Case based learning: an innovative student-centred methodology for teaching biochemistry


Somnath T. Salgar




Background: The knowledge of biochemistry is extremely necessary for a medical student to understand basic functions of the human body. The teaching of biochemistry in medical college is mostly focused on the chemical structure and metabolism of biomolecules. Traditionally in most of the medical colleges of India, entire syllabus of biochemistry is completed through didactic lectures and practical sessions. In case of lecture the role of learners is passive and there is less or no interaction of the student with teacher. Case based learning is one of the innovative teaching-learning methodology.

Objective: The present study was conducted with an aim to determine the perception of students to various aspects of Case based learning.

Material and method: The modules prepared for Case based learning session were based on the common medical problems. For each module three sessions were conducted. At the end of session the perception of students regarding Case based learning as enhancing learning was assessed by close ended questionnaire obtained from each participant.

Results: Majority of students felt that Case based learning is more useful in understanding the concept of biochemistry as compared to didactic lecture. . 98.4% of students perceived that Case based learning module was useful in independent learning and developing communication skills. The role of facilitator in Case based learning session was reported to be important by 99.2% participants.

Conclusion: From our study it can be concluded that Case based learning can be used as innovative teaching method for increased retention of knowledge, better application of biochemistry in medicine.




Case based learning; didactic lectures; module; teaching-learning methodology


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