: DIY EYE MAKEUP Removers That Are Good For Your Eyelashes (valued at $29)

In this guide, you will find 6 do-it-yourself make-up remover recipes that are safe, easy, and cheap to afford 

  • Bonus#3: 7 Natural Ingredients For Thicker Eyebrows (valued at $49)

In this guide, you will find 7 natural remedies for thicker eyelashes, and why you should avoid threading and tweezing for beautiful brows. 

Miracle Lash Reviews – Final Verdict

While taking the information we get through the Miracle Lash review, it seems that buying is worth for money. This is because the four Miracle Lash ingredients that make up the formula are 100% natural and are made under strict and sterile conditions using a facility with FDA approval and GMP certification.

Many Miracle Lash customer reviews on the internet indicate the formula’s effectiveness due to how fast their eyelashes transitioned from baldness to fullness. Besides, the Miracle Lash formula is backed with a one-year 100% money-back guarantee. It’s safe. You may have to try using this product.

Miracle Lash Reviews
– Overall Eye Growth Supplement Score

Miracle Lash serum is a natural product that is easy to use and makes eyebrows grow faster and get thicker and stronger.

Dr.Jun Ren

Miracle Lash
Eyebrow growth
Result expected
Nutrition quality

Overall Score

The manufacturer guarantees that the serum works for everyone, though it may take a bit longer for some people’s skin to adjust to the serum.


Miracle Lash Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the ingredients in Miracle Lash eyelash care solution?

Miracle Lash serum is rich in a peptide called Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17 responsible for increased eyelash thickness. Other manufacturing components found in the product are Grape Stem cells, vitamin B5, and Glycerine all of which culminate in the business of eyelash. 

2. What makes this product different from other eyelash products?

Miracle Lash ™ tends to get to the root cause of thinning eyelashes known as follicle decay. By helping to grow your eyelash follicles, protecting them from harmful oxidation, and supporting a naturally hydrating and moisturizing thriving environment for them, the trend is reversed. 

3. How do I use this Miracle Lash lash thickness and density serum?

After finishing your nightly cleaning regime, apply Miracle Lash serum along your lash lines, both the upper and lower parts. Do it the same way you would your eyeliner. The eyelash nourishment and protection take effect overnight, promoting new growth. 

4. How long will it be available for?

The eyelash nourisher could be taken down by the Big Beauty industry. That’s why I can’t place exactly how long it will be on the market. If you could get yours early, it would be great. 

5. What is the Miracle Lash result duration?

Your hair follicle could differ from another person’s follicle. That’s why it takes different times for different people to get results. For some, it could take a few weeks, for others, it may take up to 60 days. 



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