Neonatal screening by chest circumference and a study of relationship between birthweight and other anthropometric parameters


C.K. Ramagopal Shastry, B. Poornima R Bhat




Aims and objectives of the study: To record the chest circumference of the newborns as well as to find out the relationship between birth weight and other anthropometric parameters like head circumference, mid arm circumference and chest circumference.

Methods: This observational study includes a total no. of 2050 consecutive live singleton infants born between 28 to 42 weeks gestation in a 1 year period. Anthropometric parameters such as birth weight, crown heel length, mid arm circumference, headcircumference and chest circumference were recorded.

Results: A mid arm circumference of 9cms can be used to detect low birth weight babies and chest circumference of 30cms has maximum sensitivity and specificity to detect low birth weight babies compared to other parameters.

Conclusion: Chest circumference and mid arm circumference are alternate parameters to identify low birth weight babies.




Anthropometry, chest circumference, neonate.


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