The effect of erythropoietin on ?-glutamyltransferase during ischemia reperfusion injury in rats



  • Constantinos Tsompos

  • Constantinos Panoulis

  • Konstantinos Toutouzas

  • George Zografos

  • Apostolos Papalois



The aim of this experimental study was to examine the effect of erythropoietin on rat model and particularly in an ischemia reperfusion (IR) protocol. The effect of that molecule was studied biochemically using blood mean ?-glutamyltransferase (?GT) levels. Materials and methods: 40 rats of mean weight 247.7 g were used in the study. ?GT levels were measured at 60 min (groups A and C) and at 120 min (groups B and D) of reperfusion. Erythropoietin was administered only in groups C and D. Results were that Epo administration non-significantly decreased the ?GT levels by 12.70% +13.11% results of paired t-test (p= 0.3541). Reperfusion time kept non-significantly increased the ?GT levels by 6.35%+13.24% (P=0.6264). However, erythropoietin administration and reperfusion time together produced a non-significant combined effect in keeping decreased the ?GT levels by 4.62%+7.97% (P= 0.5534). Conclusions are that erythropoietin administration interacted or not with reperfusion time have non significant short term decreasing effects on ?GT levels.


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Tsompos C, Panoulis C, Toutouzas K, Zografos G, Papalois A. . Int J Adv Pharm [Internet]. 2015 Oct. 26 [cited 2022 Jun. 15];4(5):88-93. Available from:


Vol. 4 No. 5 (2015): Sep-Oct


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