Wound healing effect of alcoholic extract of Ocimum sanctum linn. on rats



  • Santosh Kumar Jha

    Oriental College of Pharmacy,
    Thakral Nagar,Raisin Road, Bhopal(M.P.)

  • S.N. Pandey

    Department of Pharmacology,
    V.S.S. Medical College, Burla, Orissa, India




Wound healing is the process of repair that follows injury tothe skin and other soft tissues. It can result from injurious process ranging from acute disruption of tissue by surgeons knife to wide spread trauma, such as burns. It is well known that traditional herbal medicines existed before the application of the modern scientific methods to health care and even today most of the rural Indian population depend on herbal care practices. Since time immemorial indigenous plant material are being used for healing of wounds. This research work focus to find out healing effect of Ocimum Sanctum (Alcoholic extract) on incisional wound and its effects were compared on the 10 th day by wound breaking strength. The wound breaking strength of control group (275gm), standard group (474.4gm) and alcoholic extract 400mg/kg(449.4gm), 800mg/kg(474.3gm). it is concluded that Ocimum Sanctum leaf extract i.e. alcoholic (400 and 800 mg) has significant wound healing effect.


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Santosh Kumar Jha, Oriental College of Pharmacy,
Thakral Nagar,Raisin Road, Bhopal(M.P.)

Associate Professor,Department of Pharmacology



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Jha SK, Pandey S. . Int J of Pharmc Res [Internet]. 2016Apr.30 [cited 2020Jun.3];6(4):138-41. Available from: https://ssjournals.net/index.php/ijpr/article/view/3118


Vol. 6 No. 4 (2016): Apr


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