Is Jawzrsize Bad For Teeth? Let’s Find Out The Truth!


Jawzrsize is a popular oral exercise tool that has gained a lot of attention in recent years. It is a handheld device that allows you to perform jaw exercises by biting down and clenching on prongs that provide resistance.

Jawzrsize claims to help strengthen jaw and facial muscles, reduce fat in the face, improve facial definition, and alleviate teeth grinding and TMJ symptoms. However, there have been some concerns about whether using Jawzrsize is bad for your teeth due to the clenching and pressure applied during use.

In this article, we’ll take a look at what Jawzrsize is, its intended uses, whether it’s bad for teeth, how to use it properly, and tips to minimize any risks.

What Is Jawzrsize? What Is It Used For?

Jawzrsize is a handheld oral exerciser consisting of a mouthguard attached to prongs. It provides resistance for your jaw muscles to work against as you bite down and clench. The company claims regular use of Jawzrsize for 10-20 minutes a day can lead to a more defined jawline, reduced fat in the face, fuller cheeks, and stronger jaw muscles over time.


It’s also marketed to help alleviate teeth grinding and relieve TMJ joint pain by strengthening the muscles. The basic goal of Jawzrsize is to exercise all the muscles involved in chewing and biting to increase strength and definition in the jaw and facial area.

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Is Jawzrsize Bad For Teeth?

There are some concerns that the amount of force and pressure placed on the teeth while using Jawzrsize could potentially lead to dental problems like cracked teeth or damage to dental work like fillings or crowns. However, there is no conclusive research that shows that Jawzrsize is directly harmful to teeth when used properly and in moderation. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Amount of force – Excessively hard biting or clenching during use can increase the risk of dental damage, but this depends on the individual’s bite strength and how hard they are clenching. Keeping the pressure moderate can help minimize risk.
  • Underlying dental issues – Those with underlying conditions like bruxism or weak teeth may be more predisposed to dental problems if they overuse devices like Jawzrsize. Caution is advised for those with dental issues.
  • Proper technique – Maintaining proper technique like even biting, avoiding excessive clenching, and stopping if pain occurs can help reduce strain on teeth. Improper use is more likely to cause issues.
  • Frequency of use – Using Jawzrsize every day and for longer periods puts more repetitive strain on teeth over time versus moderate, occasional use. Limiting use can help prevent cumulative damage.

So while moderate Jawzrsize use is unlikely to directly crack or damage healthy teeth, those with vulnerable teeth or oral conditions should consult a dentist first. Anyone using Jawzrsize should carefully monitor pressure and discontinue use if they experience pain or discomfort.

How To Use Jawzrsize Properly?

To help avoid dental problems when using Jawzrsize, here are some tips for proper technique and usage:

  • Start with light pressure and work your way up gradually over time as your jaw muscles strengthen. No need to bite down extremely hard, especially initially.
  • Squeeze your lips gently over your teeth to keep your lips from getting caught between your teeth while biting down.
  • Position the mouthguard symmetrically and avoid favoring one side while biting. Switch sides during your session.
  • Keep your teeth slightly apart rather than clenched tightly together and breathe through your nose to avoid excessive force.
  • Take breaks during your session to give your jaw muscles and teeth a rest. Don’t use it for more than 10 minutes at a time.
  • Limit Jawzrsize use to about 3-5 times per week rather than daily use to prevent overuse.
  • Stop immediately if you feel pain or sensitivity in your teeth and don’t resume use until discussing with your dentist.
  • See your dentist regularly to monitor for signs of dental problems like chips, cracks, or damage to dental work.

Following these precautions when using Jawzrsize can help you avoid dental damage while still benefiting your facial muscles. Consider discussing use with your dentist as well.

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Jawzrsize is an oral exerciser intended to strengthen the jaw, facial, and chewing muscles for benefits like a more defined jawline. When used properly and in moderation, Jawzrsize is unlikely to directly cause dental problems, but overdoing it or underlying dental issues could increase risk.

Being mindful of bite pressure, technique, duration, and frequency of use can help minimize the risk of damage. While more research is still needed, cautious yet regular use per guidelines appears reasonably safe for most healthy adults. As with any oral exercise tool, it’s wise to consult your dentist if you have any concerns before starting.


Q: How often should Jawzrsize be used?

A: It’s recommended to limit Jawzrsize use to around 3-5 times per week for about 10 minutes per session. Using it every day or for prolonged periods can increase the risk of dental problems.

Q: Can Jawzrsize correct misaligned teeth? 

A: No, Jawzrsize cannot straighten teeth or correct a misaligned bite. It is purely an exercise tool to strengthen jaw muscles. See an orthodontist if you need help correcting dental alignment issues.

Q: Does Jawzrsize really work for building jaw and face muscles?

A: Many users report noticeable improvements in jawline definition and facial muscle strength after consistent use over 2-3 months. However, individual results can vary based on proper technique, frequency of use, and genetics.

Q: Is Jawzrsize safe for those with dental implants, braces, or other dental work?

A: It’s best to consult your dentist first if you have any dental work. Avoid Jawzrsize until you know it won’t damage implants, braces, etc. Proper use may be safe for some, but each case differs.

Q: Can jaw pain or soreness while using Jawzrsize signify a dental problem? 

A: Yes, any excessive discomfort, pain, or soreness in your teeth while using Jawzrsize can indicate an underlying dental issue or damage being done. Discontinue use and see your dentist promptly. Minor muscle soreness is normal at first.

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