Hydroxycut Reviews: [SCAM] Fake Claims Are Exposed! Don’t Buy This!


The demand for weight loss supplements has been increasing in recent years and this has led to the rise of over a hundred thousand weight loss supplements. Hydroxycut is such a weight loss supplement that caught my attention recently. It is being made available on different platforms and markets and I have come across it quite a few times on these various platforms. This Hydroxycut review will analyze the genuinely of the supplement and give exact details.

Hydroxycut Reviews: Can This Formula Give Desired Result? Scam Exposed!

The supplement is being widely advertised and the claims that are made by the manufacturers are what lead me to write this Hydroxycut review.

Considering the current demand for weight loss supplements it is important to analyze each supplement in close detail to ensure that it is safe and efficient in doing what it claims to do. In this review, the different aspects of the supplement will be looked at in detail. 

Hydroxycut Review
Supplement NameHydroxycut
Claimed purposeWeight loss
Key ingredient usedThiamine
Vitamin B6
Vitamin B12
Side effectReported
AvailabilityNo authentic site

What is Hydroxycut?

Hydroxycut is a weight loss supplement. It is popular for its brand name but the claims made by the company do not seem to be realistic. The supplement does not have an official website and the ingredients list is not fully transparent.

It is not backed by scientific research and the ingredients are known to have many side effects. Some of its ingredients are present in very high levels which exceed the daily recommended dose for an adult.

The supplement is not FDA-approved and has even been warned against by the FDA for its potential side effects. 

Are the ingredients used in the Hydroxycut safe?

The ingredients used to formulate the Hydroxycut supplement will be discussed in this section. The ingredient list is not transparent and does not provide information about all the ingredients used in it. I have found some of the ingredients that are used in the formula and they are listed along with their properties below

  • Thiamine

Thiamine or vitamin B12 converts food into energy. It can improve the health of the body if used in the right amount. It is usually safe but Hydroxycut was found to have high amounts of vitamin B12 which can be harmful to the body. This can cause severe allergic reactions like itching of the skin, hives, and coughing for some people.

  • Riboflavin

Riboflavin has anti-inflammatory properties and can help in reducing oxidative stress. Even with these benefits, it has many side effects too. It can cause cracked lips, sore throat, swelling of the mouth, hair loss, skin rash, anemia, itchy red eyes, etc. 

  • Niacin

Niacin is a type of vitamin B that helps to keep your digestive system, nervous system, and skin healthy. It can improve blood fat levels and can be used in the treatment of diabetes. However taking too much niacin can cause diarrhea, headache, stomach discomfort, and bloating. It can also cause gastrointestinal problems and can increase the risk of developing diabetes.    

  • Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 can promote brain health and improve symptoms of depression. It has several other benefits but non of them have been linked to weight loss. High doses of vitamin B6 have been linked to damaged nerves, heartburn, nausea, numbness, and lack of muscle coordination. 

  • Vitamin B12

This vitamin can help in preventing anemia and can prevent symptoms of depression. It can benefit the body and give the body an energy boost. Vitamin B12 can cause severe side effects and is an ingredient that should be used with much caution. Too much vitamin B12 can cause itchiness, dizziness, diarrhea, skin rash, nausea, and sensation of swelling. In the worst cases, it can even cause blood clots and cancer.

  • L-theanine

L-theanine is known for its benefits in improving mental health, relieving stress disorders, and lowering blood pressure. This ingredient too has various side effects like irritation of the skin, nausea, and upset stomach. 

Does Hydroxycut supplement actually work?

The effectiveness of Hydroxycut seems to be supported by no scientific evidence. No claims have been made about the scientific evidence or clinical trials that it is backed by. This might indicate that it is not a formula that is based on science.

A formula that is effective will always mention the scientific evidence that it is based on or any supporting studies conducted by recognized organizations or institutions.

Hydroxycut does not have any of this information and goes on to give unreasonable claims of fast weight loss. This is shady and is not something a genuine supplement would do. Therefore the effectiveness of Hydroxucut is quite questionable.

What are the benefits of Hydroxycut that are claimed by the manufacturer?

The manufacturers claim that Hydroxycut brings many benefits to the body. These seem to be benefits that are expected from any weight loss supplement. The benefits that Hydroxycut claims to give are mentioned below

  • Effective fat burning
  • Keeps you feeling fuller
  • Reduces cravings
  • Gives the body a boost of energy
  • Improves brain function 

Possible Hydroxycut side effects

Considering the ingredients that are used in formulating the supplement and its amounts in it, the safety of Hydroxycut is quite questionable. Though the ingredients are safe the proportions used in formulating the supplement make it unsafe.

It has many side effects and taking high doses of it can cause conditions like nausea, irritation, skin rashes, upset stomach, etc. It can also react with other medications or chemicals in the body and can damage it. 

Hydroxycut Side Effects

Pros and cons of weight loss supplement

Listing out the pros and cons of any supplement is important in analyzing it as it will help in understanding which aspects outweighs the other. In the case of Hydroxycut, it seems to be the cons that outweigh the pros. The pros and cons of the supplement will be discussed in this section.


  • Limited to mild weight loss has been reported with the use of Hydroxycut
  • It is available on many online platforms and is easily available


  • Hydroxycut is not approved by the FDA
  • One variant of Hydroxycut has been banned by the FDA in 2004
  • It is not backed by scientific evidence
  • Most of the ingredients are present in high proportions
  • The supplement can bring many side effects
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How long does it take Hydroxycut to show the result?

The time taken for results to show has not been mentioned by the manufacturers. It might take months to show and in some cases, people have reported that there has not been any change at all.

The reviews that can be seen on the official page of Hydroxycut all mention that instant results were obtained from using the supplement. It is quite clear from this statement that these reviews are not written by real users. This itself shows that it is not a reliable supplement. 

Is Hydroxycut a scam or legit?

Hydroxycut is a supplement that is formulated with ingredients that are not backed by science. Weight loss supplements can affect the metabolism and other major functions of the body, therefore it is important that these supplements are supported by scientific claims.

It is not approved by the FDA and it was once banned by the FDA in 2004 due to the side effects that it can cause. It then came with a new formulation and later in 2009, the FDA issued a warning to consumers to not use the supplement as it has the potential to cause liver damage.

The claims of the manufacturers also look baseless. The customer reviews on the official page also look stimulated and are not real customer reviews. Taking these into consideration, the Hydroxycut weight loss supplement seems to be a scam. 

Does Hydroxycut have an authentic site?

Though our team tried to look for a genuine source to buy the supplement from, we could not find any trustable links through which it could be bought. The safety of the sources that the supplement is available is questionable and there is no way to make sure that it offers privacy and security.

It is available on many platforms but the reliability of none of these can be determined. To make sure that your transaction is safe and the supplement that you get your hands on is safe it seems safe to go for a supplement like Exipure which has an official website that uses leading technologies like SSL to ensure privacy and security. The website of Exipure is also easy to navigate.

Hydroxycut customer reviews and complaints

The online page of Hydroxycut supplement has many reviews that feel a little exaggerated. These reviews claim that instant changes could be noticed with it. No weight loss supplement can bring instant results and takes its own time to work on the body.

Real customer reviews can be seen on other websites where people have reported that they did not get any results from it. In fact, many reviews share their experiences where in we can see that the supplement caused many side effects.

From the Hydroxycut reviews, we can understand that people who actually lost a few pounds gained it back within a few days.

A proper analysis of the customer reviews will show us that Hydroxycut is not a supplement with high customer satisfaction. More than half of its users are unhappy with it. While buying a supplement, it is important to take a look at customer satisfaction.

In these terms, Hydroxycut does not seem like a supplement that can be relied on, unlike a supplement like Exipure which aims to serve the same purpose. Therefore when considering the customer reviews as the threshold for determining its effectiveness, Exipure seems to be the safer option. 

How does Hydroxycut compare with other Supplements?

Weight loss supplements are widely available in the market with thousands of supplements being introduced every day. With so many supplements available, anyone would be confused as to which supplement to choose or which one to rely on. Considering common consumer behaviour the manufacturers of Hydroxycut are making it available at cheap and attractive prices from $20 to $30.

In comparison with the other weight loss supplements like Exipure which is priced a little higher than Hydroxycut, more people tend to go for the latter due to the pricing. But the supplement is being made available at this price as the quality o the ingredients is being compromised.

It is not approved by the FDA and consumers were even warned against using it. Hydroxycut does not have a BBB rating whereas a genuine supplement like Exipure can be seen listed on it. The reviews of Hydroxycut also indicate that it has low customer satisfaction, unlike Exipure. Therefore Hydroxycut does not seem to be a good choice for weight loss. 

Exipure weight loss supplement

Final verdict on Hydroxycut Reviews

In this Hydroxycut review, after analyzing every aspect of the supplement in detail and comparing it with the other weight loss supplements in the market, Hydroxycut seems to be a supplement that is not worth the hype.

The quality of the ingredients is not up to the mark and it has also been warned against usage by the FDA. It does not have a BBB rating and the customer reviews of the supplement prove that it is not effective. Many side effects have been reported indicating that it might not be safe for use. 

For people looking for healthy weight loss, Exipure seems to be a safer option considering the high customer satisfaction and effective formula. The ingredients are of high quality and the price is reasonable considering the difficulty in getting the ingredients. Therefore it looks like Exipure would be a better choice than Hydroxycut.

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Frequently asked questions

1. Who is advised to not take Hydroxycut?

The manufacturers of Hydroxycut state that the supplement is not suitable for individuals under the age of 18. 

2. Can Hydroxycut cause damage to the kidneys?

There have been reports that taking Hydroxycut can harm the kidneys and can even cause kidney failure. 

3. Why was Hydroxycut banned?

The FDA banned Hydroxycut in 2004 and it was the first banning of a supplement by the FDA. It was banned because of 155 deaths due to ephedra. 

4. How is Hydroxycut still available, if it was banned in 2004?

After the supplement was banned in 2004, the company came up with a renewed formula in 2009.

5. Which supplement is better for weight loss, Hydroxycut or Exipure?

From the detailed analysis of Hydroxycut and comparing its different aspects with that of Exipure, it looks like Exipure is a better option when it comes to weight loss.  

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