Evaluation of phytoplankton diversity with Physicochemical parameters of Hemmat River, kodinar Gujarat, India


Nikul B. Chavada, Kiran C. Deshmukh




Plankton refers to plants and animals that drift with the ocean currents and fresh river water .they habitants in the open waters of the sea and fresh river water.

Phytoplankton always live near the surface of the sea and fresh water because, they require light for photosynthesis, they play important roll in transformation of water and carbon dioxide in to short chain sugars. The plants in the pelagic zone are exceptionally small, microscopic, and single-celled, buoyantly supported by the density of the surrounding water. Physico-chemical parameters are very important factors that play a significant role in river plankton diversity and fluctuation. We evaluated impact of Abiotic factor on plankton diversity during pre, middle and post winter analysis of Hemmat River.




Physico-chemical property of water, plankton, diversity of plankton


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.7439/ijasr.v2i11.3716

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