What Is So Special About B+ Blood Type? Special Characteristics


The importance of a blood group is determined by its availability on the donation front and its effectiveness in treating different types of diseases and infections.

According to the statistics, around 10% of the total population live with the blood type, B+.

When it comes to the donation scene, this particular blood type shows a percentage of 8%. Hence as per the medical standards, this blood group becomes one of the rare blood groups.

However, there is no point in regarding the group as the rarest too. But this blood group has also got the power to be in a significant position in the treatment plan of certain diseases.

Blood Donation B+ Blood Type

One such disease is Sickle-cell Anaemia. While donating, B+ blood types are donated to people with B+ blood type and also people having AB+ blood type.

However, administering B+ blood to people with AB+ blood is only done under extremely urgent medical conditions and in the unavailability of the same blood type.

This type of blood group can receive donations from people with B and O blood groups both having Rh factor and those who don’t.

That is B+, B-, O+, and O- are the medically accepted donors of the B+ blood type. Similar to the case of donations, reception is also done primarily with the same blood.

Medical practitioners do not consider administering a different acceptable group unless and until it is an emergency. 

Another important feature of this particular blood group is that Thalassaemia can also be cured using the same blood group.

In the case of patients infected with Thalassaemia, regular blood transfusions are required.

In this case, B+ blood type is made use of. South Asian and African regions are where the patients of this particular disease are seen in plenty.

This might be the result of people with more B+ blood type present among them.

B+ blood type thus becomes quite a high-in-demand blood group since its medical applications are countless.

The demand also increases when the subtype of the blood group is Ro, which is only available in 2% of the donation scenario.

Platelet donation is the main kind of donation done using this type of blood type which is quite an important thing in a lot of aspects.

Apart from the donations, there are also some slight yet significant disadvantages for people having this type of blood type.

One among them is the vulnerability to lifestyle diseases such as diabetes with the risk percentage estimated to be 35%. 

Psychological Background About B+ Blood Type

There are also some interesting psychological things to be known about this type of blood group.

Generally, people with this blood type are known for their remarkable thoughtfulness and empathy towards the ones around them.

They are also smart beings when it comes to the asset of the friend circle they make.

Most of the people in the friend circle of people having B+ blood type would be decent and reliable in almost every sense.

However, some consequential traits can also be seen among the individuals falling into this type of blood group.

Selfishness is one among them which can spoil their reputation and prestige among others.

People with this particular blood group can also be seen turning their back on people around them by not being corporative in group tasks and assignments.

They are also one of the most-determined blood types who can focus on what they are most passionate about.

They might also compromise other essential responsibilities of their life in order to better focus on their most-cherished dream.

Their creative and adventurous skills are also appreciated most of the time. 

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As mentioned earlier, South Asian countries are where this type of blood group is seen in plenty and in the list India assumes the first and foremost position with a percentage of 38.14.

This type of blood group is also found to be blessed with a longer life expectancy.

This is found using a blood group identification study conducted among people who have crossed the age of 100.

Dietary instructions given to people with the B+ blood group are also quite interesting.

They are advised to take more veggies, eggs, and low-fat dairy products instead of consuming foods like corn, lentils, tomatoes and so on. 

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