Nephroprotective Activity of Bark of Artocarpus Heterophyllus Lam



  • Chiranjib Bhattacharjee

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  • Amitsankar Dutta

    BCDA College of Pharmacy & Technology Campus-2
    52/C/10 Ghoshpara road, Udayrajpur, Madhyamgram, Kolkata-700129



Nephrototoxicity is one of the major health problems of mankind as it is due to exposed of many kinds of therapeutic agents and xenobiotics. The present study was aimed to examining the possible nephroprotective role methanolic and aqueous extracts of Artocarpus heterophyllus bark against gentamicin induced nephrotoxicity. The plant extracts showed a remarkable nephroprotective activity against gentamicin induced nephrotoxicity. In gentamicin induced nephrotoxicity there is a significant elevation of uric acid, urea and creatinine level. Treatment with both the extracts (100mg/Kg and 200mg/Kg) significantly reduced the biochemical level in a dose dependant manner which proving its nephroprotective activity. There was also significant increase in RBC count and haemoglobin level by both the extract. Histopathological study of kidney further confirms the activity.


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