What Are The Types Of Urinary Incontinence? Take Back Control


Urine problems are common among both men as well as women. One of the most observed urine problems is Urinary Incontinence.

In Urinary Incontinence, one faces a constant need to go for peeing. This is caused due to the bladder issues like leakage or something else. This is not a very serious problem but must be handled well to avoid further infections and problems.

Possible Conditions For Urinary Incontinence

Urinary Incontinence causes a frequent need to pee for the person going through this problem, and sometimes they even face some embarrassing situations.

Types Of Urinary Incontinence

This disease is not in anyone’s hands, and the patient should not be blamed for such conditions. Let us first understand among whom this problem has been observed very commonly- 

– A woman who recently gave birth to her child loses urine control as she constantly needs to pee after childbirth. This is quite natural. 

– Small children who don’t have much understanding yet wet the bed during the night time unknowingly because they are still minimal. 

– A person with some bladder infection or leakage also often faces the Urinary Incontinence problem and needs to consult the right doctor. 

– Urinary Incontinence can also be a genetic problem that may have been passed on from either mother or father to the child. 

– It is also observed among women who have recently been through menopause. Menopause is when a woman’s menstrual cycle stops after a certain age, which also causes a lot of hormonal imbalances

Types Of Urinary Incontinence

Now let us understand the different types of Urinary Incontinence. They are as follows- 

Stress Incontinence 

When Urinal Incontinence occurs due to the constant stress developed due to work or any other tensions, it’s called stress Incontinence. Stress creates a restless mind which often leads to such problems.

It may seem like a one-way street, but many other roads are attached to it, and they have a very disastrous effect on the health of human beings. Stress release programs have also been conducted these days to reduce other possible stress causes. 

Urge Incontinence 

Men and women have an uncontrolled urge to pee as soon as possible. This urge is accurate as it causes an extended-release of urine. The urine released after the constant desire is quiet for a long time.

This urge is created, and hence it’s called Urge Incontinence. Usually, the causes of urge continence can be named as certain health conditions like diabetes which is running for many years, constipation, or the same reasons as above. 

Overflow Incontinence

When a person feels the need to pee strongly, they go for it, but they face the problem of being unable to urinate fully. While urinating, they still think some of it remains, but even after trying a lot, they cannot release it.

This type of Urinal condition is called overflow Incontinence. They later again have to try again to be able to remove the urine problem to avoid pains in the stomach. Overflow Incontinence is caused to indigestion problems, constipation, or even some kind of infection many times. 

Physical Incontinence

When a person has been in an accident, their physical organs become weak, and they cannot move properly due to some conditions. The problem also occurs in old age when all the organs have become weak, and naturally, all the movements become very slow, so they cannot reach the toilets in time to urinate.

This type of Urinal problem is known as physical Incontinence. This is commonly observed among senior citizens, persons with a physical disability, or someone recently encountering an accident. 

Combined Incontinence

When a person faces Urinal Incontinence with a combination of all the above types, it is known as combined Incontinence.

A person may face physical overflow and stress Incontinence all at once, which creates many problems with urinating. Combined Incontinence always causes more pain than individual ones, so consulting a doctor immediately is necessary. 

Final Take

Above mentioned are some of the facts and types of Urine Incontinence. If you have been facing any of these, you should seek help from your doctor. This Article sheds light on the same and will form an essential guide for Urinal Incontinence.

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