Synchronus Bilateral Breast Carcinoma (SBBC): A cytological diagnosis with review of literature


Anita Javalgi, Surekha Arakeri, swathi arora




Introduction: A second primary breast cancer in the opposite breast can be either synchronous or metachronous. Bilateral synchronous breast cancer is defined as both cancers diagnosed within 3 months and neither can originate with metastasis from another tumour.

Case Report: 40 year old female visited with complaint of mass in right breast and ulcer in left breast since 20 days with enlarged right axillary and left supraclavicular lymph nodes since last 2 months. Patient was referred for cytology of both lumps and lymphnodes. Cytological study of both lumps shown features of invasive duct carcinoma and lymph nodes shown metastatic deposits of carcinoma with similar morphological features as of breast lumps. Based on clinical presentation and cytological study case was diagnosed as synchronous invasive duct carcinoma.

Conclusion: Synchronous breast cancer has poor prognosis hence early cytological and mammography detection helps in prompt management and thus decreasing morbidity as well as mortality.




synchronous/invasive duct carcinoma/cytological diagnosis.


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