Crossword Puzzles Entertaining tool to reinforce lecture content in undergraduate physiology teaching



  • Joan Bryant

    RAK College of Medical Sciences
    Ras al Khaimah Medical and Health Sciences University,
    Ras al Khaimah



Introduction: Games like crossword puzzles can be used to teach undergraduates as it induces interest and is a welcome change in the monotonous routine lecture. Aims and Objectives: To assess the utility of using crossword puzzles as an adjuvant to lectures in the undergraduate teaching of human physiology. Materials and Methods: A simple crossword on the Physiology of Hemostasis was constructed with clues given across and down, using crossword maker website. A one hour lecture was given and the concepts were then tested in the crossword after appropriate instructions to the students. Feedback from students (n=99) was taken both before and after the conduction of the crossword. Results: Most of the students agreed that the use of the crossword was fun and an innovative method of teaching. Majority concluded that it helped them in learning the new terminology and understanding the concepts and that they wanted more of such games. Conclusion : Using innovative, entertaining and stimulating methods in teaching and learning programs is valuable in stimulating and creating interest among the students


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Joan Bryant, RAK College of Medical Sciences
Ras al Khaimah Medical and Health Sciences University,
Ras al Khaimah

Associate professor

Dept of physiology



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