What Color Ribbon Is For Brain Cancer? The Cancer Ribbon Colours!


Coloured ribbons are used as symbols to indicate different types of cancers. And the colour of the ribbon used to indicate brain cancer is grey.

This might be possibly derived from the colour of grey matter present inside our brains.

Just like the grey colour ribbon stands for brain cancer, there are 42 other coloured ribbons indicating different cancer variants.

It is a norm to wear these coloured ribbons on days on which we observe that particular cancer.

This act is considered quite compassionate and embracing.

It is also done as an act to make people aware of the cancer type and take necessary precautions to prevent themselves from its infection.

It is also a message to care and show some love for the patients infected by the disease.

Generally, these ribbons are worn on the chest by making a loop using the respective coloured ribbons.

In some cases, combinations of colours are also used to indicate some cancer variants.

Doctors and medical professionals are also seen wearing these ribbons a month-long if it is observed as an awareness month for that particular cancer type.

There is also a ribbon worn to indicate all types of cancers. Lavender is the colour of all-cancer ribbon.

These ribbons are worn during cancer awareness programmes and campaigns organised by hospitals, NGOs, or any other government organisations or groups. 

What Is Brain Cancer?

Brain tumour or brain cancer is one of the most terrifying types of cancer existing in the world.

Surgeries can also be quite complicated since it is related to the head and all the core regions closely associated with life.

Brain Cancer

Among every 1 Lakh Americans, 221 are being diagnosed with the condition of brain tumour. There are two types of brain cancers that are generally acknowledged and recognised.

Primary and metastatic are these two types and the origin of the primary brain tumours can be inside the brain itself.

When it comes to metastatic brain tumours, it is usually originated in different parts of the body, which eventually creates cancerous cells inside the brain causing a serious tumour.

What Is The Color Ribbon To Represent Brain Cancer?

Another important and interesting thing to be noted is that wearing grey coloured ribbons to show our support and love to the patients has now become sensational.

This trend has resulted in a significant market change where grey-coloured wrist bands, bracelets, necklaces with grey-coloured ribbon pendants, key chains, etc. have become available in plenty.

You can also avail of them in a variety of materials and sizes.

This market change has also welcomed the attraction of youths to the scene and they have also started taking their own small initiatives in spreading cancer awareness.

Other Important Ribbon Colors 

It is also important to know some of the other important ribbon colours and the type of cancer they represent.

It is also crucial to get to know the month or day in which they are celebrated to make your small effort to show support and care to those who are suffering.

A mix of burgundy and white colours is used to indicate head and neck cancer which is observed during the month of April every year.

Leukaemia, which is one of the most common types of blood cancer is represented using an orange coloured ribbon and it is worn during the month of September.

If you wear the same orange coloured ribbon during the month of March, you are showing your love and care to those who are struggling with kidney cancer.

As commonly known and most widely discussed, the pink coloured ribbon indicates breast cancer awareness and this is generally worn during the month of October. 

Apart from just showing your love and support, wearing these coloured ribbons has got other purposes too. One among them is awareness.

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You can either be a listener or the one who spreads professional or reliable awareness on the topic.

You can be a cancer survivor who has got real-life experiences to share with others regarding this topic.

Medical professionals can also wear this in order to represent themselves as the reliable source of information for that particular type of cancer.

Another important aspect of wearing these ribbons is funding.

If you wear a ribbon, it also implies your readiness to collect and donate funds for expensive cancer treatments. 

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