In vitro evaluation of Antioxidant, Cytoprotective and Antiulcer properties of Cordia Dichotoma fruit extracts


Sharath Chandra, Prabhanjana Kattepura Venkatesh




The present study is to evaluate the biopotency of Cordia dichotoma. The fruit extracts was examined for antioxidant, cytoprotective and antiulcer properties. Total polyphenolics content in Aqueous and methanolic extracts were found to be 5.81 and 3.56 Tannic acid equivalents (TAE) mg/g respectively. The phenolic contents were examined for radical scavenging activity by DPPH method. The antioxidant potential of these extracts was determined by reducing power assay and IC50 was calculated. The cytoprotective studies were carried out using RBCs by biochemical and microscopic methods. Finally, antiulcer activity is evaluated by using H+ K+-ATPase inhibition. During antiulcer studies the aqueous extract exhibited almost equal potential with respect to omeprezole (proton potassium ATPase inhibitor) drug. Whereas methanolic extract exhibited more potential than that of aqueous extract. The potentiality was based on IC50 values.




Cordia dichotoma, phenolics, antioxidant, cytoprotection, antiulcer and H+ K+-ATPase


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