A comparative study of caudal epidural anaesthesia versus general anaesthesia for lower abdominal and lower limb surgery in paediatric patients


Himanshu Shah, Jaishree S B, Mrugank Bhavsar, Prerna Attal, Subir Ghosh, Mansi Gandhi, Varsha Sarvaiya




Background: Our aim is to compare caudal epidural versus general anaesthesia in paediatric patients and to check safety and efficacy of caudal epidural technique with providing better post-operative analgesia.

Material and Methods: 50 paediatric patients up to 12 years of ASA grade I and II posted for lower abdominal and lower limb surgery were randomly divided in to two groups. Group C (n=25) received caudal epidural anaesthesia using Lignocaine with adrenaline, Bupivacaine and Tramadol. Group G (n=25) received general anesthesia with Thiopentone, Succinylscoline as induction agent and O2, N2O, Isoflurane and incremental doses of Atracurium as maintenance. They were extubated in a usual manner after surgery.

Observation and Results: Consent rate was higher for caudal block. Onset of caudal block achieved in average 6.6 minutes with higher success rate. Surgeons acceptance was good in group C. Cost was very less in group C as well. Time for pre-operative preparation was less in Group G. Hemodynamic variation and duration of rescue analgesia was significant in group G. Rate of post-operative complication was higher in group G.

Conclusion: Caudal epidural is quite inexpensive with excellent anaesthesia and satisfactory post operative analgesia with lesser complication rate.




Caudal epidural; Tramadol, Lignocaine; Bupivacaine; General Anaesthesia


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.7439/ijbr.v4i11.397


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