Comparative study of rate pressure product in obese women with non obese women.


Dr Pallavi shantkumar kanthe, Dr Bheemshetty S Patil, Jyoti P Khodnapur, Shrilaxmi C Bagali, Lata M Mullur, Manjunatha R Aithala




Background and Objective: Nowadays Obesity is considered as global epidemic. It exacerbates a large number of  health  problems. Obese people are at risk of impaired cardiac performance, commonly seen in women. So our study aimed to assess the Rate pressure product in obese women and to compare the same with non obese women aged 35-55years. As above mentioned parameters are associated with increased risk for cardiovascular diseases

Methods and Material: Study A comparative cross sectional study including 140 women (70- obese , 70- non obese) of age 35-55years. The study group was divided into four according to BMI  Group I ( BMI 25-29.9 kg/m2), Group II( BMI 30-34.9 kg/m2) , Group III( BMI 35 – 39.9 kg/m2) , Group IV (BMI > 40 kg/m2) including  Control( BMI < 25 kg / m2) .  Anthropometric parameters like height (cm), weight (Kg), WHR, BMI were recorded. After 20 mins of rest in supine position ECG and brachial SBP, DBP were recorded. HR was calculated by using formula 1500/R-R. The rate pressure product was calculated as = SBP X HR. As RPP is an index of myocardial oxygen consumption.

Results: We found statistically significant higher values of RPP in group IV when compared to control group. Also found statistically insignificant increase in values of RPP in groups I, II, III.

Conclusion: obesity is a significant predictor of increased MVO2 and decreased efficiency. This may cause increase in fatty acid metabolism & decrease in cardiac efficiency in obese women.




Body Mass Index, Rate Pressure Product, Myocardial oxygen consumption, Heart rate.


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