International Journal of Advances in Psychology Research


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Vol. 5 No. 1 (2017): Jan-Apr



Research Articles

  • The Role of Self-regulated Learning, Achievement Motivation and academic Burnout in academic Performance of Students

    Masoud Hejazi, Hossein Taran, Abbas Ramazani

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ISSN: 2320-7485 (Online)

Continuous publication model

From 2018 IJAPR is changing conventional publication model to continuous publication model. Continuous publication model benefits from the online system, which allow the immediate publication of an article as soon as it is ready for production, by this way an accepted article does not need to wait until a particular issue of the journal is completed, providing a better service to authors and readers by faster publishing. The article will be cited with the year, volume, issue, and an electronic number (or e-locator) and DOI. All articles will begin with page number 1.

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