Does Chewing Gum Burn Calories? Here’s The Deal On Gum’s Calories


But in this chase for maintaining balance and overall well-being, people are ready to take any means that help you lose fat! So, when we come down after a bicycle tour, let’s look at what we have seen during our descent through the clouds. Beyond its reputation as a breath-freshening indulgence, the question arises: Can chewing help you lose a few calories without you even noticing?

Can Chewing Gum Boost Your Calorie Burn?

If we dive into this intriguing question, what immediately strikes us is that the connection between chewing gum and caloric burning turns out to be quite complicated—beyond the obvious. Some argue, however, that chewing itself mechanically activates our metabolism, while others find the actual caloric impact minimal.

Chewing Gum For Calories

In this article, we’ll dig into the science behind why people say chewing gum helps you lose weight—exploring the physical processes that might make this happen—and look at whether all the hype around it holds up.

Stick with us, as through experimentation and an investigation into the science behind the chew, we hope to sort out what is fact from fiction and establish if chewing gum has any basis for inclusion at the table of food-minded people who seek to find that elusive sweet spot.

The Caloric Lowdown Of Gum

Let’s start with the basics. Your average stick of gum carries a mere 5 to 10 calories, mostly from sugars or artificial sweeteners. Seems like peanuts, right? This hints that the calorie-burning effect of gum might not exactly send your metabolism into overdrive.

Chewing Mechanics

Chew, chew, chew! It’s a workout for your jaw, face, and neck muscles. The proponents of the “chewing gum burns calories” theory argue that all this muscle action demands energy, and voila – calories are torched. But, truth be told, the calories used up in this gum-chewing marathon are a far cry from what you’d burn during a good jog or weightlifting session.

Metabolic Musings

There’s a whisper in some scientific circles that gum-chewing might slightly rev up your metabolism. The idea is that the rhythmic chewing motion could coax your body into releasing certain digestion-related hormones and enzymes. However, any metabolic boost is likely a drop in the caloric ocean.

Appetite Tango

Here’s an interesting twist – chewing gum could be a backstage player in your appetite drama. Some studies suggest it might help you feel less hungry and cut down on snacking, especially the kind involving calorie-packed goodies. So, while not a direct calorie burner, gum might indirectly help with the whole weight management jigsaw puzzle.

Scientific Safari

The scientific safari into gum-chewing’s calorie-burning kingdom isn’t overflowing with conclusive evidence. One study in the New England Journal of Medicine did find a small uptick in energy expenditure due to gum chewing, but it wasn’t exactly a blockbuster revelation.

Weighty Considerations

Let’s be real – gum alone won’t transform your physique. But, and it’s a decent-sized but, it could be a quirky sidekick in your weight management saga. For instance, if you use it to fend off those pesky cravings, especially for sugary snacks, you might end up consuming fewer calories overall.


In conclusion, the notion that biting goo laboriously burns calories is an interesting conception, yet scientific substantiation supporting this claim remains inconclusive. While some studies suggest a borderline increase in metabolic rate during goo chewing, the overall impact on calorie expenditure appears negligible.

It is crucial to understand the complex nature of losing weight, in which elements like nutrition, activity, and metabolism play important parts. While using gum may somewhat increase energy expenditure, it cannot replace a well-rounded physical routine and a balanced diet.

As we navigate the maze of health and heartiness, it is pivotal to approach similar claims with a sapient eye, prioritizing comprehensive life choices over quick-fix results. While good chewing may have its benefits, particularly in oral health, awaiting it to be a significant calorie-burning strategy may be a stretch. Eventually, sustainable weight management demands a holistic approach that encompasses conscious nutrition and regular physical exertion.


1. Does biting goo burn calories?

Biting goo does engage colorful muscles, leading some to believe it burns calories. Still, the sweet content of goo is minimal, and while the act of biting requires energy, it’s not substantial compared to further violent physical conditioning.

2. What’s the sweet content of biting goo?

Generally, a stick of goo contains between 5 and 10 calories. These calories come from sugars or artificial sweeteners, suggesting that the direct sweet impact of goo is relatively lo

3. Can goo-biting boost metabolism?

Some studies propose that the repetitious stir of goo chewing may stimulate the release of certain digestive hormones and enzymes, leading to a borderline increase in metabolic rate. Still, the overall impact on metabolism is modest.

4. Does biting goo help with weight operations?

Biting Goo may laterally support weight loss by bridging hunger and reducing the risk of gorging on high-calorie foods. It can be a behavioral tool to help in moderating overall sweet input.

5. Is there conclusive scientific substantiation about goo chewing and calorie burn?

The scientific literature on this topic isn’t conclusive. While some studies suggest a slight increase in energy expenditure, the overall impact isn’t significant enough to be a primary factor in weight operations.

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