Effect of L- type Calcium Channel Blocker Nimodipine and T-type Calcium Channel Blocker Flunarizine on Motor Control in Mice



  • Swapnil Balkrishna Kaikade

    Department of Pharmacology,
    ACPM Medical college

  • Nitin D. Pise

    Department of Pharmacology,
    ACPM Medical college




Objective: To study the effect of L-type of Calcium channel blocker nimodipine and T-type of calcium channel blocker funarizine on locomotor activity in mice without pretreatment by any other drug.
Materials and method: The study was carried out following permission from the Institutional animal ethics committee. Healthy Swiss albino mice of either sex were selected by the strict inclusion and exclusion criteria and the grouping is done. Group A is control treated with normal saline, Group B and C received two titrated doses of nimodipine while Group D and E received two titrated doses of flunarizine. The animals were then observed for motor control on inclined plane and the Statistical analysis was done by using unpairedt test.
Results: L-type calcium channel blocker nimodipine has dose dependent effect on motor control on inclined plane while the T- type calcium channel blocker flunarizine has no effect on motor control.
Conclusion: Nimodipine has significant dose dependent depressant action on motor control on inclined plane while flunarizine has no effect on the above mentioned parameter.


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