Average Male Height In The US And Globally: Factors Determining The Height


Height has always been an essential concern for men globally. This physical attribute of an individual depends on his genes, the extent of his physical workout, and his lifestyle habits.

However, males have always been taller than females on average in Western countries such as the United States of America and other regions.

Let us explore the average height of the men in the United States of America and globally.

The Average Height Of Men In The United States Of America

An individual’s average height in any area determines the quality of life. While a good lifestyle comprising a good diet and moderate physical activity increases the possibility of having a tall height in a region, on the other hand, a poor diet and continued sickness can reduce the height of men.

Average Male Height In The US And Globally

Several other factors, such as stress levels, upbringing, and extent of outdoor exposure, also play a decisive role in determining height. Different studies have been conducted to measure the average height of men in the country.

The standard height for a man in the United States is 5 feet, 10 inches. This means that American men rank 37th worldwide in terms of tall height. The height of the men varies according to their age, caste, and race. Let us explore these factors one by one.

The bifurcation of the heights according to the age of the men has been discussed as follows:

Age 20 to 395 feet 9 inches; 175.8 cm
Age 40 to 595 feet 8 inches; 173.4 cm
Age 60 and older5 feet 8 inches; 173.4 cms

The bifurcation of the heights according to the race of the men has been discussed as follows:

Non-Hispanic white5 feet 10 inches; 177.1 cms
Non-Hispanic black5 feet 7 inches; 169.7 cm
Non-Hispanic Asian5 feet 7 inches; 169.5 cm
Hispanic5 feet 7 inches; 169.5 cms

After having discussed the average height of men in the United States of America, let us explore the average height of men worldwide. The details of the various countries have been given as follows:

Denmark5 feet 11 inches; 179.9 cm
Germany5 feet 11 inches; 179.7 cm
Norway5 feet 11 inches; 179.7 cm
France5 feet 10 inches; 178.2 cm
Australia5 feet 10.5 inches, 178.1 cm
Canada5 feet 10 inches; 177.5 cm
U.K5 feet 9 inches; 174.9 cm
The U.S5 feet 9.5 inches; 177.1 cm
South Korea5 feet 8.5 inches, 173.6 cm
Brazil5 feet 8 inches, 172.6 cm
Singapore5 feet 7.5 inches, 171.8 cm
China5 feet 7 inches, 170.8 cm
Japan5 feet 7 inches, 169.6 cm
Kenya5 feet 6.5 inches,169 cm
Mexico5 feet 5.5 inches, 166.6 cm
Sudan5 feet 5 inches, 164.9 cm
India5 feet 5 inches, 164.9 cms

What Factors Determine The Height Of Men?

As already mentioned, the average height of men is determined by several factors. In terms of importance, nutrition ranks at the top. Consumption of a balanced diet during early life helps to fulfill the nutritional requirements of the man’s body.

It helps to promote physical growth. Proteins help to increase height. In addition, the quality of life, extent of exercise, and availability of a suitable environment are beneficial for increasing the height of men.

The details of the average height of men are provided in the article. A lot of it depends on the region. These regions have different characteristics, so the average height of every region is different.

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