How To Use Ginger For Constipation? Nature’s Remedy


One of the most uncomfortable feelings in the world is constipation (how can you undergo that mental pressure when you have your favorite food on the table?). The urge to use the washroom but unable to is actually scary. But did you know that now you can use the washroom and get digestion at ease? 

Yes, it’s that easy but some of the best homemade remedies can help you with the same. You won’t be able to believe but with some remedies like ginger, your constipation can be cured. As we know getting irritated bowel movement is common and one feels uncomfortable all the time- although there are many homemade remedies available for the same. 

The best of the remedies will give the best of the natural solutions and make your digestion as clear as a crystal- so let’s explore the ginger effect. And how the spicy and aromatic plant can fight through constipation!

What is Constipation

Ginger is good (and surely works on constipation) but what exactly is this bad bowel movement? The urge to poop and not being able to in simple layman’s terms at least! But scientifically speaking. It is when a human is unable to perform inner bowel movements (and the stools get dry and hard but not comfortable). One of the most influencing factors for this is water and other fiber content. When people don’t care aren’t hydrated and cannot take a good sedentary lifestyle experience constipation. 

How To Use Ginger For Constipation

Your doctor would prefer you to go for the modern medications but believe us ginger is the key! Ditch the commercial laxatives and other things go for the ginger effect and see the magic happening! It will automatically be more natural and gentle and promote the regular work down there.

You must have heard about having a cup of tea with a pinch of ginger– and this is exactly what you need to make your system okay. Fight through constipation and sip the tea, all you’ve to do is peel and grate small ginger pieces (you can take around an inch) and later boil that in a cup of water. Adding the small pieces to the water will make the effect stronger (let the simmer be the next 5-10 minutes). Later just strain the residue and add honey or simple sugar to taste. You can try this hack with a regular cup of tea as well (and it will work!).

Believe it or not, having ginger in the meals can also improve your system down there (just make sure to grate some ginger in the dishes, let it simmer, and have it in the meals). It releases natural gas and helps people digest food like a pro. Consider it in the soups or stir fries and also salad dressings and you’ll see how wonderfully it works. There is also a plus point for all this- you’ll get a flavor to cherish in the dishes!

One of the most powerful remedies in the world for issues like sore throat and even constipation is mixing honey with ginger. Just take some of the fresh ginger juice (you can grate and get the ginger from inside) and later mix in a bottle of honey. You can take one spoon daily of this mixture (your throat infections like viral and bacterial will also go away). Make sure to keep this mixture in a safe place so the ants won’t attack the area (usually the biggest concern). You can also take 2 spoons daily but be mindful about the quantity as it may show heating effects in the body.


Taking ginger is a miracle medicine but making sure about its intake and quantity is another issue. Also, make sure the product you’re taking is quality-approved (the best way is to add it in the boiling water and you’ll see the miracles happening in the morning itself). You can incorporate this spice along with the water intake and will experience wonders happening inside the stomach (and will also thank us later!). Before you try the stool, take these remedies at least ½ hour before to let them show their full effect. We are sure you’ll feel relaxed and better than yesterday (because ginger has an everlasting effect). 

Dr. Jun Ren is a dedicated and experienced registered dietitian and nutritionist who is committed to helping people achieve their health goals through personalized nutrition plans. With a passion for promoting healthy eating habits and preventing chronic diseases, Dr. Ren has been able to assist numerous clients in improving their overall quality of life.

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