Nugenix Total T Reviews: (Scam Alert) Is This Supplement Safe To Use Daily?


Have you guys come across the Nugenix Total T formula that is a recent launch? If not, this is the right place. You will get to know about this supplement in detail through this Nugenix Total T review. This supplement is taken for analysis because of the hype this formula has received since its launch. So I thought of evaluating it in detail to find the authenticity of this supplement. 

Nugenix Total T Reviews: Side Effects Reported! Shocking Truth Revealed!

A heap of reviews can be found on the internet regarding this supplement. But they seem to be created and not genuine. Almost all the reviews are in a positive tone that is more towards promoting this supplement. However, these positive reviews can create a sense of confusion among the readers and might lead them to fall for this supplement. Also, it is the case of health, so a genuine analysis of it is necessary. I hope this review will help people who are on the verge of purchasing it. 

Nugenix Total T Review

In this Nugenix Total T review, I will take Alpha Tonic as a touchstone to corroborate the legitimacy of Nugenix Total T. Keep on reading if you are interested in knowing more about this and finding the truth behind this formulation. 

What Is Nugenix Total T? 

According to the team that created this supplement, it is claimed that Nugenix Total T helps in improving overall male health. It can boost testosterone levels and increase lean muscle mass. It also boosts your sex drive and enhances sexual performance. The manufacturer states that this supplement is safe for men of all ages to consume as it is made using high-quality and natural ingredients.

Looking at the outer label of this formula, it is understood that one bottle of Nugenix Total T contains 90 capsules. Also, the seller of this supplement states that this supplement is provided to the customers at an affordable price. 

In the upcoming sections, I will verify each of these claims by comparing it with one of the trustworthy male health supplements called Alpha Tonic. 

Ingredients Used To Formulate Nugenix Total T Supplement

This supplement lacks an official website and there is an issue regarding the legitimacy of this supplement on the whole. So there are not many trusted sources to support the presence of certain ingredients in it. However, I have looked into the packaging of this supplement and have found that this supplement contains ingredients like vitamin B6, vitamin B12, and Zinc.

After delving into each of the ingredients in detail, it is implied that vitamin B6 helps in improving sperm movement and count. It also helps in maintaining a healthy immunity, and nervous system.

Zinc is effective in promoting testes development and increasing sperm production. Erectile dysfunctions are also treated with it. Vitamin B12 on the other hand helps in improving blood, and nerves and ensuring DNA functioning. Since there is no official website, it has no valid base that supports this usage in the supplement. 

How Effectively Do Nugenix Total T Supplements Work?

The absence of the official website makes it hard to explain the working mechanism of the formula. It is not even able to say whether it works or not. However a detailed description of how the supplement works is mentioned in the reviews available on the internet. 

As per these Nugenix Total T reviews, the supplement helps boost the nitric oxide levels in your body by which men experience a lot of health benefits which include dealing with erectile dysfunction, muscle relaxation, increased blood flow, and so on. It can boost testosterone levels. 

The manufacturer of the supplement doesn’t reveal any legit information about the working which remains unclear. This itself is a clear red flag to the genuineness of the supplement. 

Benefits Claimed By Nugenix Total T

Assuming that the above-mentioned ingredients are used in the formulation, then it can provide you with a range of health benefits. They are as follows. 

  • Boost testosterone levels
  • Increase lean muscle mass
  • Arouse sex drive
  • Enhance mood
  • Enhance sexual performance 
  • Better immune health
  • Increased blood flow

Take note that these are just speculations that are arrived at based on the condition that those ingredients are added to the formulation. This section points out the fact this supplement does not offer any scientific backing and it might provide side effects or danger by consuming it.

You can otherwise use male health supplements like the Alpha Tonic which is scientifically proven to enhance and improve health naturally with consistent use. 

Nugenix Total TSide Effects

Nugenix Total T appears to be a waste of money when compared to other health supplements like Alpha Tonic. This is because Alpha Tonic is made using premium quality ingredients that are safe and proven to support male health. They are generated in a research laboratory that is approved by the FDA and follows strict safety standards. It is also tested and free from stimulants, chemicals, toxins, and other artificial ingredients. 

Pros And Cons Of Nugenix Total T

In this section of Nugenix Total T review, I will mention the pros and cons of the Nugenix Total T supplement. You can refer to this section to fix why this supplement is not recommended over the other legitimate ones like Alpha Tonic.


  • Made by nutrient-rich plant extracts and probiotics.
  • Completely vegan and organic.
  • Easy to consume tablets.
  • Made in the United States.
  • Created using industry standards.
  • No side effects.
  • Money-back guarantee of 60 days.


  • Bonus and discounts might be limited.
  • Only available through the official website.

How Long Does It Take Nugenix Total T To Show The Result? 

According to the manufacturer, this supplement will deliver results within the regular use of the supplement for a couple of weeks. But this is not something that matches with the claim regarding the use of natural ingredients. Since it is claimed that it is made using natural ingredients, it will take time to provide results.

Is Nugenix Total T Scam Legit?

Before concluding if a dietary supplement is legit, It must be examined to find answers to questions regarding its ingredient list, working, scientific backing, manufacturing details, results, and so on. 

To begin with, it lacks an official website. This itself is enough to say that it is a fake supplement. It does not approve the use of any ingredients in it as there is no scientific evidence or clinical proof to support the claim of the manufacturer. No relevant information that mentions the manufacturing details of this supplement is available. 

The customer reviews appear to be positive but it is a deliberate move from the manufacturer’s side which is evident from the downvotes to those reviews and comments. After the fact that there is no official website, there is no money-back guarantee. 

Altogether, all these factors make Nugenix Total T a supplement that is not legit. 

How And Where To Order Nugenix Total T? 

The product that I have found on Amazon is available for a cheaper price. But think twice before falling as is the case of health. There are other supplements like the Alpha Tonic which can be purchased easily from the official website at a far better price. The link to their official website is given below. 

Nugenix Total T Customer Reviews And Complaints

I have gone through almost all the available Nugenix Total T customer reviews and have found out that every review and comment seems to be crafted. This reveals nothing about the supplement in particular. They are just promotions from the part of the manufacturing team. This is understood from the number of downvotes to those comments. This indicates that there are customers who are not satisfied with this supplement’s results and working. So it can be concluded that the initial hype it is receiving is from the manufactured marketing reviews. 

How Does Nugenix Total T Compare With Other Supplements?

For the comparison, I have chosen the Alpha Tonic supplement which is a legit male health support supplement. Refer to the below-given table below to know how this supplement is not as recommended as the other one. 

Nugenix Total T Comparison
Factors to be ConsideredNugenix Total T Alpha Tonic
Natural ingredientsNatural, but not scientifically supported.Yes.
Online Availability No specific information is available.Yes.
Manufacturing details Seems not to be safe as no details are available. Yes, it is made by following strict and sterile making conditions in an FDA-registered GMP-certified facility. 
Results and longevityMight take longer to deliver results. Deliver results faster and will last for a longer time if A healthy lifestyle is followed. 
Price Not available. $69/bottle.
Money-back guaranteeNo relevant information is available.180-day money-back guarantee. 
Genuine customer reviewsstate the inefficacy of the supplement and also mention that it provides several side effects. Positive comments and feedback.

Nugenix Total T is a dietary supplement that cannot be trusted in any way as the supplement lacks much relevant information. It does not give any details regarding the ingredients used in it and also the quality of those ingredients. Manufacturing details remain unrevealed. Also, it is unknown how the supplement works in your body. 

On the other hand, Alpha Tonic has an official website that mentions all the information about the supplement. You can also consult with the team that created the supplement in case you have any queries or concerns regarding the supplement. 

Final Verdict On Nugenix Total T Reviews

Taking into consideration all the available pieces of information, I have concluded that Nugenix Total T is a total waste of money. This supplement is a replica of some genuine supplements like the Alpha Tonic. The only information that can be accessed about the supplement is its outer packaging. No other data or information about the supplement is available.

The supplement on the whole has nothing positive to talk about. This is because there is no official website, no price details, no money-back guarantee, no working mechanism, and no manufacturing details. All remains untold. Since it is the core of your health, think carefully before you jump into the thought of purchasing it. 

You can go for an alternative option like the Alpha Tonic if you are someone who is looking for such male health supplements. This supplement is legit and has delivered positive results to thousands of people who have used it as per the advice. Also, it is made by a trustworthy brand so you can go for it without a second thought. 

Alpha Tonic


1. Can I use this supplement if I am consuming any other medicines?

No information about the supplement’s working and ingredients used are available which indicates that this supplement is not safe to use. So if you are someone taking any other medications, I would never recommend you to try this supplement. 

2. Will I get an option to get connected with the customer care service in case of any concerns?

Since there is no official website there is no reliable information and sources through which you can get connected with customer service. 

3. Through which site will I get the genuine Nugenix Total T supplements?

It is not possible to mention the site through which you will get the genuine Nugenix Total T supplements. It is because there is no official website and also there can be a lot of replicas of the original which again is confusing. 

4. Is there any other supplement that is more effective than Nugenix Total T?

Yes, Alpha Tonic is a male enhancement supplement that is more effective than Nugenix Total T. It is made using natural ingredients and is formulated in FDA-registered GMP-certified facilities. 

5. Is it formulated using natural ingredients?

As per the claim of the manufacturer, it is made by selecting natural ingredients. However, there is no evidence to support this claim. Thus we cannot predict how this supplement is going to affect the body.

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