Dr. Jun Ren

Dr. Jun Ren

Dr. Jun Ren is a dedicated and experienced registered dietitian and nutritionist who is committed to helping people achieve their health goals through personalized nutrition plans. With a passion for promoting healthy eating habits and preventing chronic diseases, Dr. Ren has been able to assist numerous clients in improving their overall quality of life.


  • Worked with a wide range of clients throughout his career
  • Assisted individuals with various health conditions including diabetes, heart disease, gastrointestinal disorders, and weight management
  • Worked with athletes to optimize their nutrition for peak performance
  • Developed personalized nutrition plans that meet the unique needs of each client
  • Dedication to research and education allows him to provide clients with the most effective and evidence-based nutrition guidance.


  • Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Food Science from the University of California, Berkeley
  • Master of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of San Francisco
  • Doctorate in Nutrition Science from Tufts University, where he conducted research on the relationship between nutrition and chronic diseases

Research and Publications

  • Published several papers on the relationship between nutrition and chronic diseases
  • Focused on the effects of specific nutrients and dietary patterns on the prevention and management of chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer
  • Published work in various esteemed scientific journals including the Journal of Nutrition, the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

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