Testosterone And Its Impact On Male Enhancement: Facts To Know!


Testosterone is a hormone that does a variety of integral jobs. It is produced by testicles in males and they are responsible for male sex characteristics, production of sperm, and fertility.

This hormone plays an integral role in the size of the penis until a biological male completes puberty.

Different Roles Of Testosterone

During the infant stages of a male, this hormone helps the testicle descend to the scrotum. When the male is going through adolescence, testosterone makes the male’s voice deeper, helps in growing hair in the underarms and pubic hair, builds muscle mass, and develops the penis and testicles.

Different Roles Of Testosterone

In women, testosterone is released by the ovaries and adrenal glands. This testosterone combines with estrogen and works towards the growth, maintenance, and repair of reproductive organs, and bone mass in women.

Testosterone in men is responsible for regulating libido, fat distribution in the body, bone, and muscle mass, and muscle strength in addition to the generation of red blood cells and sperm.

Does Testosterone Have A Role In Penile Growth?

The growing period of the penis is during puberty. By the time a male reaches adulthood, the penile growth is complete.

Testosterone only plays its role in the development of the penis during puberty. But after that testosterone has no role in enlarging the penis.

If you are worried about your size, using testosterone would not help the cause, as it has no role in enhancing your organ.

But testosterone can help with conditions like erectile dysfunction and might improve cases of low libido.

Low Testosterone: Symptoms And Remedies

Low testosterone levels in the body are manifested as decreased sex drive, erectile dysfunction, feeling low energy, feeling tired and stressed quite often, and depressive symptoms. Such conditions can be treated with testosterone therapy.

Many products are now available in the market such as pills like Red boost and Erectin, creams Like Chrysin Cream, and stretching devices that claim to increase the size of the penis.

Common devices used to enlarge the penis are traction devices that stretch the tissue to increase the length and vacuum devices like penis pumps.

There are various surgical options available like injecting fat cells, liposuction, ligament release, etc.

Testosterone therapy was found to be effective in increasing penile size in infants and children.

The therapy done in the form of Intramuscular injections in 3 months was observed to have positive effects on this area.

People of all ages can improve their conditions with micropenis treatment. However, they are observed to be most successful if the doctors diagnose and treat the condition in infancy itself.

Does Size Matter?

Penis size can be quite a sensitive topic. And with loads of expectations and standards set by the era and the common misconception of the relevance of size in performing intercourse, all make it an anxious topic for average men.

Hence so many males go seek male enhancement methods. This penis enlargement or male enhancement industry is making multimillions in revenue from marketing this same insecurity.

However, let us take a look at what the average size is and how they are determined. The average size of a stretched penis is marked as 5.25 inches.

A stretched penile size of fewer than 3.67 inches is what is described as micropenis in adults. The average size for a newborn is 1.4 inches.0.75 inches or less indicates micropenis in infants.

Stretched penile size is used for these measurements, where they gently stretch the penis, hold it close to the body and measure the length from tip to the base.

This is the standard or average size commonly observed in males. The need for an enhancement procedure driven by pressures and expectations might affect an individual’s confidence in their day-to-day life.

There are various methods, if you are opting for enhancements. However, make it a point to do your research before trying any of them.

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