Hair La Vie Reviews: [Scam] Does This Hair Care Formula Works?


Hair La Vie is a hair care vitamin supplement that claims to grow, strengthen and protect hair follicles from damage. But does Hair La Vie really work to promote hair growth? Is its formulation based on solid evidence? Moreover, is it safe and reliable? There seems to be something vague about the authenticity of the supplement. In this Hair La Vie review, we will answer all these queries and more. 

For your awareness, Hair La Vie is a hair care brand that sells various hair products including supplements and topical products like shampoo conditioners. Its products have been receiving huge hype in the market recently. Being a good critic of health supplements, I feel something is off with the genuinity of its formulas. But hundreds of positive feedback online made me confused. My instinct turned out right as it seems that online reviews praising Hair La Vie products are all sponsored and cooked-up ones. 

Hair La Vie Reviews: [Scam Alert] Read Before Buying

All hyped products need not be ineffective. But what made me suspicious about Hair La Vie are its questionable health claims that have not been proven by any medical research. I have not been able to identify much scientific evidence suggesting that the compounds used in these vitamin formulas enhance hair growth.

A few weeks back, I examined a similar hair product called Folifort which was garnering intense popularity. My research gained positive results which prove that the ingredients used in Folifort are scientifically backed and highly effective in stimulating hair health and volume.

My claims regarding the inefficiency of Hair La Vie are baseless in the absence of clear evidence. Hence, this review will evaluate every aspect of the Hair La Vie vitamin formula and let you decide on its worth. Let’s consider Folifort as the benchmark for verifying the legitimacy of Hair La Vie. Read further to know if the product’s rich claims are mere marketing strategies or have any truth in them.

Hair La Vie Review
Product NameHair La Vie
Hair La Vie IngredientsEvNolMax
Saw Palmetto
Side effectsReported
WebsiteNo Official Website

What is Hair La Vie?

According to the manufacturers, Hair La Vie is a vitamin formula that contains only natural ingredients and is designed to support natural hair growth, texture, and appearance. It claims to work at the root of hair follicles to reverse hair loss and damage.

The makers also state that it works as a revitalizing formula that repairs skin and gives it hydration and glow. The brand also sells topical formulas including masks, shampoos, and conditioners that are said to contain natural ingredients that nourish hair and are free of additives.

As per the makers, Hair La Vie is designed using natural ingredients containing rich nutrients that compensate for deficiencies in the hair and skin. But most health benefits mentioned seem to be exaggerated and not proven in any medical studies so far.

The products are sold at similar pricing to their counterparts available in the market, but a detailed assessment of their constituents has to be made. Let’s go through the ingredients used in the Hair La Vie formula and try verifying their contribution to hair nourishment.

Analyzing Hair La Vie Ingredients

Hair La Vie products use many ingredients that they claim to facilitate hair growth. However, the truth behind these claims is yet to be verified. Let’s examine some primary ingredients used in the Hair La Vie hair care formula. 

  • EvNolMax

EvNolMax is a palm fruit extract rich in tocotrienols, a type of vitamin E. Studies have shown possible benefits like capillary growth which increases hair growth. It has also been suggested to maintain the quality and shine of hair. But these are only unpredictable claims that are not yet scientifically proven. Although vitamin E is a common ingredient in many hair care products, its relevance in promoting hair growth is still questionable.

  • Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto is a familiar herbal extract in many supplements and traditional medicines. A study suggests that Saw Palmetto may increase hair count in men suffering from baldness. But there haven’t been many scientific studies that prove that Saw Palmetto can be used as a prominent ingredient in hair supplements.

  • Collagen:

Hydrolyzed collagen is a component used in numerous hair care products as it is claimed to help with hair growth. A clinical trial conducted in 2022 has shown that collagen can possibly strengthen hair and stimulate its growth. Being an in vitro test, the findings of this study cannot be considered as conclusive as those done with humans.

  • Zinc:

Zinc is known to slow down hair loss and is claimed to have several other health benefits on the body. But zinc alone cannot support hair growth in the absence of other potential ingredients. Although It is a common compound in many hair growth and multivitamin supplements, scientific studies are yet to prove the role of zinc in reversing hair loss. 

  • Biotin:

Biotin is a B vitamin and is commonly used in many hair supplements. Biotin consumption may help those who are deficient in the vitamin. But there is not much scientific evidence to prove that biotin generally helps with hair maintenance. 

Hair La Vie Ingredients

How does Hair La Vie work? 

Accessible information online states that Hair La Vie hair care pills topicals and supplements are designed to improve hair growth and reverse hair loss by working from the inside out. It claims to achieve this by supplying hair with essential nutrients to improve quality and strength. But the reliability of these claims is still under question.

The formulation does not reveal enough information to prove that a user will obtain these results through regular consumption. While the labeled ingredients do not have enough medical evidence to impart benefits for hair health, the remaining ingredients are hidden under the name of a proprietary blend. With ambiguous details about content, we cannot be sure if it contains harmful chemicals added to mask results. Hence, the working of Hair La Vie capsules is uncertain and is likely to be unsafe and cause side effects. 

Benefits Of Hair La Vie

The company claims its products impart several benefits to the hair. However, these are not backed by any independent studies or evidence for verification. Even the customer reviews online impart a suspicious shade. The benefits claimed by the manufacturers of Hair La Vie pills are listed here. 

  • May improve hair and skin health
  • May curb hair loss
  • Supports healthy texture and appearance of hair
  • The skin may become smooth and hydrated

Expected Side Effects Of Hair La Vie

There is not enough scientific evidence available to guarantee that Hair La Vie capsules products are completely safe. Side effects can be expected if you are allergic to any of the ingredients in Hair La Vie products.

Hair La Vie hair growth supplements contain high amounts of copper. Copper, when consumed more than the recommended daily dose can lead to toxicity with symptoms like nausea, vomiting, muscle aches, and abdominal cramps. 

It also contains high amounts of zinc which can cause gastrointestinal effects such as indigestion, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, and more. Iron is an essential component for the development of healthy blood cells. But the iron concentration in this formula exceeds the limit and can possibly lead to fluid buildup in the lungs and liver damage.

The presence of other ingredients like selenium, horsetail extract, and bamboo stem is also not beneficial for everyone, as it can cause adverse effects like osteoporosis in some people including older women and pregnant ladies. 

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Hair La Vie Capsules

Pros and Cons Of Hair La Vie

Analyzing the pros and Cons is essential before purchasing any product. During my research, I came across some positive and negative sides of Hair La Vie products that do not seem satisfactory. 


  • Contain some natural ingredients possibly beneficial for hair but with no strong scientific evidence.
  • Reasonable price


  • Absence of an official website
  • No refund policy
  • Lack of solid evidence to prove the manufacturer’s claims
  • Suspicious customer feedbacks
  • The formulation is not potent enough to support hair health
  • Absence of key ingredients in hair care products
  • Uncomfortable scent
  • Possibility of side effects
  • May not be quickly effective as claimed

When will the Hair La Vie Results appear? 

According to the makers of Hair La Vie products, their vitamin formulas can enhance hair growth, texture, and volume within a short period of time. They claim that customers have felt considerable improvement in hair quality within a few weeks of regular consumption.

The minimum recommended period for claimed results to appear is 3 months. There are not many sources to gather detailed information regarding the product as it does not maintain an official website or a support team to raise queries. 

Is Hair La Vie Scam Or Legit? 

There are various principles that determine the authenticity of a health product including manufacturer, quality of ingredients, formulation, customer reviews, pricing, benefits, side effects, and more.

As per the information, Hair La Vie does not own an official website, which eliminates all possibilities of verifying the credibility of its products. The only source of reliable information is customer reviews, which seem unauthentic and sponsored.

Online reviews of Hair La Vie products do not mention details of the manufacturer, or any solid evidence to prove the benefits they claim to have experienced. In the absence of any risk-free refund policies or genuine customer reviews, we cannot confirm the genuinity of any Hair La Vie products. Considering all these uncertainties, the legitimacy of Hair La Vie formulas is indeed questionable.

How and where to order Hair La Vie? 

Since Hair La Vie products do not have an official website to purchase from, the anonymous manufacturer might be selling the hair products through third-party websites like Amazon or retail stores.

In the absence of official support to rely on, the authenticity of products purchased from these platforms is insecure. Moreover, there is no money-back guarantee to ensure a risk-free purchase. 

Hair La Vie Customer Reviews

The reviews found online raise mixed claims. Some reviews claim that the products did not produce any results and are not worth the hype. Some users also complain of side effects that worsened their problems and advise others against purchasing any of the products.

A few Hair La Vie customers also credited the advancement in their hair growth and quality. However, the sources of these reviews have not been verified. Hence, they cannot be relied on, to ensure quality and efficiency.

There are several motives behind hair loss like age, stress, hormonal variations, deficiencies, and so on. An optimal hair supplement must be able to address these issues through its formulation.

Although Hair La Vie formulas claim to combat common hair issues and provide strong and healthy hair strands, they do not contain enough fundamental ingredients that target the key pretexts of compromised hair health.

When we consider all this evident information, It is better to rely on genuine alternative hair supplements like Folifort, which has authentic grounds and clear scientific evidence behind ingredients and working mechanisms. 

How Does Hair La Vie Compare With Folifort?

Hair La Vie Comparison

Supplement Hair La VieFolifort 
Supplement formCapsulated form Capsulated form 
Net quantity 60 capsules 30 capsules 
Ingredients EvNolMax
● Saw Palmetto
● Collagen
● Zinc
● Biotin
●   Fo-Ti
●   Biotin
●   Zinc
●   Vitamin B5
●   Horse Tail Extract
●   Nettle Root
●   Saw Palmetto
Longevity of Results1 year and more Less than a year 
Price (Starting)$35 per bottle $69 per bottle 
Bonuses No BonusNo bonus 
Refunds90 days 60 days 

In the previous sections of the Hair La Vie review, we discussed details proving the unauthenticity of Hair La Vie products. The only reliable source of information is the reviews posted online, the traces of which are disputable.

In addition to the absence of any official grounds, the information obtained regarding formulation also does not seem favorable. To confirm the fickleness of Hair La Vie Products, Let’s do a quality comparison with Folifort, another popular hair supplement in the market.

To begin with, Folifort is an authentic hair supplement with a solid official website that clearly mentions details about manufacturers and quality standards. It is formulated in an FDA-approved facility in the USA and is certified with GMP. As opposed to Hair La Vie, Folifort contains several key compounds that have been medically proven to enhance hair strength.

Folifort benefits

All ingredients are clearly labeled and not hidden under a proprietary blend. The supplement is designed based on clear scientific evidence and has been proven beneficial by thousands of verified customers.

Although the pricing is slightly higher than Folifort, every purchase is backed by an iron-clad money-back guarantee of 60 days, whereas Hair La Vie provides a risky purchase with no verified results.  

Folifort has a higher customer rating and positive reviews as compared to Hair La Vie, whose feedback sources do not seem genuine.

Each and every aspect of Hair La Vie analyzed here suggests abstaining from purchase. To be on the safer side, it is better to opt for an authentic hair product like Folifort which ensures results and a risk-free purchase. 

Hair La Vie Reviews- Final verdict

In accordance with the deep analysis conducted on Hair La Vie products, it has to be concluded that the company is not a legitimate one to purchase from. Hair La Vie products seem to be a complete waste of money and have no truth behind their hype and popularity.

The only confusing information is those provided in online Hair La Vie reviews, which claim that the product has supported hair growth immensely. But a deep inquiry revealed that the genuineness of these reviews is questionable.

The hidden manufacturer has raised numerous claims regarding the benefits of the product, but none of these seem to have any solid evidence to back their false statements.

Moreover, who can depend on a product that has no official records or policies to ensure customer safety? It is better to stay away from any such supplements that do not reveal credible data about their formulation. I would suggest that you invest in a hair product that has delivered proven results like Folifort, which is manufactured by a trusted company and will be worth your money.

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Frequently Questions and Answers

1. Is Hair La Vie backed by a money-back policy?

No. None of Hair La Vie’s products are backed by a risk-free refund policy.

2. Are there better hair supplements on the market?

Yes. Among many, Filifort is an authentic hair health supplement that has solid scientific evidence to prove quality and efficiency.

3. Is it safe to use Hair La Vie vitamin formulas?

Considering vague information regarding formulation, and the absence of an official website or manufacturer details, Hair La Vie cannot be regarded as a product with trustworthy safety standards. 

4. Does the product have positive feedback from customers?

As per available information, the feedback available online praising the product is sponsored.

5. Can Hair La Vie curb hair loss as it claims?

The claims made by the so-called manufacturer have been found to be mere marketing strategies. The formulation is not potent enough to live up to the hype.


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