Seroprevalence of cytomegalovirus among blood donors in local population



  • Rashid Mahmood

    National Institute of Health, Islamabad.

  • Farnaz Malik

    National Institute of Health, Islamabad.

  • Shahzad Hussain

    National Institute of Health, Islamabad.

  • Kazi Muhammad Ashfaq

    National Institute of Health, Islamabad.

  • Tanveer Akhtar

    National Institute of Health, Islamabad.

  • Muhammad Rizwan Alam

    INSERM U1060-CarMeN-Cardioprotection,
    Faculty of Medicine UCBL, 8 Avenue Rockefeller, Lyon-69003,

  • Salman Akbar Malik

    Quaid I Azam, University, Islamabad

  • Bushra Mirza

    Quaid I Azam, University, Islamabad

  • Farzana Khalid

    Islamabad Medical Complex,
    NESCOM Hospital, H-11/4 Islamabad,

  • Asif Hanif Chaudhry

    Geoscience Labs, Islamabad



Cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection is more common in developing countries and considered as the major cause of morbidity and mortality among neonates, immune compromised individuals especially in organ transplant recipient and other immunosuppressive drug users. Blood transfusion is a major source of infection in such individuals. This study was conducted to estimate the seroprevalence of CMV antibodies among healthy blood donors of different age groups in local population of Islamabad. Total 175 serum samples were taken from completely healthy male donors and all were tested negative for HBsAg, HIV 1/2 antibody, HCV antibody, Malaria and Syphilis. These samples were analyzed for anti-IgM CMV and anti-IgG CMV using the ELISA technique. From 175 samples, 3.4% tested were positive for CMV IgM antibody and 96.5% were positive for CMV IgG antibody. None of the donor was positive for both IgG and IgM antibodies. There was no statistically significant difference in seropositivity of CMV IgG based on distribution of age. As about 96.5% of blood donors were seropositive for CMV, it should be mandatory in blood banks to screen donors blood for CMV. Furthermore there is need to maintain record of CMV negative blood bags and also of CMV negative blood donors and these should only be transfused to immunocompromised patients and to neonate to avoid complications of CMV.


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Mahmood R, Malik F, Hussain S, Ashfaq KM, Akhtar T, Alam MR, Malik SA, Mirza B, Khalid F, Chaudhry AH. . Int J of Pharm Chem [Internet]. 2014Dec.30 [cited 2020May29];4(4):146-50. Available from:


Vol. 4 No. 4 (2014): Oct-Dec


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