Incidence of HIV and pulmonary tuberculosis co-infection among patients attending out-patient clinic in a Nigerian hospital


Ifeoluwa Silvanus Abiodun, Adenike Itunu Olanrewaju, Oluwakemi Anike Ladipo, Oluwadamilola Aminat Oluberu




HIV and Tuberculosis co-infection pose diagnostic and therapeutic challenges on public health care systems. Mycobacterium tuberculosis and HIV exert synergistic effects in accelerating the deterioration of hosts immunologic functions and response. The demographic pattern of patients with suspected cases of tuberculosis were determined in this study. A total of 277 patients records were retrospectively analyzed over an eighteen month period. Patients sputum smears were screened using Ziehl-Neelsen staining technique. The rates of HIV infection in suspected tuberculosis patients was 7.22% (n=20). Incidence of infection was higher in females (58.3%) when compared with males (41.7%), while incidence of HIV-TB co-infection was highest among the 21-30 years age group. It is essential that strategies aimed at effectively controlling HIV and Tuberculosis be re-examined with emphasis being placed on public enlightenment, identification of sources and control of spread.




Pulmonary Tuberculosis, HIV, Ziehl-Neelsen, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Nigeria


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